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“How are you liking Disney World?” (part 1) - Austin Carlile imagine

Hey guys, I’m back! And as I promised you yesterday, here is a new Austin Carlile imagine for you :) 

EDIT: you can read the part 2 here

I’ll open requests again soon, when I finally catch up with the requests I have left.

I smiled widely as the plane began its descent after a 4-hour flight from Los Angeles to Florida.

Ladies and gentlemen, we will land in Orlando in exactly 3 minutes. Please remain seated and make sure youre seat belt is fasten.

“Austin, Austin! Wake up, we’re landing!” I shook my boyfriend’s shoulder to wake him up.

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Age Difference
  • Me: I think Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Andy Biersack, Mike Fuentes, and Kellin Quinn are cute. And Jaime Preciado. Vic's cute too. So is Austin Carlile ...
  • Person: Ew, they're all at least 10 years older than you and 4 of them have kids and 3 are married.
  • Me: ... And how does that change the fact that they are attractive?

I Didn’t Mean To Hurt Her (Alan Ashby & Austin Carlile) (Of Mice and Men)

I switched it up so y/n is Austin’s sister and Alan is the fiancé.

Word Count: 1,155


“Alan, do you really think I’d cheat on you? I love you Alan Ashby. I love you so much that I’m going to marry you and have a family with you. Who told you these lies about me?”

You were trying to calm down your angry fiancé Alan Ashby from your brother Austin’s band. He’d come back from tour accusing you of sleeping with your ex behind his back. Hell you didn’t even have contact with you ex anymore. Alan looked harmless but he could get worked up.

You grab his arm and he shrugs you off.

“Amber told me, you sent her messages telling her not to tell me. She cares about me unlike you y/n.”

Amber was Alan’s ex and also their merch girl, because Alan insisted she didn’t have feelings for him anymore but clearly she was still trying to break us up. No one in the band liked her, hell I didn’t even have her phone number.

“I don’t even have her number babe. I don’t speak to my ex anymore, but apparently you trust some jealous bitch over your fiancé and girlfriend of four years. Look me in the face Alan.”

You grab his arm again but regret it a few seconds later when you feel a sharp stinging sensation across your cheek.

“She’s a good person y/n.”

You clutch your cheek and feel tears form, Alan had never gotten violent before.


Amber let it slip that she’d faked the messages and was trying to break my baby sister and Alan up. Alan was pretty mad when we dropped him off at the apartment he shared with my sister. I felt like something bad was going to happen so forced the bus to turn back around.

y/n gave me a spare key so I easily got into their apartment just as Alan slapped y/n quite hard. I was in shock but it was soon replaced with anger, no one laid a hand on my little sister and especially not her fiancé.

“Shit y/n I’m sorry.”

“Get away from me Alan.”

y/n backs away from Alan looking scared. I clear my throat.

“Get the hell away from my sister Ashby. I never expected you to hit a girl, especially my sister and your fiancé.”

Alan turns around and looks scared to see me.

“I didn’t mean to hurt her Austin, I get mad sometimes.”

It every ounce of self control I had to keep myself from hurting Alan, y/n wouldn’t forgive me. I point at the open front door.

“Get out of my sight Alan until you calm down and find a damn good way to apologise to my baby sister.”

Alan bows his head and quickly leaves the apartment. Once he was gone y/n breaks down. I run to her side and cuddle her as she buries her face into my chest, staining my shirt with her tears. y/n was my world and no one was ever going to be good enough for her, but Alan came along and changed my mind, well at least I thought he had.

“Amber told us she lied once Alan was off the bus. I made them turn around. No one lays a finger on my baby sis.”

y/n pulls back her eyes red and puffy as she sniffles.

“Thank you for coming Austin, I love you but I still love Alan.”

y/n saw the good in everyone including Alan, usually she was the only one able to calm him down but Amber had three months to poison his mind against her.

“I’ll beat his ginger ass in the studio sis, he’s not getting away that easily. I’m going to stay the night so you’re not alone. How about we watch some Disney?”

y/n’s face lights up at the mention of Disney, it was our common love.


After a night to calm down and a scolding from my family and other band members I was ready to face the consequences of my actions. I really needed to work on my anger issues, but first I needed to win both Carlile’s back. Austin trusted me with his sister and I ruined it in an instant.

I open the apartment door and notice Austin sprawled on the sofa watching TV while y/n runs around the kitchen. She loves to cook and hates when anyone ruins her organised space. It was one of her many quirks that I fell in love with.


y/n sounded surprised as her eyes locked with mine and I flinched upon seeing the bruise forming on her cheek I caused. The TV shut off and Austin stood up glaring at me, the only reason he hadn’t hit me is because y/n didn’t believe in violence.

“You better have a pretty damn good apology Ashby, you hurt the person I trusted to keep safe.”

Austin could be intimidating as hell despite his cuddly personality. I shuffle on the sport more nervous.

“You trusted me to protect and love y/n Austin and I betrayed that trust last night. I never thought I’d have to protect her from myself. I love your sister to the point that I don’t know what I’d do without her by my side, I will do everything in my power to win back your trust and friendship.”

Before Austin could reply I turn towards my beautiful y/n.

“I can’t ask you to forgive me because what I did was wrong on so many levels. I know I get angry and I’m going to get professional help. I want you to love me without being scared around your future husband.”

y/n walks towards me cautiously and I half expect her to hit me back, but instead she wraps her arms around my waist and hugs me.

“I can’t stay mad at you Alan, yes you hurt me but I’m going to help you and we’ll work through this as a couple.”

“I don’t deserve your love y/n, how do you see the good in everyone?”

She pulls back and smiles.

“Everyone has down days babe but then you have several good days. I guess I’m more chill than my older brother.”

Austin clears his throat and I untangle myself from y/n. For a second I forgot he was here. He comes towards me before pulling me into a bone crushing hug. The Carlile’s were a hugging family.

“You every hurt my sister again Ashby and they’ll be hell to pay, you can kiss your ginger locks goodbye. If y/n can forgive you then I guess I can to.”

My hands instinctively reach for my hair which I loved a lot. y/n laughs before joining the hug.

“This is how it should be, my two favourite boys getting along.”

I was happy we’d made up and I was going to get help before the wedding, I didn’t want to enter married life with the threat of hurting y/n again.

God Dam

Hi! Can you do one where you’re dating Austin Carlile and you guys have sex where you take charge and the next day at the studio Austin is so mind blown over all that happened that he tells the guys and they kinda make fun of him? Thank you! (:
A/N: This is probably the dirtiest thing I’ve ever written…. Just a warning…

Austin’s Point of View

I walked into the house and saw light coming from upstairs. I walked upstairs, “You home baby?” I asked. I didn’t hear anything. I opened the door and saw Y/N standing there. My mouth dropped and my eyes went wide. In the middle of our bedroom stood Y/N. She was wearing a white button up shirt unbuttoned enough to show a bright red lacy bra. She was also wearing a short black skirt that was skin tight and bravely covered her ass. Her hair was up in a bun and she was wearing lacy stocking with black high heels with her glasses on. In her hands she had a wooden ruler.

“You’ve been a very bad boy Austin.” she said seductively I swallowed. “You thought you could get away with kissing that girl…” she grabbed  my belt buckle and pushed me down onto our bed. “Well i’m gonna teach you a lesson.” she straddled my hips. “I promise you, you’re not going to forget it." 

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Interviewer (to Aaron): So are you a permanent member now, of the band?

Austin: Hell no. No no, we’re dating him. Whenever people ask, we say it’s kind of like a relationship, we’re recording, and seeing how things go. If it goes great and we decide that we wanna be with him forever, like marriage should be, we’ll marry him. And if he turns out to be a dumb girlfriend, a bad girlfriend, we’ll dump him. But as of now it’s a great relationship.

Alan: So don’t be a bad girlfriend Aaron!

Austin: Don’t cheat!

Aaron: I would never.

Austin: He’s so good in bed..

Alan: What the heck…

Aaron: That’s…personal.

Alan: So you guys are cheating…on me? 


They were such an adorable couple. I know I’ll probably get hate, but I’m just saying. I mean look at them. Look a him. He looked so happy, not that he doesn’t now, and you could tell that he really loved her and I just think it’s so cute. I don’t know, it just makes me kinda sad that they divorced because I could see them still being together now and I think they would still be just as cute!

If you agree, cool! If you disagree, awesome! This is just my opinion and it’s been on my mind a lot lately and I felt that I should share how I feel about it. If you would like to share your opinion with me, then message me and we can talk about it, if you want! :)

Boyfriend Tag

Anon: Can you do an Austin Carlile one were you’re a youtuber, and you decide to do the boyfriend tag with him, and a couple days after the video is posted, both of your fans are freaking out (in a good way), and then just like cuddling, and can you make it really fluffy? Like super duper, I wanna burst into rainbows kind of fluffy? Thanks love xx (p.s. I love your guy’s writing *hands you cookie of choice*)

A/N- Well thanks ^.^ *eats cookie* I won’t be doing all of the questions that are usually in the tag, just saying. Hope you all like it

“You ready for this,” you ask, setting up the tripod.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” Austin says, smiling nervously.

You smirk and press record.

“Hey guys, its Y/N! Today I am here with my extraordinary boyfriend, Austin. As some of you may know, Austin is in a well known band, Of Mice & Men.”

He smiles at the camera.

“Hey everyone!”

“Today we are doing the Boyfriend Tag, as you can tell from the title. I was tagged by (Insert Favorite Youtuber Here) to do this video, so let’s get started.”

You pull up the index cards with questions on them, flipping up the first one.

“Question 1, where did we meet?”

“I guess the easy ones come first,” he says, laughing a little.

“Well, you came to one of our concerts and I met you at one of our meet-ups.”

“Correct, and that was 4 years ago,” you add.

“Question 2, where was our first date?”

The question causes us both to laugh, the memory coming immediately to mind.

“Well, it was technically at a New Year’s Eve party with the band and some friends. There was a lot of alcohol and, before midnight, skinny-dipping,” he says, not embarrassed at all.

“You can tell we’re classy, can’t you,” he says, making you laugh as he kisses your cheek.

“Next question… Where was our first kiss and how was it?”

“We had our first kiss on accident, the day we met. One of the other fans bumped into Y/N and she ended up smacking right into my lips,” he says, smiling.

“It was very awkward,” you say, laughing at his offended expression.

“Okay, did you know I was the one?”

“I had a feeling and its gotten stronger everyday I’ve known you, so yes.”

You blush as he wraps an arm around your waist, pulling you closer.

“What was your first impression of me?”

“I thought you were beautiful, honestly, I wanted to get to know you.”

“If I was collecting something, what would it be?”

“Anything to do with Of Mice & Men,” he jokes.

“It’s kind of true though, my room used to have posters everywhere and I had all of your albums… I was a dedicated fangirl,” you confess.

 “Well, that was the last question! So everyone, this has been the Boyfriend Tag. If you enjoyed it, Like and Favorite this video, Subscribe to my channel and go give Austin some love in the comments!”

“Bye guys,” Austin says, waving at the camera as I turn off the camera.

-A Few Days Later-

“All our fans are going crazy over that video, they love it,” you say to Austin, who is sitting next to you on the couch.

You hand him the computer and he scrolls through the comments, laughing and smiling as he does. He shuts the computer and places it on the table, looking up at you.

“What do you want to do now,” you ask.

“Nothing… Nothing at all.”

He lies back, leaving just enough room for you. You smile, folding in beside him, your hands on his chest.

“I love you, you know that right,” he asks, looking down at you.

He plants a kiss on your forehead, playing with your hair.

“I love you too.”

He smiles, his head resting on yours as you lay together.

“I have a question,” he says, sitting up before getting off of the couch.

You sit up, looking at him curiously.

“Ask away.”

He leans down, kissing you again.

“Close your eyes,” he murmurs against your lips.

You do as he says and soon your fingers are laced with his.


The first thing you notice is the direct eye contact with him; you didn’t have to look up. Then you notice why, he’s on one knee. And, lastly, was the small velvet box in his hand and the glittering diamond ring inside it.

“Y/N… I’ve loved you for the longest time, and I meant it when I said I knew you were the one. So, will you marry me?”

“Yes, a million times yes!”

You throw your arms around his neck, hugging him tightly.

“Who would have thought that when I met my idol 4 years ago he would even acknowledge me, let alone date me, or ask me to marry him?”

“I would,” he says lovingly.

~Morgan :3~

who you marry based on your battery percentage

0-10% Alan Ashby
10-20% Oliver Sykes
20-30% Andy Biersack
30-40% Alex Gaskarth
40-50% Austin Carlile
50-60% Vic Fuentes
60-70% Jaime Preciado
70-80% Josh Franceschi
80-90% Kellin Quinn
90-100% Jack Barakat

Say you love me

Request: Hey could you write a really smutty imagine where Austin wants to propose and he’s all nervous about and she says yes and they go home and have fun 

Smut xoxo


“Austin? Honey, is everything alright? You’ve been acting strange all night.” you said to your boyfriend. 

“Oh- uh. No.” Austin muttered. 

“No you’re not okay?” You asked a little worried. 

“Oh! No, as in everything is okay.” Austin said with a unconvincing smile. 

You shook it off and just held his hand which seemed to put him more at ease. 

After walking along the beach you began to walk home, the sun was setting and you leaned into Austin admiring the day you spent together. Right when we had got inside the house and set our things down Austin went straight to the back door. 

“Come look at this with me, (Y/N).” He called to you, extending his hand. 

Eagerly you went to him and went on the balcony. The smell of the ocean was in the Californian air. But the view is what made it perfect. 

Austin’s arm made it’s way around the back of your waist. He seemed less nervous and it put you at ease and you went to lean your head on his arm but he pulled away making you turn to look at him puzzled. 

“I miss you.” He simply said now holding your hands. 

“I miss you too, honey.” you giggled. 

“No, (Y/N), I miss you.” He said sounding more stern. 

“And I MISS you!” You said exaggerating, not sure of how to take his meaning. 

“I miss you all the time though. Like to the point where even when you’re lying next to me I still need you. And I know that the thing that’s been bothering me most is…” he looked me in the eyes and I was speechless. “The thing that bothers me is, that I don’t have you. I mean I do. But I want all of you." 

Austin got down on one knee, holding just one of my hands and the other pulled out a small black velvet box. And finally you understood, you’re adrenaline now flowing through you and heart pounding. 

"Now all I need to know is if you want all of me too.” He smiled. 

“Oh my god. Austin! YES!!!! Absolutely! Yes!!!” You answered and before he could open the box you kissed his lips repeatedly and tried not to tear up from happiness. But the kiss went from smiling and light heartedness to full of passion and eagerness. 

  “Babe,” he tried to say. “I haven’t even… shown you…. the ring!” He moaned when you grabbed on his package through his pants. With a grunt he brought you back into the house. 

The two of you fell over the sofa and held each other close, barely leaving space for the clothes to be taken off. Kisses were trailed on each other and all the excitement had you wet and ready for your new fiance. 

Right as Austin entered your nails found his back as you moaned out to him. 

Austin found a pace quickly and watched your body move with his and you were already close. 

“Tell me you love me.” He moaned in a light whisper. 

Extremely turned on by his outburst you moaned to him, “I love you.”

“Louder!” He groaned loosing his pace and going at different speeds into you. 

“Oh Austin,” you moaned when he was slamming into you. “I love you so fucking much!” you screamed and instantly came while he grunted and twitched inside you. 

“Oh my God.” you panted. 

“I know,” he said. “I can’t believe we’re getting married.”

What Happened In The Past, Stays In The Past - Part Two - Austin Carlile ft. OM&M, BMTH

Can Y/N end up marrying Oli Sykes and then Austin finds out and you guys have an argument?

Part one - part two - part three - 2,132 words - written by Emma.

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On Bended Knee

Can you do an Austin Carlile one when where its your anniversary dinner & you get all dressed up for it and austin stands you up. Then when you get home, you realize austin forgot about it & you think austin doesn’t care anymore but he does. And just lots of drama and fluff please :3

by J

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The Time Of My Life

I began walking down the aisle with my parents on either side of me. Glancing down at Austin made me blush because of the way he looked at me. His nose crinkled  when he smiled at me. The way he looked at me now was the exact way he looked at me when we first met. I was working at the hospital at the time as an RN. I was temporarily working as a nurse until I could get my PhD to become a pediatrician. I got a new patient admitted into my wing, so I read over his papers and then walked into his room. He was having neck pains from work.

I remember walking into his room and he looked up at me. Immediately, a smile grew on his face and he said, “hi.” That’s when I realized why his name sounded so familiar. He was in a band that my friends liked and talked about all the time. After getting him prepped for surgery, I talked to him a little bit and we hit it off. I almost forgot about my other patients from being so infatuated by him. He told me that he wanted to go out with me, but I told him that I wasn’t allowed to date patients. I told him that after he was out of the hospital, then we could. He had me put my number in his phone and he said he would call after he would be released from the hospital.

After his surgery and after he was released from the hospital, he called me four days later. We talked for a while and then he got tired from his medication. I told him to call me back whenever or if he needed help or had any questions.

After he recovered, we went out on a date and I could tell that we were going to last. I had this gut feeling just from being around him and the way that we clicked. We dated for a year and a half and then he proposed to me while we were on vacation. And a year later, we planned our wedding. Three months before the wedding, I found out I was pregnant with our first baby. Austin was thrilled and couldn’t wait to become a father.

Just before I reached the front of the church, I glanced down at my dress. My belly was just starting to show, which made me smile. I looked back up at Austin as he held my hand and had me step up on the platform.

We held hands tight as we went through the traditional vows. Then it was time for us to recite our own vows. I went first. I grabbed my piece of paper and then looked at Austin for a moment.

“Three years ago, we began dating and I had no idea where it was going to go. I had no idea that I would fall in love with you. And I had no idea that we would get to this day. But I’m so thankful that we’ve gotten this far and I can’t wait to go further with you. I can’t wait for our baby to be born and I can’t wait to raise it with you for the rest of our lives. You are the only person who has ever made me feel this great about myself and has shown me the whole world in just a small period of time. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Austin grinned from ear to ear and squeezed my hands. He cleared his throat. “From the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew that you were someone special. The way we interacted and the way we talked to each other just felt so normal. I felt like I never had to worry about anything with you. And since then, you’ve always been able to put a big smile on my face. Before the wedding, I wasn’t nervous at all because I haven’t had any doubts about spending the rest of my life with you. I’m ready to embark on this journey with you that will lead to the rest of our lives and I am ready to raise this baby with you. Whatever comes our way, we will be able to get through it together, no matter what.” My heart began to race and I started to cry. I was ready to spend the rest of my life with him.

After the wedding, we drove to the airport and got ready for our flight. We were going to France for two weeks and then we would return home immediately after to prepare for the baby.

Our daughter was born five months later and was perfectly healthy. Thankfully, Austin didn’t pass on Marfan’s to her. We named her Cane.

To celebrate her birth, Austin wrote a song about her and released it. The feedback was very positive and the song was on the charts for a few months.

As Cane got older, we noticed how much she loved to draw and color. She was actually very good. Cane was always laughing and smiling and hyper. She rarely ever cried or complained about anything. As she became a teenager, she was the same way. She was drawing a lot still when she reached high school. When she reached high school, Of Mice & Men broke up and Austin began working as a solo artist, as well as his band mates. They were all quite successful with it. Cane entered multiple art contests and won all of them. When she graduated, she had a full scholarship to her dream college. She was doing very well on her own and we were so glad that she was succeeding in life.

Austin and I were just as happy as we were when we first got married. Our marriage was very strong and we knew that it would last. When Cane was in middle school, we tried to have another baby, but I was having complications, so we couldn’t. Austin was devastated, but we got through it. We decided to not have any children after that. Cane was perfect and one child was just fine with us after talking about it.

Cane came into town a year after graduating from college and she brought her boyfriend, Collin with her. He was a very nice young man and shared a lot of the same interests with Cane. He was an art director at some very popular museum near where she lived and was an artist when he wasn’t working. He was the same age as her and said that he listened to Austin’s music all the time and really enjoyed Of Mice & Men when he was growing up. Austin seemed pleased with him, and I was too. I talked to Cane when I was getting dinner prepared and I told her that we both really liked him and she was glad because she really liked him too. She told me that he was going to stay while she was here and I told her that that was totally fine.

Each time Cane would visit us, Collin would be with her. She would tell me every time that she’s grown to love him more and more as each day went by. I realized that that’s how I felt when I was first dating Austin.

A year after they had visited us, they came back and they were even closer than the previous visit. Cane went to visit some old friends and Collin decided to stay home because he was feeling a bit under the weather. I was kind of glad he stayed because I wanted to talk to him.

Collin sat on the couch next to me and Austin was reclining in the chair on the other side of me. I looked at Collin with a small smile and he smiled back. He looked anxious about something. “What’s the matter Collin?” I asked. He sat up straight as he cleared his throat. “Well, I wanted to talk to you two about something while Cane was gone. That’s actually why I decided to stay here.” I looked at Austin, who had Collin’s attention. I looked back at Collin. “Okay. What do you want to talk about?” He exhaled quickly.

“Um, I wanted to ask you two if it was okay that I proposed to Cane while I was here-and before you say anything about it, I just want to say that your daughter has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I mean, when we met, I was going through a lot and I was very depressed and angry a lot because I didn’t understand why all of these unfortunate things were happening to me. But when I met her, she showed me that it was okay to be sad and angry, but I had to let it out so I wasn’t angry and sad all the time. And learning from what she said, I became a much better person. She even motivated me to get the job that I’ve had for three years. And she’s opened my eyes to the world and has really shown me what true happiness is. And when we began dating, Cane helped me let go of everything that has been holding me down and that had made me so angry. And that has made me the man that I am today. Your daughter is the most extraordinary, beautiful and amazing person I have had the pleasure to meet. And I want to be able to go through life telling people that she’s my wife. I want to continue to keep her happy and I promise that if you allow me to propose to her, and she says yes, then I will do everything in my power to make sure that she doesn’t worry about anything in the world.”

I looked at Austin and he smiled. “Would you like to speak first?” I asked. “No, you can,” he responded. I looked back at Collin. “I don’t know what my husband is going to say, but I will tell you that I am perfectly fine with you proposing to her. You have proven to me that you are perfect for my daughter and I would be glad if you got married. You two remind me of my husband and myself when we were younger. And it would make me so happy to see you two spend the rest of your lives together.” He grinned. “Thank you, Mrs. Carlile. That means more to me than you think.” I hugged him. “No, thank you for making my daughter happy. That’s all I could ever hope for her.” I looked at Austin. “Go ahead, honey,” I said. He looked at Collin. “Collin, I completely agree with my wife. I haven’t had any doubts about you. You have proven yourself to me and I think my little girl will be so happy when you ask her.” Collin’s smile grew even bigger. “Mr. Carlile, thank you so much. I really appreciate your support.” He shook Austin’s hand.

Two days after our talk, Collin proposed to Cane and she said yes. Austin was so happy for Cane and so was I. I wanted the best for her and Collin was exactly that. I could tell that he was going to treat her well and their marriage would last.

A year and a half after that, they got married and two years after that, Cane was pregnant. Austin was absolutely thrilled when he found out and he couldn’t wait for her baby to be born. Seeing Austin happy about all of this happy made me even happier. I wanted him to be happy because that’s all he deserved. Nine months later, Cane gave birth to a healthy baby boy and she named him Zachary Robert, after Collin and Austin.

When Zachary turned three years old, Austin retired from his music career and we moved to a house closer to the shore of California. Whenever Cane and her family would come to visit, we would take Zachary to the beach and he would play in the sand for hours. Austin would tell me that Zachary reminded him of himself when he was younger, so adventurous and lively. Austin was still that way, even at his age. When Austin was around Zachary, he felt young again. He felt like he was raising a child all over again and that made him feel so content. 

Because Cats Always Land On Their Feet - Alan Ashby

Could you please pleASE PLEASE do an Alan Ashby one? Where you’re ice skating and you keep falling and stuff and its super cute?

Liked the sound of this^w^ hope you like it c: Part two is always an option if anybody requests (but with a small storyline ok?)

“Why on earth did you suggest this, Alan?” I ask, grabbing on to the side of the ice skating rink. “Because it’s fun.” He answers, gliding past me on his skates. “Pft, yeah, fun.” I mutter to myself, trying to steady myself with both arms. Wobbling, my legs slide outwards, I casually sink slowly to the ground. As I hit the floor, I slump like a teddy bear. Alan hurls up in front of me, chuckling to himself. “It’s not funny.” I mumble, my ass beginning to get cold. “Of course it isn’t. C’mon, up you get.” He answers, covering his mouth thinking I don’t know he’s smiling. He’s waiting for me to make a fool of myself trying to stand up on the ice. “I don’t wanna.” I whine, folding my arms over my chest. “Y/N.” He sighs, swirling to behind me. Crouching, I feel his arms lock under my arms and he hoists me back up. Unsteadily, I stand on my two feet, he supports my back.

“Let me help you.” He offers, tightening his grip around my waist. I nod, although he’s probably trying to trick me. I face the rest of the rink, waiting for Alan to move. He then begins to skate across the ice, pushing me in front of him. His arms stay around my waist, not allowing me to slip away. I keep dead still, trying to prevent any movement so I don’t slip again. “See you’re doing it.” He whispers, balancing his head on my shoulder. “No, Alan. You’re doing it.” I say, smiling as we move over the ice. Pecking my cheek, I feel him grin as he turns a corner. I tremble as he swoops the both of us round it with ease. “Nothing to worry about, I’ve got you.” He says as we skate freely down the straight side again. “That’s why I’m worrying.” I say jokingly. “Oh really?” He asks, I hear the cheekiness in his voice almost instantly. “So you’re worrying incase I do… this?” He removes his hands from my waist and halts. Leaving me to hurtle forward on my own. I jolt my arms out trying to stop, but instead it does absolutely nothing, apart from unbalance me further. I then see myself about to collide into the wall of the ice rink. With a small slam, I smack into the wall. I hear Alan roaring with laughter, so I lose my patience.

"I am so done.” I mutter, trying to grip the wall. After I have a firm grasp, I tug hand my hand, and slide gently over the ice. “Y/N, don’t be such a spoil sport.” Alan says, skating up behind me. I ignore him as I get to the gap in the wall where I can leave. I kick harshly at the ice before stepping off. “Y/N.” Alan moans, looking at me from the ice. I take a seat and glare at him, arms folded. “Don’t be so silly, c’mon.” He urges, hopping impatiently on the ice. “I am not being silly.” I hiss, looking away from him. “It was only a bit of harmless fun, Y/N.” He says, resting against the side. “It is not fun when your boyfriend makes fun of you constantly.” I humph. “Y/N, please. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. One more try, for me? I promise I won’t let you fall over again.” He tilts his head slightly, smiling. “How do I know that?” I ask, sarcastically squinting my eyes. “Because I love you.” He smiles sweetly, knowing I couldn’t resist. “One more time.” I say, sticking up a finger. “Okay, okay.” Alan says, reaching his arms out to grab me.

Assembling into the same position as before, he pushes me nimbly over the ice. It is quite fun, when I’m not falling, that is. “See - not that bad is it?” He asks, I feel him grin on my shoulder. “I guess not.” I shake my head, focusing on keeping still. “Wanna go faster?” He suggests, gripping my waist tighter. “I thought we promised to only use that phrase in bed?” I tease, giggling slightly. “Oh shut up, you.” He replies, slapping my arm playfully. “And I’m the immature one.” He adds, deliberately sighing out loud. Jokingly, I mimic him. “Okay - that’s it! We’re going faster!” He chuckles, preparing himself to move quicker.

Suddenly, we glide phenomenally across the ice, swooping like eagles. For a few moments, I like it, it gives a really sensational feeling. But he becomes too fast, and I begin to feel a bit dizzy. “Alan, stop! Stop, Alan! Now!” I whine trying to wince my eyes shut. “Oh, of course Y/N.” He answers sympathetically. Gradually, we only drift faintly over the ice. Twiddling me around, he hugs me allowing me to clutch onto his chest. Regardless of this he continues to skate, just not as quickly. “I’m sorry.” He apologises as I nuzzle my face into his neck. “It’s fine, just too fast.” I assure him, smiling on his jacket. He leads me to the side of the ice rink, where I can grab on to the wall to keep me steady. After I balance myself, Alan skates backwards a couple of feet. “I’m sorry for ruining it.” I say sheepishly, almost blushing. “Hey, it’s not your fault your boyfriend is an astounding ice skater, is it?” He answers, big headed. He begins to hop on the ice, I have no idea how he can. “How can you even do that?” I ask, frowning at him. “Because - cats always land on their feet.” He shrugs, smirking smugly. “Yeah, yeah.” I mutter, rolling my eyes. And with that, Alan’s right foot diverts outwards, causing him to slip sideways. He slips on his right knee, wobbling wildly, causing me to cackle with laughter. “Uh, will you marry me?” He asks, a half confused expression casting over his face. I raise my eyebrows at him, nice try not to make a fool of himself. He presents his arms outwards with a hopeful grin, making himself seem to be impressive. I roll my eyes, oh Alan.

Austin Carlile Imagine: Let's Break Up (Or Not)

You get in a fight with austin carlile a bad one and he throwing stuff and glass cuts you face so you run upstairs pack your things while austin is crying for you not to go you walk for three hours up the freeway. You can walk any further and you sleep at a park austin is frantically looking for you and when he finds you he carries you bridal style back to the car and later proposes you can decide the rest

You and Austin yell at each other, throwing words like blades even though neither of you can remember what you started fighting about. Neither of you wants to hear the other speak as you argue irrelevant points. Both of you know you’re wrong but you can’t back down now because then the other wins.

Austin’s eyes dart around the room as he stands with his arms crossed, silently fuming as you scream. His eyes land on the counter where your phone sits. You fall silent as he reaches for your phone, shaking your head as he picks it up. “You’re going to go through my phone now?” you snap, glaring at Austin.

“What’s your password?” Austin asks, his voice oddly calm. “You think I’m cheating on you or something?” you ask indignantly. “Password,” Austin says without lifting his eyes to look at you. “0222,” you mumble. “That is really simple,” Austin scoffs, smirking. “It’s a Tron reference,” you hiss. You cross your arms over your chest and tap your foot as you watch Austin scroll through your messages. He stops scrolling and looks up at you.

Without any warning, he throws your phone across the room. Your phone hits the wall with a loud bang before clattering to the floor. “Are you kidding me?!” you shriek, staring at your cracked screen. “Why do you have to act like that?!”Austin demands, raising his eyebrows. “Like what?!” you yell, confused. Austin stumbles on words as he tries to come up with an answer to your question. You can tell that he’s trying to stay mad but he can’t and it frustrates him.

Austin picks up a glass and stares down at it, scowling. You turn and start to leave as Austin flings the glass. “Move!” His yell startles you and you freeze. Suddenly you’re wincing and blood is pouring down the side of your face. “Shit,” Austin murmurs as he rushes over to you. He lifts your chin and tries to wipe away the blood with his sleeve. You back away from him, your fingers pressed to the cut.

“You’re a fucking asshole,” you say, fixing Austin with a cold glare as you try not to cringe at the stinging and throbbing sensation. “You think I did that on purpose?” Austin asks, his eyes flashing. You don’t reply. You sprint upstairs and lock yourself into the bathroom to clean your face. The cut is small, a thin slice of broken skin just above your eyebrow.

You step out of the bathroom only to run into Austin after you finish tending to your cut. “Cute band aid,” he snorts. “You could have blinded me,” you point out, pushing past him to get to the bedroom you two share. You grab a bag and start stuffing some clothes into it. Austin shakes his head in disbelief and grabs your wrists.

“Are you seriously going to do this, Y/N?” “What do you think, Austin?” you snap. “Please don’t do this,” Austin pleads, holding you firmly. You wriggle out of his grip and continue packing quickly. “Were you even thinking when you threw that glass?” you demand, glaring at Austin, your hands on your hips and your head slightly tilted. He moves his lips but fails to speak as tears spill over his cheeks.

“I’ve never been in an abusive relationship and I refuse to be a part of one with you,” you hiss as you leave your bedroom. “I love you, I’d never hurt you, Y/N, you know that,” Austin says, wiping his tears in vain. “Look at my fucking face, Austin! You already did hurt me,” you protest. “It won’t happen again,” Austin says softly. “Neither of us know that,” you shoot back at Austin.

You pause in front of the door. This is the right thing to do; you shouldn’t stay with someone so careless. He could have really hurt you and you can’t just forgive him.

You open the door and step into the cold darkness. The minute you step out of the golden rectangle of light and warmth this will become official. You glance back to see Austin still crying but you’re too angry to care. You pull out your keys and walk over to Austin’s car, yours is in the shop.

“This,” you yell, holding up a key for Austin to see. You drag the keys edge along the side of Austin’s car, relishing the irritating noise, “Is for what you did to my face and breaking my phone.” You do it a few more times, adding in sharp shapes with messy edges. It doesn’t do much for your anger because Austin doesn’t react. You scowl and kick his car before stalking away.

After you’ve been walking for a while, you start to regret leaving. It’s really dark out and you’re shivering. You feel so alone as you walk along the freeway, fatigue weighing down your limbs and slowing your movements. But you can’t turn around now. It seems like hours before you get off the deserted freeway, your muscles burning. “Where am I gonna sleep?” you groan to yourself, stifling a yawn.

You survey the area. A park and school sit on opposite sides of the road. The school looks pretty deserted and there aren’t any lights on. You head for the park with a sigh.

Everything hits you as you sit down on a bench. You messed up Austin’s car, you have nowhere to go, no phone and the only thing in your wallet is your ID and twenty dollars and to top it all off it seems to be getting colder. You want to go back but you’re afraid that you might have screwed everything up. But Austin hurt you and it was his fault. You yawn and bring your knees up to your chest.

Sleeping in a park can’t be too bad, better than having a guy throw dishes at you. You try to stay awake but soon, sleep has you under its spell and you don’t want to fight it.

“Oh my god,” a concerned voice disturbs your sleep. You lift heavy eyelids to see Austin’s worried face. “What are you doing?” you mumble as Austin lifts you up. Your arms wrap around his neck loosely and your head rests against his chest. “You know I’m still mad at you, right?” you ask, somewhat slurring your words. Austin laughs and shoots back, “You know I just drove myself insane for four hours trying to find you, right?”

“Whatever, ass face,” you say, yawning and nestling into Austin’s chest. “You’re an idiot,” Austin says but he’s smiling. “You love this idiot,” you utter, shivering and yawning. “More than I love myself,” Austin whispers before pecking your forehead.

“You’re not allowed to do this,” you murmur. “Do what?” Austin asks. “Make me forgive you,” you answer, still a bit groggy. “I’m sorry,” Austin says. “About everything…” You don’t reply. Austin sets you down in front of his car. You wince as you see the scratches.

You glance up at Austin to see him smiling at your “work.” “Sorry,” you whisper. “I think it looks cool,” Austin jokes, squeezing your hand. “You know I would never purposely hurt you, right?” he asks, suddenly serious. “I know… I was just really angry and shocked,” you mumble, unable to look at him. “Y/N…?”

You turn to see Austin on one knee. “I uh… today I realized that I kinda really love you and I really wanna be with you and I never want…” Austin pauses, taking a deep breath. Your hand goes up to your mouth as Austin reaches into his pocket. Austin grabs your hand and squeezes it with a grin.

“I know this isn’t really romantic but… I love you, Y/N and I want to be with you and only you for the rest of my life.” You stare at the beautifully carved stone glinting on the ring Austin was holding out to you as he stuttered an awkward proposal. “Will you um maybe, I don’t know… Sorry…” Austin sighs and shakes his head.

“Sorry…” You kneel in front of him, smiling widely. “Will you marry me, Y/N?” Austin finally spits out. “This is so cute,” you say, grinning. Austin’s eyes widen and you kiss him. “I didn’t say no…"

You had your chance. Austin Carlile and Jack Barakat Imagine

Can you do a Jack barakat imagine where you are married to him. But Austin your ex is trying to get you back after leaving you in the altar. You say no and avoid him but he keeps on so you tell Jack and he gets really protective and is always with you or he tells one of the guys to stay with you and them there’s a big fight between them you break it up and tell him you love Jack and just a fluffy ending.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Y/N!” I hear from behind me.  I turn around to see my ex fiancé running towards me.  “Here we go.” I say to myself as I wait for him to catch up.  “Hey Y/N.” Austin says, trying to catch his breath. “How are you?” “I’m great thanks. I’m married now.” I say, showing off my beautiful ring.  “He’s a lucky guy.” Austin weirdly says.  I nod and start to walk towards my work building.  “I miss you.” Austin blurts out.  “Not my problem Austin. You left me.” I say, trying to walk away.  Austin grabs my hand and turns me around.  “Y/N, please just go to dinner with me. We can fix this.” He says, moving his face closer to mine.  “No. You left me at the altar Austin! I’m happily married now. I’m happier then I ever was with you. I ave to go now. It was nice seeing you.” I say quickly. I walk into work without looking back. I know he’s standing there waiting for me to look.  Throughout work Austin calls and texts me and I don’t reply.  I finally get home and my husband is sitting on the couch.  “Hello beautiful.” Jack says, getting up and greeting me at the door. “Hello.” I smile.  “How was work?” He asks, kissing my cheek.  “It was work.” I giggle.  I quickly changed and join Jack on the couch.  My phone starts ringing so I go and grab it. It’s Austin, again.  I ignore it and sit back down.  “Who was that?” Jack asks while watching TV.  I hesitate for a moment and then I finally say “Austin.”  Jack stops what he’s doing and looks at me for a minute.  “The one you almost married?” He asks in shock.  I nod and begin to worry on what Jack will say next.  “Why is he calling?”  “Well when I was walking into work he was there and he told me he missed me and I told him I’m happily married and I left. He’s been calling me all day, but I haven’t answered.” I explain.  “Next time he calls, give me the phone.” Jack says gritting his teeth.  “Jack, it’s really nothing.” I say.  “I just want to talk to him.” He says, flipping through TV channels.  Not even ten minute later my phone starts ringing again. I look and see it’s Austin. Jack stands up and grabs my phone and puts it on speaker. “Hello?” Jack says calmly.  “Y/N?” Austin says.  “No, this is Jack. Jack Barakat.”  “Oh. Hey man! Can I talk to Y/N?” Austin says nicely.  “Why are you calling my wife?” Jack asks, trying to stay calm.  “You’re her husband? Damn man. I didn’t know. I…I just want to talk to her.”  “You had your chance Austin and you blew it. Leave my wife alone.” Jack says before hanging up the phone and handing it back to me.  We sit silently on the couch for awhile until Jack finally starts joking about the show we’re watching.  “I think I’m going to ask Alex to stay here for a little while.” Jack says quietly.  “Why?”  “I just want to make sure that if anything happens, you’re okay and someone else is here to help if it’s needed.” He explains.  I nod my head and then cuddle up next to him.  For the next few days Jack takes me and picks me up from work. He’s worried Austin might do something so he’s almost always by my side.  It’s been a few days since Austin has called or text me but Jack is still hesitant.  “Can we order pizza?” I beg while laying on the couch.  “I could go for pizza.” Alex says, grabbing a beer.  Jack calls his favorite pizza place and orders two pizzas. We start watching a movie when there’s a knock on the door.  “That was fast.” Jack says confused.  Jack gets up and opens the door. Before we know it, Austin storms into out apartment.  “Austin?” I say shocked.  Jack rushes near me and Alex stands in-between Jack and Austin.  “I need to talk to you Y/N.” Austin says trying to get closer. “No you don’t.” Jack quickly says, hold me close.  “This doesn’t involve you Jack! It’s between Y/N and I!” Austin yells.  “She’s my wife!” Jack yells back.  Austin charges at Jack and Jack charges back.  Alex quickly grabs me and moves me away from the fight. They start hitting and punching each other and Alex is trying to break it up. I finally decided to break it up myself.  I get in front of Austin and push him away. Jack stops as soon as he sees I’m near.  Alex stands near Jack to make sure he’s okay.  “Leave me alone!” I yell at Austin. “What makes you think I would take you back? You abandoned me! You left me, standing there on our wedding day! You never loved me, never the way Jack has. I’m in love with Jack and I know he loves me back.”  Austin stands there in shock. He has a few cuts on his face from Jack, but nothing major.  “I’m happy Austin. I’m in love and I’m married. We might even start a family soon. This is what I want. Jack is what I want..I need you to leave and to stop calling me. Okay?” I say calmly but firmly.  Austin nods. He whispers he’s sorry and then walks out of our apartment.  I turn around and jump into Jack’s arms.  “I love you.” He whispers.  “I love you too sweetie!” I say, inspecting his face to make sure he’s okay.  “Thank you.” Jack says to Alex.  “Of course man.” He smiles back.  Jack and I hug and sit closely to each other.  The pizza arrives and we all just sit there and enjoy ourselves.  I know Jack loves me and I know he would do anything for me. I’m the luckiest girl in the world.  *I hope this was okay! Send in more requests!*