aussie king

In celebration of AUSTRALIA DAY ... things that confirm you're down under.

1. A “Macca’s run” is part of the vocabulary. 

2. The struggle is so real.

3. Outfit’s will never be 100% in sync with one day’s weather. 

4. NRL is love, NRL is life. (Where the ref is always wrong).

5. And State of Origin losses are not taken lightly. (Where the ref is still always wrong).

6. Australian legends. 

7. It’s completely undeniable that Chris Lilley is a comical genius. 

8. Speeding adverts are of their own nature. 

9. But methods to deter smokers are next level. (But it works). 

10. You’re not completely sure how to feel about this guy.

11. A delicacy for birthday celebrations. 

12. And finally, ‘STRAYA’. Nuff said. 

Shit APH Australia Does #46

Bring goon bags and passion pop to classy world parties