austin musician


2017: Week 10 | Mar. 5 - Mar. 11

I’ve been feeling lots of love for Texas the past few weeks. Everything is turning so green, there are flowers everywhere - the blue bonnets and paintbrushes have even bloomed early - and the weather has been more or less divine. Spring is positively enlivening me, and I think this vibrant tropical punch color scheme reflects that. Also discovered a musician from Austin last week, and very pleased to be out here for SXSW this weekend!

Obsessed w/ Portland, Oregon.🗻 Hoping to be moved to the west coast by summer of 2017 😁crazy how short our lives are on this planet, and that the majority of people only get to see a small portion of the world. I want to travel as much as I can while I can. All these places and people across the globe are so beautiful.
Let’s travel the world 🌎✈️