austin motor company

Αναπαύσου εν ειρήνη, Alec Issigonis.  One of the Britishest icons in the known world, the Mini was designed by Turkish-born Greek-German Issigonis during his illustrious tenure at British Motor Company.  This stamp enthusiast’s kitty was named Mini Minor in commemoration of the Mini and its alluring design–pocket-sized creativity!  [Our Mini was not so mini, at least in relation to other kitties…]  Sir Alec died on this date in 1988 at the age of 81.

Stamp details:
Issued on: January 13, 2009
From: London, England
MC #2695


I want a Mini-Cooper because it’s fuel efficient, emissions efficient and all that stuff. It’s small and better for the environment. I thrink that will be my next car Christina Ricci

She only has to worry about the vehicle ahead. Because the sun is shining and love is in the air: Mini out of the pre-BMW era, built in 1959 to 2000 from the Austin Motor Company and the Morris Motor Company and later by the British Motor Corporation (BMC), British Leyland and also as this one under the flag of Rover. BMW has not necessarily embellished it, but they have made the best of the heritage.