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Pairing: Jared x student!Reader (gender neutral)

Summary: Jared surprises you one day at college.

Word Count: 590

Warnings: Probably the worst summary in the world, none otherwise, just fluffy goodness.

A/N: Woke up from a dream this morning and almost cried because I couldn’t live in this Jared-filled world. Here, have some of the inner workings of my brain. Also, just assume the reader goes to college at University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘em!). Student!Reader does not mean typical “college age.” I kept everything pretty unspecific, honestly. No gender, no age, just a student at UT Austin.

“Bye Amanda!” You smiled and waved as you turned on your heel and walked toward your apartment.

Walking down the long path away from the business school and back to your car, you swore the tall figure leaning against the railing looked familiar. When he turned your way and gave you a smirk, even from a distance, you knew. 

“Hey baby.” His deep, smooth voice poured over you just before you stood on your toes to peck his lips.

“What are you doing here?” You adjusted your books in the crook of your left arm and hooked your right elbow into his. 

“Had some time off so I decided to come home. Thought maybe I could come see you.” Jared moved his arm and wrapped it around your waist.

As you tucked yourself into his side, you let out a happy sigh and smiled. The two of you walked back to your apartment, surprisingly unnoticed. Once you walked inside, you grabbed two beers from the fridge. 

“Nothin’ special, just figured maybe I’d show your boy some love.” You shrugged, popping open a bottle of Jensen’s Family Business Beer. 

“Oh man, I haven’t even tried it yet.” Jared extended his hand, asking for the bottle opener, then flipped the top off his bottle and downing almost half of it in one swallow. “’S’good.” He nodded, lips turned downward in a frown of approval.

“Have to buy some more then.” You took a sip of your own before plopping down next to Jared on your plush sofa, half on top of Jared’s thigh.

“C’mere.” Grabbing you around the waist, he pulled you onto his lap and nuzzled his face against your neck, lightly kissing your heated skin and whispering all the things he wanted to do.

“Jared…” You groaned. “It’s finals week. I gotta study at least a little bit.” Pushing your palm against his chest, you sat up and looked at him as he gave you the pout of doom, as you so endearingly named it. “Fine.” You sighed and sank back down to where you’d been.

“One movie. Then we study.” He laced his arms around your waist and pulled your back against his chest.

“We?” You questioned, tipping your head to the side.

“Yes, we. I’m more than just a pretty face, you know.” He winked and reached for the remote, flipping through netflix and settling on a Disney movie from when you were growing up.

You had a 7am final that morning, so you barely made it halfway through the movie before falling asleep. Jared definitely didn’t help, the way his hands trailed up and down your arms, fingers dancing along your skin, making you relax against his hard body. The plans for studying flew out the window, and you just spent the day curled up on the couch with your boyfriend, only moving when he had to get up to answer the door for the Chinese food he’d had delivered.

“You’re the best.” You grumbled through a mouthful of lo mein.

“Somethin’ like that.” He grinned, snatching a piece of chicken from your plate and popping it into his mouth.

You never imagined dating a celebrity would be this easy, but being with Jared, in moments like these, you were reminded that he was just another person. He was someone who should’ve gone to UT, someone who could’ve gotten a full friggin ride because he was brilliant, but life got in the way. Jared was just… Jared. He was normal, he was human, and he was yours.

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Happy Birthday to my beautiful idol Selena Gomez. I remember watching wizards of waverly place and immediately you were my fav actress oy there. You were my idol since the beginning. I fell in love with your character and your real life personality. I will forever admire and look up to this beautiful soul. She’s driven, smart, SO talented at everything she does, drop dead gorgeous, a little bit dorky, and just an all around beautiful person inside and out. She’s my style icon and her outfits are to die for. Her heart is just so big and although she doesn’t always think before she does certain things, it just shows she’s human and humans make mistakes. She admits she’s flawed and that’s what I love about her and that’s what the public loves as well. She’s portrayed so nicely because she knows how to behave and speak. She remains classy no matter who bashes her or what movie role she plays. Her personality is just adorable and her care for her fans is so unbelievably indescribable. She could give a shit about media and telling them the truth, all she cares about is being honest with us and that’s what’s important. She deals with (almost) everything with such grace. She doesn’t just forget about her younger fan base. She doesn’t change for fame. She’s just herself and even if she loses sight of who she is sometimes she always comes back and that’s the most admirable thing I could think of. I don’t know who would be a better role model and idol than her. I love you Selena Marie Gomez and I always will through the shitty times and the fan girl times. I want you to be happy now and forever and I hope 22 is a good age for you like 21 was. So now that all is said and done. TURN UPPPPPP. Hope you have a bad ass Birthday.😋😝😍😘🎊🎉🎁💃💁

Larry Songs

• They Don’t Know About Us -One Direction
• Little Things - One Direction
• You & I - One Direction
• Strong - One Direction
• Happily - One Direction
• Something Great - One Direction
• Half A Heart - One Direction
• Cannonball - Little Mix
• Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran
• Light Surrounding You - Evermore
• Demons - Imagine Demons
• Resolution - Matt Corby
• Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Rey & Cedric Gervais
• Over My Head (cable car) - The Fray
6.Strong - London Grammar
7.Homesick - Sleeping at Last
8.It’s Too Late (ride on) - Evermore
•Drop in the ocean - Ron Pope
•Don`t let me go - Harry Styles
• Look After You - Louis Tomlinson
•You found me - The Fray
•How to save a life - The Fray
•Find a way - Tyler Blackburn
•Beside you - 5sos
•The scientist - Coldplay
•Once in a lifetime - Landon Austin

•Fix you - Coldplay
•Kiss me - Ed Sheeran
•Your song - Ellie Goulding
•Uncover - Zara Larson
•Iris - Sleeping With Sirens
• Same Love - Macklemore
• Unconditionally - Katy Perry
• I Love You - Avril Lavigne
• When You’re Gone - Avril Lavigne
• Darlin - Avril Lavigne
• Wish You Were Here - Avril Lavigne
• Read All About It Part III - Emeli Sandé
• Heart by Heart - Demi Lovato

Anonymously Submitted- Leave 'em On - Austin Carlile Imagine (Smut Warning)

*This is my very first smut so feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :) 

Leave ‘Em On.  (Austin Carlile Smut)

            I was sitting in mine and my husband Austin’s room waiting for him to get home. He had gone to the studio and said he should be home around 3, it is now 5 and I was starting to get worried. I decided I would call just to make sure he wasn’t dead or in jail or something. When he picked up he sounded quite irritated and I instantly regretted calling.

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Discussão sobre Camren e época de Lauis

Camila em uma entrevista recente, disse que, quando rompeu uma relação, chorou nos braços de um fã.

Muitos pensaram em Austin, mas algo não bate. Porque quando ele anunciou uma pausa depois de algumas semanas de namoro, Camila não foi vista triste em nenhum momento.

Na verdade ela estava numa festa com Taylor Swift, Lorde, Ansel e Selena.

E ela tirou fotos com fãs, e não demonstrou estar passando por um mal momento.

E dias mais tarde…

Mas houve um momento que Camila foi vista muito triste. Foi quando Lauren estava namorando Luis. Abaixo, um pequeno resumo:

Quando começou essas fotos, havia começado os rumores de Lauis mas Camila ainda era amiga de Austin. Concerto de Austin, Lauren com Luis.

Camila em show do Austin, Lauren com Luis. Camila e Lauren chorando em Porto Rico e Camila ignorando Lauren.

Lauren com Luis, Camila no show de 5Sos, Camila com uma fã e Camila esses dias.

Camila no Tumblr: Eu te amo muito mas por favor não continue fazendo isso comigo, eu sou só humana. Camila em entrevista: Eu aprendi que no final do dia sou humana e tenho que chorar as vezes pelas coisas que fazem comigo. Me lembro de uma vez que eu terminei uma relação e havia fãs ali, e uma delas me abraçou e comecei a chorar e chorei em seus braços porque não podia me controlar.

E se formos para o termo Austin, vemos que:

E deu a entender que a relação dele e Camila não foi real. 

Enfim… Só eles sabem se tudo isso é real. Nós só podemos fazer suposições.