So,I've my tumblr since about 08 and I realize I have barely followed anyone since the beginning😁

No wonder my dash is dead a majority of the time. And I want to follow some new people! I like funny,witty,punny,nerdy stuff.Extra points if you’re a smart ass or from another country(gotta love dem accents doe)! I just want to freshen up my feed! I couldn’t care less if you follow me back my tumblr is usually selfies and stupid stuff.So yeah shoot me an ask or whatever and let me look at you!!!
(In a non stalker creepy way)

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I wish someone would take one for the team and love me. :c 
So, not to seem desperate but does any cute guy wanna be my tumblr boyfriend for a while, that will put up with my moods, my lame selfies and maybe skype me sometimes? Someone under 18, but over 14. Haha, and maybe, possibly aussie? <3 idk why i’m doing this, but hit me up with a message if interested. <3!