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i just moved to texas like two weeks ago and i am overwhelmed by all of the texas things, like, i went to HEB and there was cheese shaped like texas i was crying??

like other states make fun of texas but they genuinely fail to grasp how texan texas is we have texas shaped everything

texas shaped gravestones

texas shaped mirrors

texas shaped cheese

texas shaped pools

texas shaped glasses

honestly i could go on tldr is that if you can think of it you can probably buy it shaped like texas


So today was a very special day for me. Today, I met Jeremy and Ryan, and it was the best moment of my life. I was so nervous going up that my knees were shaking. I walked up and IMMEDIATELY gave Jeremy the biggest hug I could manage, and he did the same. And then I get to Ryan, who’s a fucking giant compared to me, and I told him “be careful, this is like legit metal (talking about my crown)”. And Ryan was legitimately impressed with it, and my thrown together mad king costume as a whole. So I get to them, and I said, “So I have gifts, Ryan I messaged you about it yesterday if you remember.” And he was like, “yeah, yeah i remember!” and so i gave them… socks.

Yes, socks.

These are really cool socks, mind you. Ryan’s said “Ain’t no bad joke like a dad joke” and Jeremy’s are orange and purple and say “bring it” and may or may not have been women’s socks by accident.

Anyhow, I give them the socks, which they enjoyed, and then handed them my notebook which I then told them to just do whatever they wanted (which they both did their own whole page) and ended up with a monster truck and a crown. Then came the fun part, the group photo.

They were, essentially, my throne. Ryan was like, “you might flash a bit” but I had shorts on under my skirt, so it worked out. We did that, and I was still shaking afterwards. I told Jeremy I’d meet him at the Monster Truck meet up later that day, and he said he’d see me there.

Which leads to the last photo, and that was where I really got to talk with Jeremy without feeling pressured. He was really easy going and sweet, and I told him how he really is the one who solidified me into the Achievement Hunter fandom (I’d only dabbled in it previously) and how he really makes me realize that I can achieve (HA) my dreams. He was so sweet and kind and gave me a second hug, just as good as the first. Jeremy means so much to me that for that to happen just made my whole damn world. I can’t thank them enough for being so sweet and amazing and just pure awesome. I wish I could just go back and relive those moments, but for now I’ll just keep looking at my pictures and replaying those amazing moments in my mind. 💜🖤❤️

Barbara’s best ride


Not pictured: Marcus LaPorte

Everyone I was lucky to see at RTX. I see a lot of people who are worried about never meeting anyone from RT or afraid of missing the signings they want. Really, all you have to do is keep a look out, be friendly and courteous, and don’t be afraid to approach someone you want to meet. If they’re out on the floor, chances are they’ll have no problem with you asking for a photo or an autograph. You don’t always have to go searching for a certain person too. I think Jeremy was the only one I really tried to track down. Everyone else was just running because they were there, including Risinger and Andy, who I picked up a signing for when they got added.

You shouldn’t go to RTX for the specific reason of meeting specific RT people, but I know its important to a lot of attendees, so if you really want to, you will. Don’t limit yourself, just be open, and talk to the attendees around you. Making friends and making groups is a lot more fun and keeps your mind off “but what if I don’t see anything or do anything?” and makes it easier to just do. 💜

don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t make you feel like you’re made out of stardust and makes your heart go 💗💖💫💫💞😚💖💖🌟🌸💗💗✨✨💞💖☺️🌸🌸💖💫🌟💗💞


R: “Justice will be swift! Justice will be painful! It will be DELICIOUS!” //  W: “How dare you talk to me like that! I am your teammate!” // B: “Aren’t you that girl that exploded?” //  Y: “Great! The gang’s all here! Now we can all die together!” 

Derby team #RWBYrollers took over RTX Austin 2017!

Ruby: @rojahal
Weiss: @mockeljohns
Blake: @memes-luna
Yang: @ktypestuff
Photos by: Kayla Casper Dixon (teamsuckerpunch on twitter)