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Blac Chyna will avoid going to trial for her ecstasy bust in Texas  and the case has been dismissed DJ David Newsroom has learned.

According to court docs, prosecutors in Austin filed to drop the third degree felony charge against Chyna and a judge agreed, dismissing the charge Friday.

As we reported she was arrested about a year ago in Austin International Airport after acting erratically and getting verbally abusive with a bartender. Police said they found 2 pills in her sunglasses case.

Opt out of body scanner? Get treated like terrorist

I’m flying to New Orleans this morning. This is only my second time flying and first by myself. It’s also my first since the body scanners started. I was the only person in the 15 minutes it took for the pat down who opted out. I was told repeatedly about how its “just radio waves” and how I should “talk to my doctor and he will tell me its just fine” I just kept saying it’s cool, I’m good, and that I’m fully aware what it is. I had to have all of my carry ons searched again. They also repeatedly tried to scare me off about the pat down. 4 times the woman asked me if I wanted a private pat down. Maybe she was just coming onto me, I dont know. But it came off as “do you want to be the only one doing this in front of all of these people?” well yes mam I do. Maybe I made someone in the back of the line rethink following the herd. Ah well. Very interesting though.