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  • Mr. Nobley: Where are you going?
  • Jane: Yah! Whoa! Sorry. I didn't know I became a ninja when startled in a strange place. My father, if he were alive would die of shame.
  • Mr. Nobley: And here was I thinking that any father would be delighted to have a ninja as a daughter.
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I have no excuse for this long prompt-drabble hybrid

(Inspired by the movie, Austenland)

Modern-ish!AU: Bard Bowman, a 30-year-old mechanic, lives and breathes Tolkien. At the age of ten, he knew the Silmarillion by heart, and by twelve had memorized all the maps of Middle-Earth he could find. Alone in the world, Tolkien’s books are his only escape. 

One day, Bard sees an ad for the newly built “Middle-Earth Adventure” theme park, a massive complex where people can forgo modern comforts and experience what it would be like to be a character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s books. Immediately Bard scrounges up all of his life’s savings which unfortunately, only gets him the regular package which includes: a human character, “living quarters in a premier human town”, two options for a big adventure (a. slay a dragon, b. fight in a war), and a romance with one of the town’s “unbelievably hot” actors. 

Now imagine Bard’s disappointment when he realizes that there’s nothing premier about a town that smells like fish day in and day out, and his dingy room is cold and dark, and that his “character” is nothing but a lowly bargeman. And that romance? Oh god, he could only shudder every time that Alfrid makes a pass at him, or tries to chat him up. “Seriously, what the hell?” 

Still, Bard looks at the bright side. He’s in Middle-Earth, the land of his dreams. While he regrets not upgrading to the dwarf package where they at least get to see more action, he’s determined to not let his own experience go to waste. 

Taking his barge, Bard rows out to the great forest at the edge of the lake. There, under one of the trees, he finds the most beautiful elf (or person, for that matter) he has ever seen, eyes closed and humming to a song on his iPod. When the elf opens his eyes and sees Bard staring, he winks and says, “Don’t tell anyone, okay?” referring to his gadget. Bard only manages a nod as the elf walks away.

Bard is in a happier mood the next day when he hears a knock on the door. “Go away, Alfrid!”, he yells but the knocking continues. He gets the shock of his life when he finds the same elf from the day before, standing there decked out in finery and being flanked by at least ten guards. “It’s a beautiful day, would you like to take a walk with me?” 

And that was how Bard the Bargeman found himself being showered with attention from no less than the Elf King himself, Thranduil. They spend most of their days in each other’s company, Bard forgetting about planned itineraries and his chosen adventure altogether.

But no matter how fast Bard falls for Thranduil, he couldn’t let himself forget that the latter is just an actor playing his part. He knows that when his time in Middle-Earth is over, and he gets the “happy ending” that he paid for, the two of them would part ways as strangers. 

Thranduil, on the other hand, says that he genuinely cares for Bard, that or he’s a really, really good actor. So good that his lingering gaze makes Bard feel naked. That the sound of his voice makes Bard tremble. And his touch like wildfire on Bard’s skin. But really, what part of it is an act and what part of it is not?

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