aussie rescue


This is Théo! He’s is a 5 year old rescued Aussie. He loves hikes, car rides, and his momma. You can follow him on Instagram @theo.coyote.thehappyaussie 💚

SUPER URGENT!! This cutie is my foster dog. His name is Rocco. I am a foster family for australian shepherds with South Texas Aussie Rescue (STAR). He just got placed with me on Friday. He’s super sweet and a total love bug. Even though he is 57 lbs, he tries to be a lap dog. He’s around 3-4 years old and was found in the San Antonio area. After 5 days in the city shelter with no one claiming him or wanting to adopted him, he was placed with STAR and they placed him with us. Just last night (Tuesday night) he started having seizures. The first one was at 1:30 am and he had another one every two hours until 7:30, which is when I took him to the vet with me (I work at a vet clinic). The doctor did some tests and determined that he has epilepsy. He prescribed some anti-convulsion meds which we have been giving and he hasn’t had any more seizures since starting the meds. 

My point is, THIS  CUTIE NEEDS A HOME that is willing to take care of a dog that needs constant medicating. Within the rescue, we are trying very hard to find a home, but it’s very hard to find someone who is willing to take a dog that will require buying meds every month or so to keep him from having seizures. We don’t have long to find a good home because we don’t have a lot of volunteers in the rescue, therefore, we don’t have a lot of resources to keep foster dogs for long periods of time. We always need to find homes as soon as possible. 

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reblog this! Spread this like wildfire! Even if you personally are not looking for a dog, spread it in case anyone that follows you is! 

If you ARE looking for a dog, MESSAGE ME! And/Or contact South Texas Aussie Rescue and tell them that you are looking to adopt Rocco specifically.