austin and ally writers

why austin and ally is the best disney show of 2011-now

-the writers say this is their favorite cast/show and they produced sonny with a chance and JONAS
-the cast are super close and tight-knitted a family (laura went to r5′s shows to watch ross, raini/calum/ross went to lauras movie premiere, etc.)
-they watch season finales together when it premieres at someones house 
-people loved it so much they made a campaign and the writers were begged to make a season 4 (at that time, only shows with 4 seasons were That’s So Raven, Kim Possible, Hannah Montana, Phineas and Ferb, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Good Luck Charlie) 
-it’s the first disney show that got to have a panel and interview at paley center with a live audience where fans can interact and ask questions
-it’s the first disney channel series with a four member cast, main characters who are not family members and a male co-lead that doesn’t leave 
-most pda ever shown on tv (50+ hugs, 2 kisses on the cheek, 9 kisses??? and ½ are LONG)
-the parallels within the seasons (awkward hugs, sitting at piano scenes, dances)
-their sly wearing of the show’s colors (yellow and red)
-the fUCKING CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT (ally literally goes from awkward pretzel dancing, hair-chewing, stuttering to confident popstar with a bit of sass)
-the fUCKING SHOW DEVELOPMENT (theme song sang by ross becomes theme song sang by ross & laura)
-“It’s just that everything is better with you. My singing is better. My dancing is better. My everything is better.“
-he gave her a necklace that is legit meaningful “It’s me and you. Austin MOON and Ally DawSUN.”
-they remind each other how awesome they are and how lucky they are to have each other and how they will aLWAYS NEED EACH OTHER AND HOW THEY CAN’T DO IT WITHOUT THE OTHER
-they tell each other they love each other, still & never stopped loving
-the writers made the fake wedding scene to please all the fans’ dreams 
-the songs actually aren’t tacky (some actually written by ross and laura)
-ross and laura acknowledge the shipping of them in and outside the show too and support it (ross to laura: “raura as in us, like not austin and ally.” ross: “i’d feel that way if i watch the show too—and i watch the show.”) 


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