aussie snow


The snow is back!

Finally! It took a while, but it’s finally -15 C and snow here in Sweden! I love snow, it’s yummy and fun! Though it does lump up in between my toes, which is annoying. But I won’t stop playing in the snow because of that!

It’s a new year and Mom says we’re going to be competing a lot this year. I sure hope so, competing is fun!

  • January 6th, 2017

Just Imagine: 

Our fandom had reached the limits and Elizabeth Banks saw our BeChloe ideas. She starts connecting ideas to the movie and talks to the cast (Mostly Kendrick and Snow for approval) as she thinks she talks to Skylar Astin and tries to find a connection for Jesse and Aubrey so BeChloe can fit into the movie successfully. She then thinks of the perfect plot.

She makes it so Beca and Jesse end up breaking up due to lack of a strong relationship. Jesse ends up talking to Aubrey and Beca ends up talking to Chloe. Through out the movie the four are staying connected but the plot is still aca-terrific with hit songs and awesome voices and some sort of competition. Thing is our fandom would want the twist to have Aussie and BeChloe and the ship/canon would happen for the first time ever! You see in the photo and GIF above I thought this.

After Beca and Chloe have been texting non-stop, talking about their mutual feelings for one another, the reasons they liked eachother, ect.On the end of the movie Beca goes back to her hotel room where she had been staying for the competition she was competing in with the Barden Bella’s. When she walks in and she see’s Chloe for the first time in 1-3 years. Chloe looks at her and her crystal eyes look into Beca’s, “Hey Shorty.. Welcome back care to join me?” Beca walks in and smirks, “you can aca-believe it!" 

~BeChloe + Sendrick = BestShipEvar (Just my theory and idea)