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A Whole New World - Photos of Nick Pitera

This guy is full of talent. He has a vocal range that’s gained him a large following on YouTube, but he’s also a talented animator. If you haven’t seen that part of his presence on his channel I recommend it. Our amazingly fun shoot spanned over the course of two days. Working with him on these shots was great because he’s a visual artist as well so we quickly built a great working rapport that allowed us to both see the end goal of the shot before it was taken.

Nick’s talent aside he’s a really fantastic guy, very kind and upbeat. He’s just a joy to be around as well as photograph. I think on day one we both started out behind on sleep, but that honestly made it even more fun. The jury’s still out on whether or not the giant squirrel I kept seeing behind Nick in various locations was real. At least one time there was a possibility it was a car.

The last shot came from us stumbling on a house that looked a little bit haunted, so Nick gave me his best scared reaction, and it was great! So here’s a few shots from that shoot and how you can find him on the internet:

Nick Pitera on YouTube

Nick Pitera on Twitter

Nick Pitera on Instagram


Phyllis Navidad!

Phyllis Herman wants y'all to have to have a Merry Christmas!  Here’s some photos from her meet up on Tom Sawyer Island at Disneyland over the weekend!  Want more Phyllis?  Check out her friend Jenny Rae’s YouTube Channel :)


Part of Your World - Photos of Traci Hines, Leo Camacho, & Jenny Rae Too!

Man I had a blast on this shoot!  Wandering Disneyland with a camera and these three is so much fun!  Sometimes it can be awkward trying to direct a shoot in a place like the park.  There are so many people around you staring at you clearly confused but Traci and Leo are so relaxed and great in front of the camera that it doesn’t matter.  Jenny was a lot of fun as well and probably doesn’t realize I took that shot, but I think she looks adorable on her otter!

After we entered the park we encountered a lovely little girl who’s likely Traci and Leo’s littlest fan.  She was adorable and so happy to meet them!

If you’re unfamiliar with Traci’s channel on YouTube you need to find yourself familiar with it - Leo’s all over it as well.  Because after all, what’s life as a hipster mermaid without a Prince Eric in tow?  You’ll find links to all kinds of places for these three below so get to following/subscribing!

YouTube Channels:

Traci on YouTube!

Leo on YouTube!

Jenny Rae on YouTube!


Traci on Instagram!

Leo on Instagram!

Jenny Rae on Instagram!


Traci on Twitter!

Leo on Twitter!

Jenny Rae on Twitter!


Johnny Gallagher at Rockwood Music Hall - Stage 2

I had the pleasure of seeing a super talented musician last night play the Rockwood Music Hall in New York.  He puts on a great show and he’s backed by some other really talented musicians.  If you want to know where you can catch him as well, you can find him on Twitter which I’ve linked below.


Disney’s Find Your Voice: Photos of Nick Pitera Live at D23

I’ve been meaning to post these for a while, but since The Little Mermaid is out on Diamond Edition now I figured it was time to post them.  If you guys dig Disney and haven’t discovered Nick’s YouTube Channel yet, get on that.  He’s both a big talent and a really nice guy!  Find him here:

Nick Pitera on YouTube


The All-American Rejects at The Grove of Anaheim

Thursday November 1 I shot my lovely friends The All-American Rejects in Anaheim.  It was, as always, the right kind of photographic fun.  The kind that reminds me how much I love using my camera in the right musical setting.  Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed shooting them.  This is the first of a couple photo sets from this show coming your way.  There will be some kind of video component at some point as well.  Mutual artistry among friends is what makes my world go round.


Bill Murray Can Crash Here

Don’t ask about the title to this blog.  It’ll be explained in a video that’ll come this way in the next few days.  In the interim, here’s the briefest of glimpses at Wednesday’s Orange County Fair show.  The guys put on a hell of show that night, as is to be expected of people possessing their collected level of talent.  It was all the fun it always is to document them.  I can’t say it enough, nothing better than documenting my friends doing what they love.

The Haunted House of My Dreams

I don’t know that this house is haunted.  I just know it’s been my favorite house I’ve ever seen since I was a kid.  On this trip back to Atlanta I decided to photograph it.  To me it looks like a mixture of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland and Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris.

Throwback Thursday: New Kids on the Block, October 2008.  Since they unwrapped #ThePackage I figured this was appropriate.  This was a joy to photograph that made the little kid version of me dancing at the Magic Summer Tour shows in 1992 very happy.


Photos of Chris Thompson, also Eddie

Photographing Chris is so much fun.  He’s a sweet guy who’s funny and loves dogs.  We had a blast during our shoot.  He’s an overall great guy, and takes a lovely photo.  Also, he introduced me to Eddie, who is the most camera ready dog I’ve ever met.  If you’re ever locked out of a building he can get you in using keys, eventually. 

If you like things like talented vocals, awesome a cappella stuff, and laughter you need to find the subscribe button on both of his channels and follow him on Twitter and Instagram:

All-American Rejects: Tyson Ritter at the Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA

Another Lensblr submission post, today will be a lot of that.  I continue to believe that you can learn everything you need to know about someone by looking at their shoes.  I’ve been photographing this band for more than six years now.  I believe this shot accurately embodies the current incarnation of Ty’s stage presence in the calmer moments of a show.


Outtakes from my shoot with Kylie Sparks. 

For now you get simply Kylie in all of her splendor (and chaos).  You can Esther later on down the line when this project is finished.  But we wanted to have some stuff that could be released before that.  So here you go, All Conference Squirrel and all.

Want more Kylie?  Check her out at the following links - including her assorted YouTube based web series:


The All-American Rejects at the Grove Photos: Part 2

Another photo set of wonderfully talented friends.  It just doesn’t get old.  It was a really great day and night of great people I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by.  The caliber of each of these human beings is well above average.  I’m talking about everyone in the photos, not just the four guys you see on a poster.  Dexter’s a people too, so that statement applies to him as well.  :)

Waiting for The Late Show - Porcelain Black in a hidden nook at the Ed Sullivan Theater before her network television debut on the The Late Show With David Letterman in New York, NY on July 21, 2011


A Very Merry Unbirthday To You - Photos from Disney California Adventure’s Mad T Party!

Ever since the Mad T Party opened anytime I’ve attended or passed through I’ve thought how awesome it’d be to photograph.  Alas, it’s never on a day where I’m photographing the park.  It just seemed to obvious, fifteen years of photographing musicians - most of that being years that I’ve made my living.  Half my life has seen me one side of a camera and a band on the other.  So much of my downtime is spent at Disneyland - this was bound to happen.

A few weeks ago when I was at the park photographing Traci Hines and Leo Camacho (click here to see those photos) after we wrapped Traci, Jenny Rae, and I headed over to the Mad T Party.  SO I busted out my camera and this is what came of that.  PLUS IT SNOWED!


I remember the very first time I saw a song I was listening to take shape in my mind as an image. I was 10 years old - 21 years ago. I was in the fourth grade. The song was Basket Case by Green Day. I had never seen anything in my mind’s eye more clearly. I didn’t know half of what Billie Joe Armstrong was talking about, but I knew I felt connected to that song. At 10 years old I already knew I didn’t fit in, and I knew this person singing understood me.

Green Day is the reason I ended up photographing music, period. The first time away from a live performance that music painted images in my brain was Dookie. I begged my mom to get me that tape. The name alone gave her pause, but I won out. How? I pointed out that a few months earlier she took me to see the Grateful Dead with our whole family. She and my stepfather bought us all tickets because my sisters were DeadHeads and we each got to take a friend. They told me they wanted me to explore the world and experience music. Green Day was my defining moment as a fan of music, they were the first band I could call mine. So she took me to Turtle’s Records and I picked up my first Green Day album, on cassette. 

On April 18, 2015 my favorite band will be immortalized in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. When I type their name into my iTunes library 300+ songs return, we’ve come a long way from that tape at Turtle’s on Monroe Drive in Atlanta, GA in 1994. These guys and their music have helped shape me. When it felt like no one understood me as a teenager Billie’s voice cried out from my boombox, disc-man, and computer over the years that he knew what I felt. When I came of age and stood in disbelief watching an election run back the clock on progress and then some my outrage was expressed in album that did it with me. When I started to see hope on the horizon but knew just how far we had to go, another album did too. When my 20s were drawing to a close and I realized I didn’t know anything after thinking I had it all figured out - but was at peace with it, three albums hit home about an entire decade of my life.

I’ve seen them play coast to coast. I’ve watched their music take mind blowing shape on Broadway, and I’ve photographed them. No shoot matters more to me than the two shows on the 2005 Idiot Tour I photographed. I started photographing music to try and convey what it made me feel by capturing it live. To have that come full circle and photograph the band who created the visual connection I have to music was the best experience I have ever had with my camera in hand.

The photos in this post are from one of those shows. Some of them I’ve put out into the world before, and some I have not. The shot of Billie Joe alone on the thrust looking out at over 30,000 people in the dark is my favorite photograph I’ve ever shot. This was among the best nights of my life, in honor of their looming induction I’m sharing it.

Congratulations to the band I’ve found inspiration, solace, expression, and art through for more than two thirds of my life.

(Quick note - if you reblog this and/or share these photos please do not alter the watermark in any way, and do your best to keep the original text with it.)