austin or bust


Dear @taylorswift 

I’m really hoping you’ll see this, because I would love to be able to finally tell you in person just how much of an impact that you’ve had on my life! In October I’ll be making the 1,292 mile journey to see you perform in Austin TX: it will be my 6th time seeing you in concert. I feel SO blessed to be able to go, seeing as I could not afford to see you during the Fearless Tour (something that still haunts me to this day!). I’ll be going with Avery and Melissa; two friends I never would have met if I hadn’t attended your concerts! You’ve brought so many friends and such joy into my life, I’ll never be able to thank you enough. You’re such a big impact on my life that I have FEARLESS tattooed on my side, and I may or may not have even named my last two cars after you (T-Swizzle and Shifty Swifty, respectfully). 

You’ve inspired me to be a better person. To stand up for what I believe in and be FEARLESS. I was a Team Captain for Relay for Life two years in a row: Team Fearless and Team Long Live raised over $11,000 for cancer research. YOU inspired me to do that! Before I started Team Fearless I thought I would be lucky if I could raise $1,000. We ended up raising over $6,000 and it was the most incredible feeling! Most of the money we raised was by making pop tab bracelets. I still have one saved specially for you that I would love to give you :) I’ve taken it along with a note to the last 4 concerts with the hope that I would be able to give it to you. Maybe October can be my chance? 

I know it’s such a long shot that you’ll even see this Taylor, but it would truly mean the world to me to be able to meet you! I’ve been trying for so long now and it would absolutely make my life ❤️ The pictures above are all snapshots of my life over the last several years that are directly linked to you. I have hundreds more, but these are some of my very favorites. You’re a thread that runs deep through the quilt of my life and I just want to thank you for all you’ve done for me. Love you, Tay! 

Your friend, 


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(Y/N P.O.V) “O MY GOSH AUSTIN” I yell, austin and I keep getting in arguments because he’s always leaving to hang out with his friends and he never spends any more time with me anymore and it makes me feel like he doesn’t love me me anymore.“SHUT UP (Y/N) YOU COULD BE SO ANNOYING LIKE SERIOUSLY JUST STOP COMPLAINING” he yells back at me as I flinch a little at the thought of him calling me annoying. “Wow you seriously stopped caring didn’t you austin” I said to him softly. “ well maybe I don’t want to be with you anymore” he yells as I just start to tear up at though of him not wanting me any more. “Y-you don’t l-love me anymore” I said practically crying. “ well sometimes I don’t” he says as he walks out the door to go hang with his friends like always. While I stand there in tears just thinking about him not loving me anymore, he definitely changed he never spoke to me like that and it honestly scares me. I run upstairs and lock my self in the bathroom and take out something I thought I’d never do again….my blade, I slid it across my wrist and it hurts but feels right, I think about what austin might say but why would he care he doesn’t love. (Austin’s P.O.V) I leave the house and leave (y/n) just like that. Now that I thought of it I have been a little mean to (y/n), that was a really dick move of me saying that I don’t love her, O gosh I feel bad I do love I really do. I go back inside the house, “(Y/N)” I yell but no answer, o go up stairs to hear crying in the bathroom.“ (Y/n) open up please I’m sorry"I said but no answer, o my gosh I hope she’s not cutting again!. ”(Y/N) open up please" I yell but still no answer but crying…… I hear austin banging in the door and saying he’s sorry, but I just sit there crying and still cutting my wrist, so far I made 15. As I was about to make another austin bust the door open. “ (Y/N) WHY” he says running towards me and kneels down and takes the blade away from my hands and runs to go get a cloth and starts to clean my cuts while I just sit their looking into space. Once he wraps my wrist he gently pulls me up. “ (y/n) I’m so sorry I didn’t mean for it to go this far, and I do love you I really do and it breaks my heart to see that I did this to you, I love you so much words can’t even explain” he says kissing the top of my forehead, I knew he was sorry and if he left then I would be no were with him I love him to much. “I love you austin but promise me not to hurt me again” I said looking into his eyes. “I promise baby” he said caring me bridal style and out me in the bed, he then lays next to me and warps his arms securely around my waist while I lay my head on his chest. “Right now I want you in my arms” he whispers and kisses my forehead before we both fall asleep.


Production BUSTS Austin for being DIRTY!!!! FUNNY! - HD BB17

LMAO, finally, Austin NEVER washes his hands.