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What if Medics kept a variety of birds? Doves/pigeons are popular, but then we have ones who have chickens (because eggs are useful: food, food for experiments (including teammates), experiments), turkeys, and then there's one with OSTRICHES. Though the most feared one has a swan (who wears a bulletproof vest and mauls Scouts for lols)

I mean, the Aussies lost the war against the Emus in the 1930s…

Coucou tout le monde! Je suis enfin arrivée au bout de la correction d’un nouveau long chapitre de “Sheev” (encore merci à @coffee-without-a-pause pour son aide). On en est au 7 et désolée encore pour l’attente :( J’espère cependant qu’il vous plaira et bonne lecture à tous!

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The Last Post
Australian War Memorial
The Last Post

“Last Post” is used in public ceremonials commemorating the war dead, particularly on Remembrance Day in the Commonwealth of Nations. In Australia and New Zealand it is also played on Anzac Day usually before the two-minute silence. 

In all these countries it has been incorporated into military funerals, where it is played as a final farewell, symbolising the fact that the duty of the dead soldier is over and that he can rest in peace. 

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What is the most dangerous animal in Australia???

A) Dingos
B) Kangaroos
C) Magpies
D) Jellyfish
E) Stingrays
F) Crocodiles
G) Drop Bears
H) Spiders
I) Cassowaries
J) Stonefish
K) Sharks
L) The Penis fish from ‘Round the Twist’
M) Octopus
N) Cone Shells
O) The Sun
P) Wild Camels
Q) Cane toads
R) Bogans
S) Tasmanian Devils
T) Seals
U) Tony Abbott
V) Emus
W) Koalas
X) Rabbits
Y) Ticks
Z) Just living in Australia

Welcome to Australia


the most aussie video I’ve ever made