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Hiddleswift - Part 3

I’m so sorry it’s up so late. My internet didn’t work Sunday to Wednesday. And then I got stung by a wasp and I’m allergic or very sensitive when it comes to Swedish wasp’s, so I have been sick. So now it’s up. I know it’s mostly Tayvin, because they most break up somehow in this story. And this is part one. Hope you like it <3


Part 1:

Part 2:

The first text

*Taylor’s pov*

I landed in LA pretty late the next day. And I decided to go home and take a shower and switch clothes and then head over to Adam’s. Just to make sure he would be there I send him a text ”Hey, I just landed in LA. Can I come over, in like one hour? Love you -T”

I put my phone down in my bag and stepped in to my drivers car. I asked him to drive me home, and then I heard the sound that I have when I get a new text from Adam. ”I be back home around one and a half hour, sounds good?”

I answered ”Sure, I be there then. Can’t wait to see you” because in a way I really looked forward to it, until my phone buzzed again, and it was a text from Austin, my baby brother.

”Hey Teffy. I know you have had a lot of things on your mind lately, and I have wanted to see you happy and all, but what’s going on? Adam’s interview? Didn’t you two write that song together? And why are you on the front page of a lot of magazines with the text ”Taylor is cheating on Calvin”? Text me when you see this. Love you, Austin”

Wait what? Adam’s interview and me cheating? This was the weirdest things ever. I decided to call him, to find out the whole story.

”Hey Austin”
”Hey Tay, had a safe flight?”
”Yeah sure, but your text. What interview and why would I be cheating?”
”The interview with Ryan Seacrest, if you haven’t watched it, go and do it now! You and Tom yesterday, I love you no matter what, but I need to ask. Did something happen between you two, more than dancing?”
”Nooo! We are just friends, I promise. Don’t worry about it. Okay, sure Adam is still in the studio so I’m gonna do that before I meet him.”
”Okay great, call me if you wanna talk after you watch the interview.”
”Sure, and thanks for the information”

My driver stopped the car outside of my house. He helped me take my bags inside and I thanked him. I took off my coat when I stepped in, and then washed my hands. After that I sate down on my couch and searched for the video on youtube.

He started talking and I smiled and bit my lips. He looked hot, his voice sounded great. I had missed him a lot. Then, Ryan asked Adam if he would do a collaboration with me. I had wanted to keep it a secret that I was the one who started writing the song and that he then continued with it. And the reason was because I wanted the song to be notice because it’s great, and not because we, Tayvin, did it together.

His voice changed when he started answering the question and to my surprise he said “You know, we haven’t even spoken about it” my face turned in to that really surprised emoji. It’s fine if he lies, because that was what I wanted, but this is so not what I expected him to say, so not the way I thought he would put it. He then continued with "I can’t see it happening though. No. She’s about to take a long break.”

WHAT? I can’t see it happening? So you are not just going to take all the credit for our work, you are also putting it like you never wanna work with me. We are different and make different types of music, but we made this song together. And it’s number one everywhere, so it worked out pretty well, or?

A tear fell down from my cheek. I felt disappointed, and empty. I was thankful that Austin had told me the story, but this wasn’t what I had hopped for. I had to meet Adam in one hour, and his house was not exactly the first place I would like to go to after this.

I watched the end of the video, he said some nice things about me and Nashville in the interviewed, but the negative part was the once that were stuck in my head. Another tear fell down my cheek. I texted Abigail and asked her if she had time to talk, but I was pretty sure she worked and was busy, and my boyfriend problems wasn’t exactly the most important thing. So I went to my piano and started playing and quickly came up with a melody and also some words, some more and 15 minutes later I had a finished song. Or I hadn’t recorded anything, so that was left, but the rest was finished.

I looked at the clock and realized I needed to be at Adam’s in 45 minutes. So I took a quick shower and pulled out a nice outfit from my wardrobe. It was beautiful, but still not too much, because I didn’t want him to think I dressed up extra for this. I put on a light foundation, some concealer, and some mascara. I didn’t go with my black eyeliner or red lipstick, because I didn’t know what would happen. This could turn in to a break up, but also a ”make up”.

I knocked on his door, exactly one and a half hour after our texts and he opened the door with a smile on his face and invited me in. I hugged him and he hugged me back. I felt safe in his arms, I was glad to be back, but we couldn’t stand there the whole day. So a few seconds later I pulled away from the hug. ”Do you want something to eat?” he asked a bit nervous. ”No, I’m good, thanks” I said. We stood there and looked at each other and down at the floor for some moments. I thought I had to break the silence in some way.

”But I would love a glass of water” I said. He looked at me and started going to the kitchen, so I followed. ”So I heard This Is What You Came For is doing great” I started. ”Yes, I’m so happy about it, really. Thanks for everything with it” he responded. He gave me a glass of water and we walked out to the living room. He sate down in the couch so I sate down next to him, with some space between us. I put my phone on the table in front of us, so I wouldn’t crush it when I sat down.

”I saw your interview” I started. ”What about it?” he responded with some anger in his voice. ”Why did you…” I said, but he cut me off with ”You told me to lie, to keep it a secret”. I started getting a bit angry at him, for using that tone and for not letting me finish. ”Let me talk, okay. I know I told you to keep it a secret, so thank you. But did you have to say it like that. Like working with my would be terrible. Was it that terrible, really?” I asked. He looked down at the ground. ”Are we going to argue about this too?” He asked me. ”I don’t know. Maybe” I said, not knowing where he was going with this. ”I’m tired of fighting, Taylor.” I was about to start laughing. Didn’t he see that this was tearing me apart? ”Why are you saying that like I think it’s funny. I hate this, as much as you do. I miss the old us” I said and thought back to all the fantastic moments we have had.

”What do you say about making some popcorn and watching a movie and then talk about it?” Adam asked me. Normally I would probably run out, because it was so silly, but I was too tired. I had been on a plane for hours, not been sleeping great and I was so sick and tired of all the drama. ”Sure, I go and put on some popcorn, you can pick a movie” I told him and went in to his kitchen.

*Tom’s pov*

Was it to early to text her? Did she even remember me? Or what about that three days rule they always talk about in How I Met Your Mother? But if it was bad between Adam and her, maybe three days would be too much.

”Hello Tay. Thanks for yesterday. I had a lot of fun with you, hope you had fun with me too. And I really hope we can do it again soon” I wrote on a ”new message”, but no maybe that sounded silly. Or what about ”Hello Tay. Thank you so much for yesterday. Dancing with you was the best thing I have done in awhile” no Tom you can’t write that.

I felt my phone buzz and saw how a new text come up on my screen. I clicked on it. It was a picture message so I couldn’t really see what it was when it buzzed, but when I clicked in on the picture, that one of my best friends had sent me, I saw that it was a magazine’s front page and the text said ”Taylor Swift dance it off with new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston” I then got a text from the same person saying ”Dude, really?” I replayed ”No, we are just friends” fast and turned my phone off. What if she had seen it? What if Adam had seen it? It was a picture of me and Taylor when we where dancing, she was very close to me, so of course it looked worse than it actually was in real life.

”Hey Taylor” yes that’s a great start, Tay sounds a bit to personal. ”I just wanted to say thanks for yesterday, I had a great time. And I hope I get to see you again soon.”

The finished message was ”Hey Taylor! I just wanted to say thanks for yesterday, I had a great time. And I hope I get to see you again soon. - Tom”

*Taylor’s Pov*

I headed out to the living room with the popcorn. I saw Adam holding my phone and looking down at the screen. What was he doing? We knew each others passwords, but he wasn’t that type of guy who read your texts and stuff like that, so I got really confused.

”Hey, what are you looking at?” I asked as I walked against him. I sat down next to him and he just stared at me. ”Okay, I think we can watch the movie another time” he said. ”You didn’t answer my earlier question.” I said to him, mostly because I had no idea of what was going on right now. He stood up and started walking agains the hallway. I stood and watched him go away from me at first, but then I remember my dream from that other night, when we got back together and everything turned out great. So then, I went after him. ”Adam Richard Wiles” I said pretty laud, to make him stop. It worked, he stopped and turned his face to me ”Taylor. Just GO!” and gave me my phone back.

I looked at the screen. I read the new message and started to laugh and looked at Adam. ”What? Is this a joke to you?” he asked me. ”No, but seriously Adam. We are friends. It’s nothing more between us, I promise!”

”What if I don’t believe you?” He asked me. ”Then we have a really big problem in our relationship. Because if you don’t trust me, what is left then?”

”I don’t want you to see him again, ever” he told me and I got a bit pissed off. Did he think he could decide everything about me now? ”Why? You saw a magazine front-page off me and Tom, so what? We were dancing and nothing more, but you can have girls over at night time at your hotel in Vegas with out it being weird. And yes, I know about that!” I said with an angry tone. ”Just go Taylor” he screamed to me.

”So it’s true. You cheated on me?” I finally got out of my mouth. My eyes started tearing up and I opened the door and started to walk out. Adam grabbed my arm hard, very hard. ”Augh, what are you doing” I screamed to him, now with tears all over my cheeks and mascara that starts falling too. ”I didn’t cheat, Taylor.”

”Release my arm” I screamed. He released it and I run to my car. Not sure about anything no more. Had he been cheating on me, didn’t he want my children and why did he talk about working with me as such a bad thing, in front of the whole world?

*Later that night*

I had 5 missed calls from Adam, 10 texts and 5 voice messages. And I didn’t even care. He didn’t love me, because you don’t treat the people you love this way. Not letting them talk, not respecting the other one, and hurting the other one.

I had ice on my arm, it had gotten a jack from when he grabbed it and one of his nails had gone in to my skin. I would probably get a scar from this, that would remember me of Adam, my whole life, no matter if we end up together or if this was the last time we ever spoke.

The only thing that made me a bit happy was the message from Tom that I had been reading the whole evening ”Hey Taylor! I just wanted to say thanks for yesterday, I had a great time. And I hope I get to see you again soon. - Tom”. It was so simple, still so beautiful.

I decided to respond. ”Hey Tom, nice to hear from you. I’m happy you didn’t forget me, because I had a wonderful time with you too. Yeah sure, I’m in LA right now and I think I will be here for two weeks or something. So if you are in the neighbor hood, feel free to send me a text or something. -Taylor”

I clicked send and hoped he would respond. The first text he sent me had made my day, so I could just imagine what another one could. But I was tired so maybe it would be best to sleep for awhile, and hopefully wake up to another text from him.



You would think by the time we finished eating and shopping, my sister would be exhausted and ready to go home. In fact, that was the complete opposite. It must have been the surge of sweets that she indulged in with that frozen yogurt treat because even I was tired after roaming around a plethora of stores around 34th and 42nd street. The patience that I had to stand on my feet for longer than an hour was intolerable and all I needed was to rest my feet for a few minutes and I’d be straight. This is why we ended up in Hershey’s World. Not because either one of us wanted candy but because we knew there are seats in here somewhere. But apparently, my sister has found interest in something!

While she trailed off to look at something new, I sat down in the milk chocolate chair that overlooked the view of the busy Manhattan streets. I munched on my chocolate bar, my fingers carelessly scrolling through my newsfeed on Instagram, occasionally liking a few photos. I was literally in my own world, minding my own business. Today had been a fairly good day with minimal drama and I would like for it to remain that way. An even better day in fact, due to the sales my sister and I ran into when we went to Levi’s and Uniqlo.

Hershey’s World seemed to be a kid’s paradise. The youngest of toddlers to kids ranging in all ages were sprawled out around the spacious area, yelling at the top of their lungs for bags of candy they couldn’t actually reach. It was actually kind of amusing to watch their flustered faces and notice how persistent they were in getting what was rightfully theirs. But among the loud yells of all the kids, I could clearly hear my name being called. My head immediately picked up from my brightly lit screen as I looked to find the source of the voice. It couldn’t possibly be my sisters’ because if she was in fact calling out for me, she would have simply called or text me because her phone is always in her hand. This here is someone else’s voice.

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