austin marry me

Austin is eyeing his phone, particularly Alenas contact photo, a gentle frown to his lips. That wasn’t okay. He had to change it back to the other picture despite how much it hurt him. So after a few minutes of searching he had it changed back to their first photo.

A picture taken back when he was still in Skull, one he’d taken while they had been on a date. A kiss in front of the sky, the moon in the back making so detail of their faces was near impossible to see, but their outlines against the moon were clear.

A gentle sigh left him as he looked at this picture. He wanted so badly to meet up with Alena again to change this photo, but a remake of this wouldn’t be nice enough in his eyes.. no, it had to be completely new. Of course he had ideas, but Alena would probably never say yes to this, especially with what he had pulled in leaving Skull. It was a miracle to him that she even spoke to him sometimes to him.

He pulled his gaze from the phone to the little desk by his bed, hesitating a moment. Soon enough he forced himself slowly to his feet, turning his phones screen off he walked slowly over to the desk and sat on the bed, setting the phone at his side as he pulled open the drawer, digging through til he found a little purple box. He didn’t open it, instead he ran his thumb over the top, speaking softly, “..maybe one day.. one day I’ll be brave.”


They were such an adorable couple. I know I’ll probably get hate, but I’m just saying. I mean look at them. Look a him. He looked so happy, not that he doesn’t now, and you could tell that he really loved her and I just think it’s so cute. I don’t know, it just makes me kinda sad that they divorced because I could see them still being together now and I think they would still be just as cute!

If you agree, cool! If you disagree, awesome! This is just my opinion and it’s been on my mind a lot lately and I felt that I should share how I feel about it. If you would like to share your opinion with me, then message me and we can talk about it, if you want! :)

[Having a marshmallow fight] It was awesome. And Laura, it was my favorite part. Because after the marshmallow gun fight, she’s a very like, ah, she’s a very clean and tidy person. And so we had this huge marshmallow gun fight and there were marshmallows everywhere all around the hallway. And they were melting, so she had a hard time with that. *laughs* So she was like “Yay! We had a marshmallow fight, now let’s pick it up!” And it was like… *laughs* But I feel like she was more excited about that, she loved it. It was so adorable.
—  Calum Worthy on Laura after a marshmallow gun fight [x]