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Sometimes i think australian stereotypes are dumb but then i remember the time i was at a bus stop and kangaroos hopped across the road just as baby drop bears fell onto a moving car and as my bus got here steve irwin was revived and was the driver with a bus full of crocs and spiders

Aussie animals 101

80% of Australian plants and animals occur no-where else in the world.

Koalas are not bears. They are marsupials, their closest relative is the wombat. The correct name is Koala. NOT Koala Bear.

Not all our snakes are venomous. We also have lots of pythons and such which can still bite but have no venom.
We also have lots of Lizards and Frogs.

We have 2 species of large flightless birds. We do not have Ostriches
Emus are the better known ones, they are up to 2m tall and can weigh up to 40kg. Cassowarys are a little smaller but weigh more (up to 60kg) they live in the forest and are more dangerous than the Emu.

We do not have any native cats. What some people call our native cat is a carnivorous marsupial called the Quoll. It is not in the cat family.

We do have camels and rabbits and buffalo, but they are all introduced species and cause lots of problems. We have so many introduced species it’s rediculous.

We do have native rats and mice but we also have black rats and house mice, but there are (to me) obvious visual differences.

Kangaroos are in the family of Macropodidae (meaning big foot) (we call it macropods or macs for short).
There are 3 species of Roo, the Red Kangaroo, Eastern Grey Kangaroo and Western Grey Kangaroo.
In the Macropod family there are:
Kangaroos (3 species)
Tree Kangaroos (2 species)
Wallabies (30 species, 5 of which are extinct)
Wallaroos (3 species)
Pademelons (3 species)

We are the land of the parrots. We have 56 species of parrot, 51 of which found only here!
Our Parrots include species that are kept as pets all over the world, you may not know they are wild in Australia! For example;
Sulfur-Crested Cockatoos (the yellow and white ones)
Galahs (the pink and grey ones)
Lorikeets (the rainbow ones)
Buderigars and Cockatiels (popular pets here too)

There are approx 1,000 species at risk of extinction (this includes the Koala!)

The male Platypus is venomous, they have spurs on their hind legs. The venom is strong enough to kill a dog and cause a human lots of pain

I’ll add more to this as I think of stuff, feel free to ask any questions! If I don’t know the answer off the top of my head I have A LOT of books to reference


(aka the AU we didn’t know we need)

Nin: The thought suddenly occurred to me that Modern!Camus is possibly Australian. … Methinks Steve Irwin!Camus ought to be a thing.

Ree: Steve Irwin!Camus omfg…… I can’t believe I hadn’t made a comparison like that before hahaha

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Things I learned in an American supermarket
  • Everything. Is. So. Huge.
  • Do your supermarkets assume all shopping is done for a family of six? Why is everything so huge??
  • There are basically no chip flavours. There are a couple (sea salt, cool ranch, a couple more) and then just ten different kinds of chilli/spicy/hot flavour, most claiming to be spicier than the others. Spicy chips are a weird fringe novelty in Australia but here they seem like the main thing.
  • There may be no chip flavours but there is a hell of a lot of jerky. And chewing gum. Those two things have whole sections, not just a thin sliver of shelf like in Australia. So many chewing gum brands.
  • There are donuts and ice cream and cakes EVERYWHERE. Supermarket, more like cake/ice cream shop.
  • The money?? All looks the same??? And it feels like paper???? I mean I know you guys call it ‘paper money’ but I kind of assumed that was an exaggeration? It’s hard to believe it’s actually linen.
  • The bulk savings are for things WAY in bulk. These aren’t your Aussie “two little packets of chips for one” deals. There are THREE LITRE SOFT DRINKS here, and the bulk deal is for 3 of them. Who needs 9L of soft drink at once? Is this sort of thing for parties? 
  • Alcohol is cheap; by which I mean alcohol is normally priced for places that aren’t Australia. Our alcohol is absurdly taxed.
  • Everything is packaged so weirdly. I saw transparent bags of neatly stacked corn cobs. I saw tins of “mixed beans”, HUGE tins of mixed beans.
  • Snapple and Squirt are real drinks.
  • There is a brand of hair product called “Aussie” with a kangaroo logo. I have never seen it in Australia. 
  • The plastic shopping bags are great. They’re not the flimsy things you get in Australia; they’re real, actual bags. I highly recommend these bags.

Celebrating the beauty of this country each day❤️🐨
Yet remembering the tragedy of today..🙏👣

‘You think you own whatever land you land on. The earth is just a dead thing you can claim. But I know every rock and tree and creature, has a life, has a spirit, has a name.’ - Colours of the Wind, Pocahontas



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