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“The ABP is an indoor bouldering gym at 979 Springdale in Austin TX. The space includes roughly 45,000 sf of climbing, fitness and community gathering space. The project was design by Dylan Johnson of djaarrchitects.com and the ABP team. Interiors by Lilian Steckel Interior Design LILIANNESTECKEL.COM. Climbing Walls engineered by Zane Kanyer, Swenson Say Faget. The project was developed and built by the building owner.”

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City reaches settlement with mother and widow of man killed by Austin detective

Two and a half years after Larry Jackson Jr. was shot and killed by former Austin Police Detective Charles Kleinert, the City Council voted to give his mother and widow compensation for their loss, settling a wrongful death lawsuit for a total of $600,000.

“If there was no compensation, there’d be no accountability whatsoever,” said Adam Loewy, attorney for the mother and widow. “Is it the perfect result? Of course not. The perfect result is Larry’s still alive.”

On July 26, 2013 police were investigating a robbery at Benchmark Bank in Central Austin. They say Jackson came to the bank and allegedly tried to cash a forged check. Klienert approached Jackson and he ran. The two ended up under the Shoal Creek Bridge where Kleinert says they got into a struggle. Jackson was shot in the back of the neck.

“You had an officer who was indicted but due to a technicality from the 1800’s he was able to get off Scott-free. So I think the civil settlement sends a message to the community that this was an unjustified shooting and it was wrong,” Loewy said.

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$600,000 will not be enough for such big family but nevertheless I’m glad that finally Jackson’s widow will receive compensation. Charles Kleinert looking at the amount that the city will pay should think again of what he did. Each cop should think not only about themselves but must care for the whole community. Each time they shoot at unarmed person they damage some family, they damage justice, they damage the wealth of the city. Police should be trained not to shoot at people and to handle situations adequately.