austin luxury

Ex-Jock: Part 2

My new-found friends were loads of fun, but I didn’t have much to do during the day when they were working. I soon became bored, and increasingly poor. One night, I met an incredibly cute and charming man while I was out. He was a little bit nerdy, wore glasses, worked at Amazon, and had a slight dadbod. His name was Austin. He bought me drinks all night long and treated me to some drunken fast food at 2am. I was pretty forward about my eagerness to let him fuck me, so he took me back to his loft. I was floored by his living situation. He had a sizable home, decked out in the most modern furnishings one could imagine. He was clearly very well off.

After that night, Austin and I began hanging out almost every day. Two weeks later, we were boyfriends. Things were moving fast, but it felt right. Austin loved my tight body and I was equally attracted to his soft little belly and squishy thighs. We had great sex. As time progressed, Austin bought me some cheap furniture and would occasionally give me money for food. We spent every day together and almost every night in his loft. After we had been together for a few months and the money I saved was almost gone, Austin made the decision that I should move in with him. He would continue to pay my rent so I had a place for alone time, and he would also give me a weekly stipend of $500.

I acclimated very quickly to my newfound life of luxury. Austin always kept a mason jar full of pot around and I picked up a bit of a marijuana habit. While he was at work, I would laze around the house in my undies, smoking blunts, and watching TV on a massive screen with surround sound. Austin had a sweet tooth and there was always a pantry full of expensive treats for when I got the munchies. Furthermore, with all the money he was giving me, I was able to order gourmet pizza almost daily, and have any food under the sun delivered to my doorstep. I also picked up a taste for expensive, craft beer. Back home, I never had anything fancier than Rainier or PBR, but in Seattle there was a world of breweries to choose from.

Another perk of being with Austin was his Uber account. I never had to climb the treacherous hills of Seattle on foot again. I could simply ride from bar to club to fast food joint every night. It was amazing. Not surprisingly, my ripped and toned body soon began to soften. Soft fat filled the crevices between my muscles, and before I knew it I had gained a good twenty pounds. This was exacerbated by Austin’s appetite. He was a pudgy man, and work kept him both inactive and stressed, which led to a lot of overeating. It was hard not to follow suit when Austin would come home from work and order a three course meal to the house plus a bottle of wine, and then eat the leftovers three hours later before bed. Most nights I fell asleep completely stuffed with expensive and fattening foods.

Eventually I stopped doing my daily morning push ups. Austin began making jokes here and there, occasionally pinching my belly and acting surprised. As time progressed this escalated to teasing and “loving insults” as he liked to call them. I liked my large and muscular frame, but I had gotten it from doing sports and manual labor back home. Austin bought me a gym membership, but working out in a gym was monotonous and boring. I liked my body however it was, and frankly, working out seemed pointless and vain.

My skin tight club clothes didn’t last long as the numbers on the scale continued to rise. I ripped out the thighs of almost all my jeans. Most of my tank tops and tees barely covered the fat roll that accumulated on my midsection. I knew I was getting fatter, but I didn’t really mind. I was enjoying my lazy lifestyle in Austin’s lap of luxury. I also stopped trimming and shaving my entire body. My chest hair grew in thicker than I had ever seen it before and I now had a sizable bush that would put a 70s porn star to shame. I even stopped shaving my face, which Austin liked at first. However, once the beard got too long it became another subject for his constant teasing.  

Quite frankly, I was completely letting myself go- and I didn’t really mind.