austin dam

My Hero - Austin Carlile

Hiya, could you do a austin c /alan ashby one where you go to a high school reunion & you bump into your ex bf and he starts being really condescending to you & austin defends you then you go home and he says you’re perfect & smut/fluff love u guys x

Well you said Austin twice so I decided to do it with him. Wasn’t into writing smut so I left it implying… hope you like reading c: 2,379 words - written by Emma.

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Me: Ah! Raura feels! 

Then after a few moments: 

Me: Hm…

I don’t know if this was just me, but Calum and Laura look pretty cute. Don’t get me wrong Raura all the way…But…you’ve got to admit, you have to find them at least this much adorable! 

Idk, I might even kind of ship them. I’d be more than fine if this happened…

What’s the ship name for Calum and Laura anyway? 

Guys please pray for Texas and Oklahoma. We’ve been hit by severe storms and a lot of places have been flooded to the point that even main bridges have disappeared. There’s been a total of 23 deaths and a least 40 counties in Texas have declared state of emergency. Even a dam near Austin broke and flooded the homes in the town near by. Please keep us in your prayers since more storms are yet to come and our rivers are already overflowing, even here in Dallas.


actually it wasn’t stupid at all you could climb in it and behind it and through the wooded trails around it

all the grass and foliage around it is grown over top of the hundred year old dam debris

and the bands played right in front of it

it was really cool