austin greats

"hm, we shall see about that."

pairing: jason todd x reader

warnings: cursing, sexual situations, this is about jealousy,

prompt: jason and roy are going out clubbing and run into y/n and a friend.

End of the summer. Just got dumped by someone, actually a month ago but I’m still not over it. It’s time to do the one thing I dislike doing, but I like spending time with Haley. Haley loves to club, she says that even if you don’t drink you feel this experience of rush. The music will zone you out, the warmth of all the people, the strangers who dance beside you with *sometimes* the same goal to get lost for a while.

As Haley and I get dressed, both wearing her dresses since I don’t really have any clubbing attire, I contemplate what really has brought me to this moment.

‘flashback to a month ago lol’

“I mean, it’s not anything personal but-”

“What do you mean, not personal? You’re breaking up with your girlfriend of a year?”

“I didn’t mean it that way, it’s just that I am going to be enlisting and I can’t have you waiting around for me.”

“I can, I can wait for you. Don’t feel like it’s unfair to leave me here waiting because I’ve told you before that I am willing to wait for you because I love you. Don’t do this Austin. We’ve talked about this before.”

“I just can’t. Okay? I feel guilty, that everyday you will have to wait for me and you might not even be able to see me anymore.”

He walks towards me and starts to cradle me.

I accept the hug and whisper,
“If this is what you want. Go for it, but you should know that you aren’t the only person in my life that I stay up worrying about whether or whether not I’ll be seeing them alive soon.”

“Y/n, baby. I can’t do this. You should be happy with someone who can take care of you. Don’t choose me. Don’t choose someone who can’t stay up with you and cuddle. I can’t do that with you anymore. It’s just not fair to you. I love you, y/n. So much that I’m letting you go.”

“Without a fight?”

He kisses my forehead and sighs.

“I don’t want to fight and lose.”

As much as I wanted him to say that he was willing to take that chance, he didn’t. My heart broke. I was used to it.

‘end of flashback’

Austin was a really great guy. He’s happy now and I am still recovering. It’s time for me to get over it.

I put on my last touches, (makeup/accessories/etc), and give myself a once over in the mirror. Haley’s red dress looks great on me. I didn’t expect it too, since she’s got a lot of, let’s say, well, she’s a lot ‘fuller’ in those areas than me.

Haley smacks my ass and checks herself out in the mirror as well.
“Hey hot stuff, you ready to go?”

“Yea, sure lemme just grab a bite for the car ride.”

She’s wearing a black dress and it looks great. We complement each other so well. Even though we both are different nationalities and we look so different, we just look, SO good next to each other.

The car ride is great, I haven’t spent much time with her lately, I’m either at work with Mr. Wayne, spending time with his family as odd as that sounds, or with my boyfriend, now ex boyfriend. I spend a lot of time with my bosses family, it’s actually not as weird as it sounds.
I found out about their little secrets as I was staying the night over in the manor and someone (Dick) woke up in a terror and was yelling about villains and it really didn’t take long for me to find out that Mr. Wayne was Batman and Dick was Nightwing. I mean, Mr. Wayne didn’t hire me because I was good at presentations and good at getting coffee. We were already close before that incident though. I felt like I was already apart of the family, spending time to babysit Damian when he was sick, or to help manage expenses of the Wayne enterprises at his very own home. He treated me like a daughter, and I couldn’t ask for more. He even approved of my boyfriends and spent time with me, since I don’t really have any family in Gotham.

I was really close to Jason, we share the same kind of humor and we like some of the same things. He was my best friend until he got busy with this girl from 'his field of work’ which just meant he was infatuated with some girl that was also a super hero type. He didn’t spend much time with me anymore even though we’ve been best friends for almost a decade. I’ve been with the Wayne family before and after Jason’s death, wildly enough. Connected by school I guess. Ya girl was smart enough to get a scholarship from Gotham Prep Academy and hopping from Wayne enterprises internships and the story goes on. It was okay that Jason wasn’t spending time with me because I had Austin. He’s not here with me now, it did get lonely without Jason but I understood that he had someone and I couldn’t just ask him to drop her to hang out with sad little me. It’s whatever. Really.

I sing along with the radio while riding with Haley. I missed this.

'Jason’s POV’
“Hey man, let’s go! Still trying to fix your hair? You should just leave the white streak, the lights will make it look so good.”
Roy says as he ruffles my hair with his annoying hand.

I swat it off and continue to spray my hair with the black hair paint.
“Let me be Roy, let me be.”

“You care too much about what you look like, don’t worry about it okay? We are going to have a great time at Strobes and meet some hot girls and we are going to enjoy the moment. When was the last time we both were single at the same time?”

I chuckle and grab my leather jacket™.
“Fair point, let’s go.”

We get into my car and I start getting lowkey emotional.


“Thanks for this man, you have no idea what this means.”

He puts his hand on my shoulder and laughs.
“Actually I do know what it means. You’ve told me copious amounts of time how much you miss (ex girlfriends name) and before that, how much you wish you and y/n were together, and before that, how much you wish that you could have that smooth Dick Grayson charm™. Or about-”

I smack the back of his head.
“Okay, okay, I get it. Thanks bud.”

“Always here for you man. Never forget.”

I start the car and I think about what Roy says as he plugs in the aux cord.

I haven’t thought about y/n in a while. I don’t know if I still have the same feelings towards her but I also haven’t seen her in the longest time. We both were dating other people so it didn’t make sense to be hanging with each other alone. I mean, Roy is great but movie nights aren’t the same or when we have lunch and y/n and I talk about books. It’s been a while.

“You haven’t been clubbing in a while, you miss it?”

“Roy, I don’t ever remember what I do in clubs.” I laugh.

“Yeah, maybe this time you can lay off the drinks.”

'normal POV’
We get into Stobes and I am a little perplexed. It’s not what I pictured and I don’t actually know what I expected. I mean, this club had valet and I knew it was a higher up club but inside?

Male models, were serving drinks. I swear these men have never looked so good. Half the club was low lighting, dark walls with metallic accents, nice booth tables and curtains. The other half was lower lighting and flashing strobe lights. It had a DJ and she was so beautiful and wearing a suit so nice I was about to ask her where she got it from. I look around the dance floor, it’s just barely packed. The people here are so hot and I start feeling a little insecure. It’s a good atmosphere and all of a sudden, a thought comes to mind.

“How expensive is this place?”

“Oh my God can you please relax a little? I know, I know, 'broke is a feeling and a experience you can’t shake off’ but don’t worry about it okay? I have silver membership here so it’s fine. Also you won’t even be drink alcohol so it’s not like you are paying for drinks. Don’t do this. Stop worrying, you look sexy and so do those boys over there. Make friends sweetie, I’ll get us drinks.”

“I’m actually starving, meet me at a booth.”

“Yea, yea, sure.”

I dance my way over to a booth and look through the menu. Mildly expensive but I’m used to seeing pricey meals going out to eat with the Wayne Family. I order some fries and some slider for Haley and I to share.

She comes back and we start talking about all the hot people we want to dance with later.

'Jason’s POV’


“Oh this place is nice Red. You did good.”

“Told you Jay, you never listen.”

We are about to step into the club and Roy frowns.

“What’s wrong?”

“Forgot my membership card, I’ll have to pay like $60.”

“I got you, don’t worry.”

“What? Oh, you think that the money is an issue. Cute. We have to wait in line you dingus.”

“What is that? Waiting in line? Never heard of it.”

I walk towards the security guard.

“Man, what are you doing? You can’t just ask to cut. That’s not a thing. Stop-”

I pat the securities shoulder and grin.
“Charlie! How are you?”

Roys jaw drops.
“You aren’t trying to Wayne yourself out of the line are you?” Roy whispers.

I wink at Roy, he doesn’t know that Charlie here also is security for Wayne tower. Only during the week days though, guess he’s here during the weekends.

“What’s up Mr. Todd?” He smiles back.

“Roy here forgot his card, but we are willing to pay the 60 dollars to get in. You think you can let this slide and not have us wait in that long line there?”

His smile begins to drop and I quickly regain the deal by saying,

“C'mon Charles, we are members. We just don’t want to let the night waste away. We can pay more for the inconvenience?” I smile, “Just this once?”

He regains composure and says,
“Just this once, Mr. Todd. Have a good night, sign here please.” He nods towards me and pats my back.

“Thanks man, I’ve got your back.”
I slide my card through the machine and sign our names on the list.

We walk in and I’m in awe.

“Dude, it’s been so long since I’ve been here. It looks so much better than-”

Roy grabs my shoulder and heads to the booths.

“Oh my God Jay, look who else is here!”

He starts waving and I can see y/n and her friend (Hannah?) looking at each other and eating.

That Hannah girl sees Roy and then whispers something in y/n’s ear.

'normal POV’
“Are they waving at us? They are soo hot. Do we know them?”

My brows furrow as I look up.
Oh my God! It’s Jason and Roy!

I stand up immediately and get ready for hugs. I haven’t seen them in a brick.

God they look good. Always hitting the gym and fighting off villains. Keeps them nice and tight.

“Hey! How are you guys?”
Roys pulls me into a hug and ruffles my hair.
“Hey kiddo, what are you doing in a club like this one? You’re a bit young?”

They always tease me. I miss it.
“I’m only two years younger than you, big boy. We are spending a girls night together, how about you?”

I let go of Roy and I hug Jason.
It’s bone crushing, just like normal but he lingers a little longer than usual.

“Hey Jay.” I say quietly. “How’s it been?”

“Good, good seeing you again.”

“It’s been a hot minute.”

I quickly remember Haley and let go of Jason.

“Oh, Haley, these guys are my friends, Jason and Roy we met at the Barbecue in June.”

They nod and Haley introduces herself.
“I am Haley, y/n and I were about to go dancing but she got hungry so we are finishing up a meal. How about you guys join us before we part for the night?”

“Sounds fantastic,” Roy smiles as we all take our seats again in the booth.

Haley is sitting on the outside, followed by me, then I’m sitting next to Roy, Jason finishing the table off.

We conversate about how I haven’t seen the boys and we haven’t hung out and all that and movies we’ve seen. Haley and I finish eating before they do and decide we should start dancing.

“Thanks for stopping to say hi,” I say while wiping my mouth off, “but we are ready to dance so please excuse us.”

Haley and I start by dancing with each other and she’s talking to me about strategies to make boys feel welcome to dance with me.

'Jason’s POV’

“Dude, they look really spicy tonight.”

I hit Roy lightly and continue eating my burger.
“You can’t say that, we are talking about y/n, use other words.”

“Why can’t I? She’s looking really nice and so is her friend. You think they are single?”

hm. I have to think about that one. Is y/n single?

“Uh, Haley is definitely single. She’s the one who brought y/n here, you know y/n doesn’t go clubbing. She doesn’t even drink.” I chuckle and continue, “And if you are asking me, y/n is definitely single. She probably wouldn’t be here if she wasn’t. Also, look at how Haley keeps nudging her in that guys direction. Why would she be doing that if y/n is already with someone? I also didn’t hear her say anything about Austin at the table so she’s probably not with him anymore.”

“Are you over her? If you are, can I try? Please?”

I mean,
“uh, I am definitely over her but, are you sure? What’s this about?”

“I don’t know, she’s looking really good tonight and I don’t see any issues with her, she’s a great candidate.”

Roy finishes his beer and rubs my upper back.

“Go for it man, don’t do her dirty though.”

“Eh, I’m not looking for a relationship. Hope she understands.”

I smirk thinking about how wrong he is and how he is going to be rejected. I know better than anyone that she is really into commitment.

“We shall see about that, talk to her.”

“Hey, if she rejects me, we shall finally know if you two really belong together.”

I take my Sprite mixer down with the last bites of my burger and smile.

“Go get em, tiger.”

'normal POV’

As I lose my tenseness listening to some remix of one of Chance’s songs I find myself dancing with a stranger while Haley dances with a guy in the corner of my eye. I keep and eye on her as I dance.

“You look a little thirsty, want to get a drink?” The stranger says while he leads me to the bar.

He orders a vodka shot and I get a clean martini. He talks me up about how my dress looks nice and my hair smells good and I realize that this guy is a bit much. Thankfully, as I down my drink, a hand is pulling this guy away from me.

“Hey sweetcheeks. How’s your night going?”

“Roy, are you drunk?” I giggle.

“A little, are you drinking?” He puts his hands on his hips like he is about to scold me.

“It’s a clean martini. The buzz will be gone in point two seconds.”

He steps closer to me and leans on the bar table. Shielding me from others.

“Y/n, why don’t we dance?”

I laugh, knowing that he is drunk and not thinking straight. Maybe he is a truthful drunk, and it will be fun.

I order one more glass and down it in a second and take Roy’s arm.

He whispers terrible pick up lines into my ear and I can’t stop laughing. I lose myself listening to the music and in his comfort.

He dances behind me, hands on my hips and roaming around my stomach.

'Jason’s POV’
As I dance with this girl I can see Roy making his signature moves™ on y/n. She’s sitting on a bar stool and talking to some guy, rolling her eyes and I giggle. Roy pulls him away and starts making her laugh. God, she’s so cute. He shows her his arm muscle when he leans onto the bar and I know y/n is looking because she told me herself that built arms are a real turn on to her.
It looks like she didn’t notice and they make their way onto the dance floor together. It’s making me a little heated seeing Roy whisper into her ear like she always tries to do to me.

I am not jealous. I’m just remembering all the things that I used to be attracted to when I liked her.

Those feelings came back.


'normal POV’
Roy is dancing with me really smoothly. I turn around and leisurely wrap my arms around his neck.
“Those heels look like they hurt.”

“Yeah, it’s fine. I’ve had worse.”

“Worse dance partners or worse shoes?”
He slurs the question and I laugh.

“You know, y/n, I could fall for you.”

“Is that so? I could say that about anyone here hun, you’re just drunk.”

“Nah, I mean it. Or you and I could just,” Roy leans in and kisses my neck, “we could just spend a night together, just friends afterwards.”

I’ve never heard an idea so good. Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done it. It’s not a bad idea to do it with Roy, he’s someone I trust and am comfortable with. It’s a good time too, we both aren’t dating anyone so…

I run my hands through the back of his neck and kiss his jaw.

“Sounds like a plan, hope-”

Suddenly I am cold and Roy has disappeared into the crowd and I see Jason in front of me.

My longtime #mcm. Cockblock.

“Hey, what the hell? Jay, you couldn’t have chosen worse timing.”

“We need to talk.” He says in a rush as he pulls me towards an elevator that I didn’t see before.

We step in and I hear him mumble before looking straight at me and saying,
“I don’t like you messing around with Roy.


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