austin or bust

WWF Champion Kane and Paul Bearer
[June 28th, 1998]

At the 1998 King Of The Ring, WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin defended the championship in a First Blood Match against “The Big Red Machine” Kane. Due to Kane’s ring attire and mask, it’d be difficult enough to pull blood from the monster. What also stacked the deck against the champion Austin was the arrival of The Undertaker and Mankind. The two had earlier in the night fought in perhaps the most famous match in history that took place inside the Hell In A Cell cage, which soon dropped around the ring. During the bout for the title, Austin fought off Mankind and Kane, focused on retaining the WWF Championship, and temporarily losing focus on The Undertaker. The Deadman took a swing at Mankind with a chair, but missed and cracked Austin across the skull. This busted Austin open and led to the referee making the decision in favor of Kane, the new WWF Champion!

Austin regained the championship the following night on Raw, starting a feud between himself, Kane, and The Undertaker which lasted through September. Perhaps the best match of that feud took place at SummerSlam, where Austin defended the title against The Undertaker.