austin comiccon

So HeroesCon is all over now, and I have to say, once I was packing up on the last day, it was a mix of exhaustion (and probably dehydration), and sadness.  I had so much fun and was riding such a wave of excitement and energy that once it was all said and done, I already missed it all.  Big thanks to Rico and Doug and Heather and everyone else at Heroes that I had the chance to chat with and get to know and who helped make this whole event so amazing.  This was my first real comic convention, believe it or not, and I know for a fact I will be back at Heroes next year - with my fab new amigos, babsdraws (Babs Tarr), kristaferanka, and jakewyattriot (Jake Wyatt).  It was our first time all being together (first time I even met any of them) and we hit it off like Golden Girls who have known each other for years.

To everyone who stopped by our row, thank you so much for seeing us, shooting the shit, buying goodies, and being all around pleasant and awesome people.  I had so much fun getting to know everyone who came by and having a nice chat and I apologize if I wasn’t at the table when you may have stopped by.  I was part of a watercolor panel on Sunday, so that’s my excuse.  You should have been there watching, so what’s your excuse? ;).  People asked if I would be doing anymore conventions this year and I totally brain farted and said no to everyone.  But I LIED.  I will be in Austin for Wizard World ComicCon in October so if you’re around, I’ll be there.

Anyway, I’ve said enough.  Love you all!  Let’s get those precon sketches rolling on this feed ;)