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          Izzy Salinel, born and raised in Dubai, has always had a passion for music but it was never really something she wanted to pursue until her pre-teens. When did she realize music was her true calling? At the age of 13, Izzy auditioned for a musical in a local theatre despite the fact that she had no experience with musical theatre, whatsoever. “I was a very, very, very shy person growing up, was too shy to partake in anything really, but my mother encouraged me to try to break out of my shell, to take the opportunity when I was given the chance.” Izzy landed one of the lead roles that year. Was it luck or perhaps pure talent? The filipina used this achievement as motivation to start learning how to play instruments like the ukulele and the guitar (self-taught). In addition, Izzy began to compose her own songs and started performing at various events. Slowly, she started to gain more confidence in herself. ”I’m not so shy anymore. Maybe still a tad bit shy but I’m getting there.”

         To the young artist, music is freedom. Freedom to express the deepest most feelings and emotions as well as freedom to explore the imagination. Salinel has most definitely expressed her emotions very well with each word tied to every note sung in her original songs “Goodbye Butterflies” and “Rainbow Wishes” ft. Austin Luu. Music to Izzy, has the power to inspire, create and bring people together. “It truly is an amazing thing, I cant imagine my life without it. It’s beautiful.” Just like her.

          Despite facing obstacles and rejection multiple times, Izzy has made the choice of committing her whole life to music. Yes, there will always be rejection in the future, but she is dedicated, motivated and passionate. “There’s always a storm before the rainbow. I know I’ll get there someday. I just got to keep trying and working hard… There was this one quote from one of my favorite artists. He said ‘love what you do, not the love that you get from it’ and music and I, we are one.” Truly inspiring! LoveAM has a lot of faith and support for Izzy Salinel. With a powerful voice like that, we’re sure she’ll make it!

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Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I posted a video here on my channel. Here’s an original song that I co-wrote with a fellow YouTuber, Austin Luu. His youtube is Be sure to check him out! Because we live very far from each other, and because of our busy lives, we couldn’t record this together, but one day, we will come out with a version with both of us singing. But for now, enjoy! (:

An original by Austin Luu and Ryan Flores

Verse 1:
You’re telling me I’ve lost it
That I’ve become a changed man
But girl you got it all wrong
You don’t understand

We’ve both been through this before
But trust me this is different
I know that we can pull through this
Girl just listen

Time will always be on our side
Don’t worry everything will be alright
One thing I know for sure is
That you will always be on my mind
Time will take us both away
To a place where you and I can meet halfway
One thing i know for sure is
That you and I will always be right

Always be right

Verse 2:
Girl please don’t walk away from this
I promise at the end there is light
Together nothing can stop us
Victory is in our sight


Time will always be on our side
Don’t worry everything will be alright
One thing I know for sure is
That you will always be on my mind


You and I will always be right


  • Somebody Special
  • Austin Luu

Somebody Special | Austin Luu

This explains my situation.  Liking someone who doesn’t feel the same way.

“ Verse 1: 

Now tell me do you wish for me on a shooting star
Wish me for me to be where you are
Wish for me to say those 3 words to you
Cuz when the clock hits 11:11 I’ll be doing those things
Cuz you’re beauty is mesmerizing
What am I doing, I know my wish will not come true, but I guess it’s worth a try
I know I’m not your fairy tale guy but I’ll know how to treat you right best believe it

I wish I was somebody special, special in your eyes

Verse 2: 
I’ll build a boat for us to sail across the sea
Every waking moment just you and me would you come along for the ride
From the dimples to the smile, I admire you from miles and miles
Happiness is born when I’m by your side
Can’t stop won’t stop thinking about you
You’re my special someone what about you
I need you here or I’ll go insane
Depressed cuz I know you don’t feel the same


Can I be the first one you turn to for advice
I promise ill make everything alright
My body melts when I look at you
I know I try too hard sometimes it’s the truth
I’ll play songs for you every day and night 
It may be dark sometimes but I’ll be your light
To guide you through all your endeavors
If only I got you to love me forever


I’m falling for you why can’t you see
You’ve seeped into my veins you’re all over me
Hopefully in the end we’re meant to be
Forever and always, eternally ”


Check out my good friend Austin Luu’s new song, COLORBLIND - a song about seeing everything special in a certain someone, even when you can’t explain it. Did a little audio mastering and on-screen lyrics for this video, just for this homie haha. Enjoy :)


Vote for my good buddy, Austin’s video as well, guys! One of the most talented writers and richest voices I know. Seriously go listen and LIKE!

Renewing Love - Austin Luu