austin carlile crying

what she says: i’m fine.

what she means: austin carlile just left of mice & men because of his marfan syndrome and he can’t scream anymore and I think I’m gonna cry while listening to restoring force and cold world.


Alright, so I never ever post anything about my personal life here on tumblr, but I am sharing this with basically everyone just because I am so freaking happy. Last night I met my hero, Austin Carlile! Its kind of a long story so get ready to read.
K so, after the concert I went around back to where the tour buses were in hopes to meet Austin and the rest of of mice & men. I stood there for about an hour and in that hour Austin, Alan, and Aaron walked by a few times. After that hour I noticed a bunch of fans running towards the back of the buses, so I ran back there too and it turned out that Austin was back there meeting some fans. When I got there Austin had told everyone that he had to go so he went back on the bus. I was pretty upset, but I wasn’t going to give up and leave. I had a letter that I planned on giving to him for the past 10 months. Everyone had left the area I was at so I was the only one there (besides my dad and brother). A couple of guys who worked with of mice & men walked out of the bus so I asked one of them if he could give Austin my letter (I was in tears by the way), so he kindly took my letter and went back to the bus to give it to Austin. The guy came back out and told me that Austin was reading my letter and said he’d probably come back out for me! A few minutes later Austin came back out and I, of course, was crying. He hugged me and told me he was so proud of me and he was just so sweet and caring! (: we talked for a little bit and he signed my ticket and took a picture with me. It was so awesome finally meeting the person I look up to! He hugged me goodbye and as I was walking away I cried so hard, I got to an area where a bunch of fans were and they all looked at me and questioned what was wrong me with haha. On the way home I cried pretty hard just because I was so happy! This literally was a dream come true for me! (: