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I am a huge nerd and sci-fi nut with a passion for music.I love nature, animals, aliens, conspiracy theories, glitter, glam rock, zombies and folk lore. 

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obscure aus to consider!!!
  • “I’ve hurt myself and tried to call a friend but dialed a wrong number can you help me out anyway” AU
  • “We’ve both been sent to a reformative summer camp but it turns out it’s actually a front for organised vampirism on gay teens that their parents want to subdue” AU
  • “You’re going out with my sibling/friend/relative but i’m convinced you’re gay (and shit you’re hot), what better way to prove it than seduce you in front of them” AU
  • Lord of the Flies AU
  • Bugsy Malone AU
  • Some Like It Hot AU
  • “You’re a species a lot like a vampire and I’m a species a lot like a werewolf but we always get mistaken for the better known species and I know we’re supposed to be arch enemies but we bond over others’ ignorance” AU
  • Star Trek: Voyager (lost in space) AU
  • “I’m a pirate(/space pirate) who invaded your town(/spaceship/planet) and cold-cocked you because you were in my way but you’re weirdly attractive when you’re unconscious so I brought you back to my ship” AU
  • “I was trying to roofie someone else but the waiter mixed up the drinks so I accidentally roofied you” AU
  • “We’re dating and you organised a threesome but the third person you found is actually my sibling” AU
  • “You’re lactose intolerant and you’re allergic to gluten but we got the wrong orders so now we’re sharing an ambulance” AU
  • “We both fainted at the concert” AU
  • Splash AU
  • KickThePJ’s Forever Train AU
  • Literally any of the stories from Love Actually AU
  • “We’ve both been captured by a ‘superior race’ and are now being sold as a joint lot in a sex slave auction” AU
  • “I’m a government spy and you stumbled in on me killing someone and even though you’re drunk as Hell I’m afraid you’re going to have to come with me” AU
  • “We’re two different countries’ Eurovision acts” AU
send me a paring + an au for a fic
  • Soulmates au
  • Coffee shop au
  • Roommates au
  • College au
  • High school au
  • Doctor/companion au
  • Canon divergent au (specify where it breaks off of)
  • Lab/crime/whatever partners au
  • _____ Coworkers au
  • New neighbours au
  • Superhero au
  • Hogwarts au
  • Fake relationship au
  • Star Trek au
  • _____ fairytale au
  • Immortal au
  • Doctors au
  • Bakery au
  • Star Wars au
  • Got each others bags au
  • Royalty au
  • Cops/police au
  • Teachers au
  • Disney-movie-of-your-choice au
  • Magic au
  • Supernatural au (ie. Werewolves, vampires etc.)
  • Reincarnation au
  • Role Reversal au
  • Time Travel au
  • _____ fandom au (specify fandom of choice)
  • AU of your choice
Young Avengers AU Roundup!

Want some good AUs? Here you go!

Animal Shelter AU
Animorphs AU
Arranged Marriage AU
Artist AU
Art Shop AU
Avatar AU
Bakery AU
Band AU
Coffee Shop AU (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Cowboy AU
Criminal Minds AU
Crusader AU
Divergent AU
Dragons AU
Fake Dating AU
Fandom AU
Firefly AU
Gamer AU
Grease AU
Hogwarts AU
House of M AU
In The Flesh AU
Lawyer AU
Marvel Cinematic Universe AU
Merpeople AU (1, 2)
Pacific Rim AU
Pizza Shop AU
PokemonGo AU (1, 2)
Political Animals AU
Prince & Princess AU
Raven Cycle AU
Roller Derby AU
Saw AU
Skating AU
Skrull!Teddy AU 
Soulmate AU
Star Wars AU
Summer Camp AU
Tamora Pierce AU
Teacher AU
Theatre AU (1, 2)
Twin Swap AU
Vampire AU
Werewolves AU 
Zombie AU
1602 AU
1950s AU

(Check Please! x | Raven Cycle AUs x | Spring Awakening AUs x)

More from Star vs The Forces of Evil Book of Life AU

Star gets angry with Marco so Alfonzo and Ferguson suggest to sing her something…

-If ya want my body! and you think I’m sexy!, vamos mami let me know! 

-Wow Ferguson, you totally captivated her

Please ignore the shitty use of light sources, I’m still working on it XP

Theme: grounder au

Stars In The Water, Blood On Our Hands by @grumpybell

wc: 52038 rating: M status: 16/17, WIP

summary: The Ark knows that people have survived on the ground, but they don’t know anything about them. Now, with time and oxygen running out, information on these people will be what saves their lives.

Clarke is sent down to spy on the grounders.

She’s certainly not meant to fall in love.

reviewed by: @rashaka

For the spotlight this month our readers elected “Stars In The Water, Blood On Our Hands” by grumpybell, on AO3.  With only one chapter left, it’s close to completion, and at 50K+ words it makes for a great read if you want to kill a couple hours and enjoy some pure escapist Bellarke storytime.

For the plot, it begins similar to the show, but with the change that Bellamy and Octavia are warriors for the Wolf Clan, part of the Valley people, and never lived on the Ark. Up in space, air is still running out, but instead of the delinquents, Clarke is sent down to the surface alone to spy for the Ark, with the threat that if the locals are inhospitable, the Ark may strike preemptively to ‘clear’ the area for their inevitable descent. Bellamy finds Clarke and instead of killing her, he is charmed by her, and brings her back to live with his village, putting his whole reputation in the community on the line for her. This has some well-played out ramifications later in the fic that I enjoyed. In addition to Clarke and Bellamy, we also get time with Octavia, Lincoln, and Nyko, as well as visits from other notable characters in the show.

Clarke spends time in the village, and we get a love story that’s a bit like the film Avatar, with Clarke in the place of Jake. While Clarke gets to know the people of Bellamy’s clan, she’s plagued by guilt as she makes reports to the Ark and lives the double life of a spy. The spying aspect gives what would have otherwise been a typical AU a different spin, and the author really builds up tension as Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship escalates. I admit, there was a point where I was a little afraid to keep reading because I knew all the truth would come out, and we might get 8 chapters of misunderstanding as the characters never talked to each other about their problems… but I was relieved that the opposite happened. Not to get too much into spoilers, but what does happen in the final third of the fic nicely balances the level of drama from the spy plot, and also pays due diligence to the romantic relationship at the story’s core.

The prose in this fic is entertaining and smooth throughout, very easy to read.  There’s a good deal of effort given to describing Grounder culture, various clans, and what affect the clan identity has on Bellamy and Octavia. I liked the tattoos being done in the end, and all that symbolism. There were also some nice parallels–I particularly liked how seeing Clarke in quarantine is compared to Bellamy finding her in the pod in the water, which I’d forgotten, but made for a provocative image. Other scenes nicely evoked certain moments in the show’s canon, like Bellamy approaching the downed Ark for the first time:

He approaches, finally, hands up, and gets yelled at the moment he’s spotted. Men swarm out of the gates, guns up and pointed at him. He keeps his chin up, hands raised to show he carries no weapons, not that he’s going to let them in on the knife in his boot or under his coat. He’s not going into sky people territory entirely unarmed. It doesn’t take long for them to circle around him.

“I’m unarmed,” he says loudly, hands up. He’s surrounded now, but the men around him look unsure. They aren’t the hardened warriors of his people. They’re just scared, desperate people, but that makes them trigger happy and dangerous.

“I’ve come to see Clarke,” he announces to no one in particular. He notices these words cause the men around him to exchange glances, but no one really seems to know what to do. But then a woman, the one he’s pretty sure is Clarke’s mother, is pushing her way into the circle of men.

The character’s motivations are consistent for the course of the story, and I particularly liked that no one was really evil. Although there are certainly characters who do antagonistic plot things, especially the Skaikru, the author doesn’t shortshift the intentions of those characters. This world is gentler than The 100 is in canon, but I’m not sorry for it, because there’s still plenty of drama to work through. Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship by the end feels very well handled with its approach to forgiveness and mistakes.

If you like Grounder AUs, or just canonverse AUs, this is definitely a story to put on your list!

Send me an AU starter!
  1. soulmates au
  2. childhood best friends au
  3. teacher/student au
  4. teacher/single parent au
  5. one night stand and falling pregnant au
  6. meeting at a coffee shop au
  7. fake relationship au
  8. roommates au
  9. meeting online au
  10. high school popular kid/nerd au
  11. partners in crime au
  12. writer and editor au
  13. co-stars au
  14. lab partners au
  15. meeting in the E.R/A&E au
  16. brand new neighbours au
  17. meeting at a party whilst drunk au
  18. waking up with amnesia au
  19. parents meeting when they take their kids to class au
  20. dysfunctional relationship au
  21. best friends sibling au
  22. two miserable people meeting at a wedding au
  23. meeting on a train ride au
  24. literally bumping into each other au
  25. librarian/avid reader au
  26. sitting on the same park bench au
  27. meeting at a support group au
  28. knocking on the wrong door au
  29. going away to war au
  30. tourist/knowledgeable local au
  31. prostitute/client au
  32. doctor/companion au
  33. celebrity/fan au
  34. meeting at a masquerade ball au
  35. one of them trying to get the other one off of drugs au
  36. living in a society where their love is taboo au
  37. meeting in prison au
  38. cop/person getting a speeding ticket au
  39. long distance relationship au
  40. exes meeting again after not speaking for years au
  41. ghost/living person au
  42. star-crossed lovers au
  43. falling in love with their best friend’s partner au
  44. one of them being diagnosed with a terminal illness au
  45. pretending to hate each other au
  46. nanny/single parent au
  47. meeting at a festival au
  48. meeting again at a high school reunion au
  49. boss/intern au
  50. going through a divorce au
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