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I knew Jon would eventually separate himself from Normal Boots. His content doesn’t really fit in the same slot it used to, since his content isn’t mainly focused on gaming.

Jon’s content has changed a lot since late 2015, and I mean that in a good way. His production has increased significantly, and he’s really become his own person. He’s an incredible entertainer, and I really hope he continues to thrive on YouTube.

Also, I’m really happy him and Austin are getting along again. As the first post says, Jon wasn’t kicked out. They all came up to this agreement, and I’m sure there were many laughs during the discussion, though I’m sure there will still be some toxic, uneducated people that will believe otherwise, since they seem to have nothing else better to do than point fingers.

Either way, I think this is a sign that we can only look up from here! Can’t wait for what’s to come!


Donald Glover photographed by Austin Hargrave for The Hollywood Reporter

The only person who seems more excited about his casting than Glover himself is his father, a Star Wars fanatic who, more lenient than Donald’s mother, introduced his son to the franchise when he was a boy. In fact, the first toy Donald Sr. purchased for his son was a Lando action figure, which is why one of the biggest thrills of landing the part was being able to call his father with the news. “He just kept saying, ‘Woooow,’ ” says Glover, who has since hosted his dad on the London set.