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i got a new cat and i don’t know what to name it! i’ve looked at unisex names bc i don’t know the gender. it’s a mix of a maine coon cat. i have to names i definitely love bandit (cause it stole my heart from the beginning) and harley. what are your suggestions? lol sorry if it seems weird😂

omg! i’m so embarrassed i think i just our maine coon on my ask but no i was scrolling through different breeds it’s actually a mix of dragon li and ragamuffin😂 so sorry

ragamuffin is a cute name though tbh, especially if you don’t know the sex bc… ragamuffin

rags for short

or like… turbo


ice cube




I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Twenty-Three

Summary: An unwanted visitor in Austin turns your great mood on it’s head, forcing you to remember your past.
Jared x Reader x Gen, Tom, Shep, Jensen, Danneel, JJ, OFC
Words: 3k
Warnings: angst, physical violence, aggressive confrontations, possibly triggering flashback
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife - Masterpost

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Your day with the boys and Arlo had gone surprisingly well.

Tom and Shep were happy to chat away all day, talking to you about school and asking questions about the baby.

It was great to get to know them a little bit better on your own and, by the time you were walking to drop them off, you felt a lot closer to your baby’s brothers.

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We need to pay more attention to

The lyrics “trust him like a brother”

Taylor and Austin have such a great and strong relationship. They love spending time together, they support one another, he attends her events such as award shows and Secret Sessions, she was at his graduation, and she even writes about how proud she is to be his sister in “the best day.” The list goes on for how much they trust and rely on the other.

For her to compare how much she trusts Joe to how much she trusts Austin, is so telling.


Lucas Steele for Broadway Style Guide 💙
Styled by Kayla Foster
Style assistant Allegra Levy
Grooming by Austin Thornton
Clothes by Nicholas K, Jeff Cafone, Mavi Jeans, Maxime Hernandez
Shoes by Noah Waxman

Guys I just got done with hi touch I’m shaking

It wasn’t so much a high five but a handshake and the order for me was Dowoon, Jae(!!!) Youngk Wonpil and Sungjin

Dowoon was so cute and sweet. I think he said hi idk I’m a mess rn and because I’m dumb I did this weird thing where I sort of held his hand but I was so awkward about it.

Jae was really attentive. The only way I can explain it is that it looked like he cared so much. And even from when I was lining up I could see him nodding and smiling he was great.

Same with Youngk he was smiling too. And I remember this because his smile is amazing and it killed me to see it up close. Not gonna lie I might be becoming a youngk stan

Wonpil was cute as always. and he looked so good too up close words cannot explain

Sungjin was just really into it. He said hi and seemed so happy and I was so close to him and I wanted to cry and he was really goofy too. I told him I loved him and said thank you

All I really said was I love you too all of them so there’s really not much to say but I’m still so happy and in shock the concert was amazing