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R.A.D. IPA by Draught House/Real Ale

The Draught House is a unique place in Austin’s beer scene. It’s housed in a half-timber building and even looks like a European pub on the inside. They have dozens of beers on tap and fairly recently re-started their own brewing system. They’ve been around since the ‘70s but have only occasionally made their own beer. This one is a collaboration with Blanco, TX-based Real Ale (Texas’ largest craft brewery). R.A.D. is a really good IPA. It hits all the notes for me. There’s mostly a juicy citrus hop flavor with just a sliver of dank with a mid-level hop bitterness.   


So what do Jensen and Jared do when they have a night off from shooting or going to conventions? Just wander around Austin together- drinking, eating, giving people money, stealing a fan’s beer. Nbd. (X,X,X,X,X)

Power & Light (Independence)

Brewery : Independence
Beer : Power & Light
Style : American Pale Ale / Pale Ale / APA
Variance : None

8 / 10

Without power, there is no light. Without light, there are no breweries. Without breweries, there is no beer. Without beer, there is no happiness. Without happiness, well, the world would just fucking suck. I can’t imagine a world where everyone walked around all morose which is one of the many reasons I have no desire to visit Seattle even though it is kind of the birthplace of Emo music which when I think about it makes it that much more depressing. Austin really doesn’t have the whole depression problem because the weather is usually pretty nice, they have tons of great breweries, and the death penalty is alive and well. I feel like nothing makes a Texan more happy than a can of Independence beer in their hand or an inmate either frying in a chair or getting poison pumped through their veins but what do I know, I’m just a Jersey boy. Not like the musical but more like the asshole that you all expect when you hear the words New Jersey and the reason you never want to vacation here. Yeah. That’s me. Anyways, this is a super refreshing APA and I am in love with the can art and I have no problem at all spending my morning sipping this sucker down. It has a nice light sweetness to start with a little bit of malt before some floral hops mix in without taking over the flavor bringing with them a decent bitterness before a mild oniony hop flavor joins in at the end with some more malty sweetness tying the whole brew together. This beer is perfect for both new and old beer drinkers due to it’s flavorful but more subdued taste and I can see this being a great beer to crush a case of during a party or a get together so go pick up some today!

Written by: Steve B.

Liberty Lunch by Independence Brewing Co.

Liberty Lunch has become a legend in Austin. It is a now-defunct music club that was known for having inexpensive shows and for pushing local talent. It’s considered one of the first casualties of “New Austin.” We’ve had pretty much non-stop growth since the mid-’90 but that hasn’t always been so good for our culture. Anyway, this IPA is super dank and musty. I’m guessing there’s a lot of Mosaic hops in this. There’s a hint of citrus hop flavor too but not enough to balance things out. There’s good hop bitterness though. I’m not a huge fan of this IPA from Independence. 


You just got to have a little fun. Have some funny moments, make jokes, laugh, have fun in the moment, live in the moment and just…LIVE.

Swim in some beer, slam down 2 beers, make faces, laugh while in pain, have fun, dance, play along, jump around, crack jokes, be abnormal.


Stash IPA (Independence)

Brewery : Independence
Beer : Stash IPA
Style : IPA
Variance : None

8.5 / 10

Imagine what John Goodman’s asshole smells like after running a mile in Arizona… this beer is danker than that. I know what you’re thinking, “Steve, there’s no way anything could be danker than that sweaty fuck!” but I assure you this beer is as dank as they come. I’m glad Independence dipped into their “stash” and hooked me up with this delicious brew because it’s perfect for a pretty shitty day like today to lift my spirits. Apparently Austin has become more than just the last name of one of the best wrestlers to ever live because these beers have proved how powerful they are in the craft scene right now. I can actually see myself fitting in pretty good down there. Good music, good beer, good food, and those cowboys hats… oh fuck never mind. I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those fucking lame hats. Oh well, guess I’ll keep looking for my forever home. This has a super dank and pungent pine flavor to start with plenty of bitterness before some delicious resin flavors mix in with a mild sweetness before even more of those dirty pine flavors mix in with another wave of bitterness to close. These guys slayed it with this beer and if you are an IPA aficionado like myself, you should probably pick up a bottle of this as of yesterday to enjoy. For the n00bz out there, this is going to be a bit much for your first rendezvous but keep it up and try it later on. Word.

Written by: Steve B.

Boxing T-Rex by Uncle Billy’s Brew & Que

The name makes me think of those people who do funny things while wearing unwieldy inflatable dinosaur suits. I’ve had grapefruit IPAs before and I’m usually left disappointed. You’d think it’d compliment the hops well but usually ends up being jarring for some reason. This beer from Austin brewpub Uncle Billy’s tastes just like they dumped grapefruit juice into the beer after it was already brewed (like a shandy). There is a hint of hoppiness but I would have liked more flavor. 


Jack Gilinsky with his blonde hair be looking like Proto Zoa on Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.
Gilinsky confirms Dating Madison

😂😂 TBH I don’t think we needed this video!! The people that are acting surprise calm down babe.. We all knew it was true! 😂 and I really hate the fact that he said he “trying to keep it private” 😂 BOY! You be going to malls holding hand, premiers, making snapchats stories with each other and never had the gut of saying this is my girlfriend… SMH! I mean like if he’s happy whatever but… REALLY?! We ain’t dumb 😇😂 Anyways have fun watching the video and leave some comments on how you feel about it…