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Shawn & Austin ❤❤❤

When someone says something about Shawny
  • Me: you guys hear Shawn's new album yet?
  • Girl: I don't like him, he is pretty much yelling the words to his lyrics.
  • Me: say that again I will tackle you. And you will die.
  • Girl: SHAWN MENDES is bad at singing.
  • Me: *tackles her to the ground* then she dies.😊
  • True story btw. I cut a bitch. No one says something about my Shawny.💕

Fifth Harmony - Shawn Mendes is the Life of the Party - Fifth Harmony Takeover


Shawn Mendes Surprises Ally at Waffle House- Fifth Harmony Takeover


happy 20th birthday Taylor!!!
I’m so so proud of the person you are becoming, you’ve changed so much in the past couple of years. thank you so much for keeping me happy :) I love you so so much and I hope you have the best birthday yet 🎉