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I’m in love with Ed Sheeran’s “Lego House” now. But even more with Austin Nivarel’s cover of it. 


Austin Nivarel “Capable Love” live acoustic video. So good. 

Check out Austin:

<3 Alex 

Austin Nivarel "One Day At A Time"

Austin Nivarel - Pop/Rock artist from Wisconsin does it all with vocals, piano, guitars, bass, and programming. 
In June, Austin released his album One Day At A Time. You can hear songs from this album on his Pure Volume or Facebook. If you like what you hear, which I can almost guarantee that you will, you can pick up a copy of One Day At A Time on iTunes now! 
One of my favorite songs by Austin is “Pretend”. So good.

<3 Alex  


  • Capable Love
  • Austin Nivarel

The most frequently played song on my iTunes of the past 2 weeks comes from a dapper gentleman my age who happened to rather spontaneously request to follow my Twitter account (hence my discovery of his talented self). I checked out his music soon after and became extremely magnetized to one song in particular…Capable Love (by Austin Nivarel).

Check out Austin’s Twitter here and follow the yellow brick road links in his bio to listen to & download his fabbity-fab music. I love coming across fantastic artists and songs in the most random of ways. That’s what makes song-seeking a magical, endless adventure that yields such unexpected and treasurable finds.

P.S. Too remarkable of a week for me to handle. Saw one of my favorite musicians perform yesterday followed by a full set from one of my favorite bands, and then I volunteered today for an important political event where I met some phenomenal leaders in my field of interest and later shook the hand of one of the most current & prominent female political figures. Holy guacamole. In the fine words of BoratGREAT SUCCESS.

UM Review: Austin Nivarel -What We Don't Say Out Loud

Austin Nivarel - What We Don’t Say Out Loud
Record Label: Self-Released
Release Date: April 12th, 2013
Reviewed by: Amandah Opoku

Austin Nivarel is a Pop/Rock singer songwriter from Rice Lake, Wisconsin. On April 12th, Austin will be releasing his album “What We Don’t Say Out Loud.” Firstly, I would like to say this is such an intriguing title because this is something that plagues humanity. There are often things we’d like to say, but for whatever the circumstances we are reluctant to say them. Although the album will be released on Friday, UMusicians is reviewing it now. Read our thoughts about this album below.

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I’m so fucking in love with this cover.My new obsession.


I knew this guy about 3 years ago when I found his really old youtube videos. We actually had myspace conversations. He’s following me on twitter and talks to me every now and then. Now he’s all famous and stuff. Brings a proud tear to my eye. Go check him out. :‘3


Austin Nivarel- Stuck Around