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… Today was the day of setting my inner spirit free letting go of everything that holds me back and down and saying goodbye to those negative emotions and thoughts … I’m the only one who is effected by my thoughts my own self destructive negativity .. Today I see beauty I see strength I see worth … The sun was out and I was able to finally put my BooHoo Plus Maxi dress on size 22 I’ve been waiting to do these shots and I’m so happy with how they turned out, it feels amazing the fabric does feel a little heavy usually I like light weight fabrics but this will be perfect for winter with some socks and boots team it with a Denim Vest or a Long Knitted Cardigan … They are still on sale at Boohoo Plus it’s worth checking them out there sizing is great and it’s free shipping .. In my other photos Im modelling the Boohoo Plus Crop Top of the Shoulders in Black it’s a perfect fit size 20 the material is stretchy and is soft against the skin I felt super comphy in this ‘wearing a crop is a big step for me as my tummy is fluffy with my tiger stripes’ but I where my stripes with pride this is one I’ll be wearing through out winter with cute leggins and skater skirts, knitted jumpers and cardigans and off course my boots … It amazes me when I look at these photos and I see how fare I’ve come I used to hide myself away, I don’t do that anymore yeah I have a tummy I have a wobbly double chin but I’m not letting that stop me from being me from being free … Free baby free its taken to long to find my inner me and i’m never letting it go … ✌️