The majority of the fics I listed in the last Uni AU fic rec I made was under the cut and can’t be opened anymore, so I decided to make a new, somewhat updated, one. Also, half of these are Uni AUs only if you squint but… Anyway, here we go, in no particular order: 

break open the sky by karamelised

All the Right Moves by cherrystreet

bright lights (she’s fading) by onlyhuman

I Love You Most by stylinsoncity 

Faking It by TheCellarDoor 

It all comes out in the wash by Conscious_ramblings 

Just a Fine and Fancy Ramble by throughthedark 

i got my eyes on you (you’re everything that i see) by balanceds

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Solas & Lavellan - Masterpost

(This post does contain links to fanfics about Siryn Lavellan and Solas.)

Solas & Siryn Canon Fanfics

(Fanfics are listed in chronological order.)

Vir Sulevanin [Part I] [Part II] - Set pre-game. How Siryn came to venture to the conclave as spy for her clan. 

A Troubled Night - (Solas x Lavellan, pre-relationship) Solas and Siryn sharing a tent. Siryn has nightmares, but Solas offers assistence.

Healing Touch - (Solas x Lavellan, pre-relationship) Siryn gets injured on their way to Redcliffe Castle and Solas tends to her wound.

A Future Dark and Red - (Solas x Lavellan, pre-relationship) In the dark and twisted future, Solas struggles with his guilt and his feelings for Siryn as she suddenly returns to him. Basically “In Hushed Whispers” from Solas point-of-view, mostly. 

Wrecked - (Solas x Lavellan, pre-relationship) Siryn is emotionally distraught after what she had witnessed in the red future. One night, she seeks Solas out to confess her fears to him … 

Hopeless - (Solas x Lavellan, pre-relationship) Siryn is painfully aware of Solas after she finally realized what she’s feeling for him.

Snow - (Solas x Lavellan, pre-relationship) After the avalanche, Siryn Lavellan is gone missing. Solas, knowing that he had brought this upon her, is worriyng over her survival. 

Everything - (Solas x Lavellan) Their kiss in the Fade wakes Solas in more than one way. Basically the Fade Kiss and aftermath from Solas point of view. Mild NSFW because Solas is a man with very real body reactions … 

Pillow Talks - (Solas x Lavellan) Solas and Siryn wake side-by-side in the morning. Ficlet.

Drunk - (Solas x Lavellan) Late in the night, Siryn visits Solas in his study … completely drunk.

Ar Lath Ma - (Solas x Lavellan) Solas shows his fondness. Siryn confesses her love. Ficlet.

A Way to Sooth Your Worries - (Solas x Lavellan) After their meeting with Hawke’s Warden ally, Solas is worried about what the false Calling could mean. Siryn knows ways to sooth him. Prompt fic. Ficlet.

Warmth - (Solas x Lavellan) They sleep and wake beside each other, and cuddles are a definite part of both. Prompt fic. Ficlet. 

Ulterior Motives - (Solas x Lavellan) Solas and Siryn decide to cool down from the heat of the Hidden Oasis by taking a bath … Warning: Shameless smut. NSFW. 

Sickness - (Solas x Lavellan) Siryn is sick. Solas takes care of her. Ficlet.

A Welcome Distraction - (Solas x Lavellan) Solas and Siryn steal a quiet nocturnal moment with each other at the battlements. Prompt fic.

The Nightmare Speaks - (Solas x Lavellan) The Nightmare taunts Siryn Lavellan in the Fade. Ficlet.

Headstones - (Solas x Lavellan) Siryn finds the mock graveyard in the Fade - and both Solas’s and her headstones. Ficlet.

Not Alone - (Solas x Lavellan) Siryn Lavellan comforts Solas after she has learned of his fear of dying alone. Ficlet.

Burdens of Command - (Solas x Lavellan) After Siryn has made Livius Erimond of Vyrantium tranquil, Solas and her have an argument.

On The Road - (Solas x Lavellan) On their way home from Redcliffe, Siryn Lavellan, Solas and Dorian Pavus make a stop in a tavern. Prompt fic. Ficlet.

Something Not So Sweet - (Solas x Lavellan) Siryn never liked the frilly cakes that Solas loves so much. Until now … Prompt fic. Ficlet.

The Game - (Solas x Lavellan) Siryn wants to see if Solas is truly as good in card games as she has been told. Prompt fic.

Research - (mentioned Solas x Lavellan) Varric plans to write a new book series, and he nows exactly whom to ask for his research. Prompt fic. Ficlet.

Child’s Play - (Solas x Lavellan) A game of “hide-and-seek” between two children of Skyhold turns into Siryn talking with Solas about her family. Prompt fic.

Familiarity - (Solas x Lavellan) At seing Siryn spending time with a child, Solas decides that it is time to talk with Siryn about family, future and past. 

Dancing Lessons - (Solas x Lavellan) Much to her dismay, Siryn has to take dancing lessons before the Ball at Halamshiral. It only becomes more pleasant when Solas offers to help her learn the steps.

The Masked Palace [Part I] [Part II] [Part III] (Solas x Lavellan) Siryn Lavellan and her attendants visit the Ball at the Winter Palace. Dangers and secrets boil under the surface, and the night is still young. In the end, it will be up to the Inquisition who emerges victorious out of the Game. Covers the events of “Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts”. 

Artistic Freedom - (Solas x Lavellan) Solas and Siryn come across a rather explicit painting at the Winter Palace. NSFW for the picture’s content.

Checkmate - (Solas x Lavellan) Siryn Lavellan challenges Solas to a game of chess. 

Numb - (Solas x Lavellan) Siryn Lavellan is struggling after she has learned of her entire clan’s death. Solas tries to comfort her. 

Vir Nan - (Solas x Lavellan) When an old aquientace appears in Skyhold, Siryn Lavellan swears revenge on the Duke of Wyome, murderer of her clan. Links to a masterpost. Multi-chapter. 

Injury - (Solas x Lavellan) Solas gets injured in a fight. Ask fill ficlet. 

Real - (Solas x Lavellan) The cold winters in Skyhold are an opportunity to be close that neither Solas nor Siryn would miss. Prompt fic.

A Promise - (Solas x Lavellan) Flash fic. Solas has his own promises to give.

Always - (Solas x Lavellan) During their journey to Crestwood, Siryn Lavellan gives Solas a promise. Prompt fic. Ficlet.

Endure - (Solas x Lavellan, post break-up) Solas breaks down after Corypheus’ defeat, mourning the loss of his love. Ficlet.

Trespasser Timeline

Remnants - (set post-game) Siryn Lavellan and her niece and apprentice Eralan explore a ruin of The People. Ficlet.

Var Lath Vir Suledin - (Solas x Lavellan, Trespasser) Siryn looses Solas again, but not without a passing gift. Ficlet.

A Small Comfort - (Solas x Lavellan, post-Trespasser) When Siryn is haunted by nightmares, Solas reshapes her dreams to give her comfort. Ficlet.

Heavy In Your Arms - (Solas x Lavellan, post-Trespasser) Waking up in each others arms has enjoyable side-benefits. Ficlet. NSFW.

Faith - (Solas x Lavellan, post-Trespasser) Solas helps Siryn braiding her hair. Ficlet. Prompt fic.

Not Fate, Not Death - (Solas x Lavellan, post-Trespasser) Solas promises Siryn to never again leave her … Ficlet. Prompt fic.

Alternate Timeline

fics follow

Solas & Siryn Non Canon AUs

It never happened that way

And The Whole World Changed - (Solas x Lavellan - post game) Siryn Lavellan changes Fen’Harel’s world again … Warning: Mentioned Character Death.

A Hundred Years - (Solas x Lavellan - post game) Solas returns to Skyhold after a hundred years and finds Cole on Siryn’s grave. Ficlet.

After all this Time - (Solas x Lavellan) After 30 years, Fen’Harel returns to Skyhold to finally tell Siryn Lavellan the truth and to prepare her for the change which is about to happen. Slightly Last Unicorn inspired. There are a few lines of dialogue which delibaretly mirror the exchange between Molly and the Unicorn.

Vir Sulahn’nehn - (Solas x Lavellan) One night, Solas takes Siryn to the Ancient Elven Baths in the Plains. Things quickly become steamy. Warning: Shameless smut. NSFW.

Dread Wolf’s Shadow - (Solas x Lavellan - post game) Siryn has found out about Solas true identiy. She seeks out one of Fen’Harel’s statues to speak to him, unknowing that Solas is watching … Prompt fic.

In Dreams - (Solas x Lavellan - post game) AU continuation of “Remnants”. Siryn enters the ancient elven ruin, and meets someone she didn’t expect.

Thedas Modern AU 

What Lies Dormant - (Solas x Lavellan) Links to a Masterpost.  Siryn Lavellan is hunting for the truth. Solas is hunting for something that he’d lost long before. When their paths cross, neither of them knows that their goal is closer than they ever had anticipated.

Puzzle - (Solas x Lavellan, building relationship) Solas finds Siryn Lavellan at work. Prompt fic. Ficlet. 

More fanfics will be added as I write more and more fanfics. 

i know we all put the boys in high scool aus. but please. think about canon. wheres my shitty british secondary school aus

things to consider:

- whos the banter. u know the one. the one who makes all the shitty banter tweets ‘jacks voice cracked on the c sharp lmao #banter’ ‘the jesus kid needs jesus #banter’ ‘murdering small children #justsavagethings #thuglyf #banter’ theres always one 

- ngl its probably maurice. or ralph

- assembly. both ralph and jack are sports captain/head boy respectively and sit on raised chairs at the side bUT THERES NEVER ENOUGH AN D THEYRE ALWAYS LATE and its ended many a time where ralph gracefully shoves jack off so he can sit down while the entire school stares

- simon is that one kid who works the overhead projector. always getting the wrong sheet out. his fingers cover the words and he moVES IT TOO FAST AND SHEETS FALL OFF AND HES SO FLUSTERED HES ALMOST CRYING

- the uniforms. god . theyre so awful but ralph manages to glide into school everyday looking like a fuckin prince and jack is. so angry. someone destroy this boy and his upturned collar

- ralph is rugby captain. he comes home with a sprain/broken bone every other week and theres a rumour that several of his teeth are replacements. riVAL RUGB  Y  TEAMS AAHH HH HH H

- instead of a pigs head, its a single turkey twizzler sellotaped to a stick

- who is the one to draw a dick on the board in permanent marker the disguise it as a tree

-  what a levels do they take. holy fuck

- simons that one kid who writes ‘youre beautiful’ in the loos in marker and he comes back to find ‘i kno lol’ thanks jack

- the shit that goes down in the common room. not the nice hogwarts common room. the fuckin awful prefab box with like 3 chairs with stuffing falling out and dodgy heating. this is jacks territory. his choir rules it with a rod of iron

- ralph says hello to a bunsen burner


Things I want in my comic book multiverse crossovers

  • Heroes of different universes teaming up to fight interdimensional bad guys
  • Dimension-hopping heroes adventuring in the multiverse and saving worlds
  • Dimension-hopping heroes lost in the multiverse, looking for a way home
  • Thought-provoking AUs that offer insightful commentary on the main universe or the real world
  • Silly, swashbuckling AUs with fun and adventure and wackiness
  • AUs that take problematic main-universe stories and turn them on their head (fridged off a bridge?? NOT IN SPIDER-GWEN’S WORLD!)
  • AU-counterparts that force characters to confront uncomfortable truths about themselves
  • AU-counterparts that lead characters to realisations about themselves

Things I don’t want in my comic book multiverse crossovers

  • Heroes of different universes being forced to fight one another for survival
  • Heroes of different universes being slaughtered wholesale by interdimensional bad guys
  • Heroes of different universes sacrificing their own existence so that the main universe can be saved
  • Interdimensional bad guys systematically murdering every universe’s iteration of a particular hero
  • The cute, adventure-and-friendship-filled superhero universes of readers’ childhoods being visited by violence and brutality and slaughter, purely for shock value (fuck you Spider-Verse)
  • Crapsack-world AUs that use disability and mental illness as a shorthand for tragedy (fuck you Flashpoint)
  • AUs where beloved main-universe heroes are Nazis (fuck you Grant Morrison)

the one where chaol and aedion take a self-discovery bullshit road trip and end up kissing a whole bunch - (because what use is a self-discovery bullshit road trip if you’re not going to fall in love with your ex’s cousin)