Every camren fanfic ever (Part 1)
  • Camila:29382976824 problems, adorable af, 'deep chocolate brown eyes', BOTTOM
  • Lauren:super devoted to camz, patient af(only with cam), comes off as heartless at first, actually a sweetheart, badass, planet green eyes, TOP
  • Austin:douchebag, scum, dirt, fboy, eww yucks whaddat
  • Dinah:Captain of the ship, HILARIOUS
  • Ally:sensible, happy with troye
  • Normani:pillar of support, exceptional dancer

You look so awesome!
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I loved cosplaying as the winter soldier. I had a lot of fun today and I even met Sebastian Stan ☺️

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Shasparay Lighteard - “Black Girl Magic”

Performing at the 2016 Women of the World Poetry Slam. Shasparay placed 5th overall in the tournament.

“Just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we’re not real,” perfect for this fine art. #Love it!




Apollo: Nico, why are you not sitting at your own table?

Nico: It’s alright, I have a doctor’s note.

Apollo: Nico, you are not even injured, why are you in the infirmary?

Nico: I have a doctor’s note.

Apollo: Are you even scheduled for archery lessons right now?

Nico: It’s okay, I have a doctor’s note.

Apollo: Nico, this is not your cabin—and why are you in Will’s bed?

Nico: I have a doctor’s note.

Apollo: Do you even have an actual doc—

Nico: *shadow travels away with Will*

Apollo: Does he always just do that?

Kayla and Austin: *in unison* He has a doctor’s note.