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Cause’s Questions Meme

Spill the beans, folks. Ok, thanks to previous memes we know each other’s fave drink and fave number, but the really important questions have not yet been asked. Here’s a new questionnaire to get to know you guys even better :)

I was tagged by causeimdifferent…so I’d better start this ball rolling!

1. Your most remarkable nickname?

…umm…Cause calls me Lizzers; not really remarkable though, is it? My Dad and my Auntie call me Snooks?

2. Odd jobs you have done during your school/college/uni days?

I didn’t really do odd jobs except one during my gap year where I did a temp job alphabetising old insurance files (fun!). Then I did ‘work experience’ (just what they called it - I got paid) for a couple of weeks in a corporate legal department before doing vacation clerkships with various legal firms and a volunteer internship with a legal not-for-profit.

3. Farthest you have travelled from home?

If we’re talking purely distance, I think maybe Inverness in Scotland. I think that’d be further from Melbourne distance-wise than anywhere I’ve been in the US.

4. Places you’ve visited that left an impression?

Scotland – loved it soooo much. So beautiful, so much history and so much landscape reminded me of places in Australia. And Edinburgh is a really cool city.

New York City: love NYC – and they say you either love it or hate it. It’s just always buzzing and there is so much happening – again it makes me think of Melbourne in the city: just much bigger (NYC’s population is about twice Melbourne’s)!

China – in particular the Summer Palace – so so beautiful and tranquil – the Great Wall was just wow – and the humongous sign counting down the hours minutes and seconds til Hong Kong went back to China (I was there in 1996) in Tiananmen Square was absolutely freaky.

5. Next traveling destination?

Boring – don’t currently have one apart from my trips down to Phillip Island. But I would love to go to Tuscany.

6. Movie you’ve watched more often than any other movie?

Gosh, I’m not sure – I watched The Sound of Music again and again when I was little. I’ve watched The Fifth Element a lot. Also Notting Hill, the original Star Wars trilogy, Ever After, True Lies.

7. Instrument you play?

Nothing now. I played French Horn in high school.

8. Your favorite (actively practised) sports?

I don’t actively practice any sports at the moment. I played basketball when I was a kid. And I was a water baby, but I didn’t doing any kind of competitive swimming. I like Aussie Rules football and cricket.

9. Three (conventionally edible) things you’d never eat?

I don’t know if I’d say never eat since I’m not allergic to anything and I have eaten a lot of what people often identify as ‘icky’ (like brains). Ooohh…but I’m hopeless with hot/spicy food, so I’d never eat a whole chili (I can manage something mildly spiced with chili). Otherwise, two things I really don’t like are cucumber and tuna (pretty sure I disliked it already, but tuna automatically makes me think oh horrid sandwiches in hospitals).

10. Add a picture of some fine art that you connect with:

Monet is my favourite artist, but this painting by Renoir – Luncheon of the Boating Party – is my favourite piece of art:

11. Book (or fic) recommendation?

Book: Holding the Man by Timothy Conigrave.

Fic: for Drarry people: Turn by Sara’s Girl.

12. Who are you tagging?

I’m trying to tag people I haven’t already seen tagged, but I’ve only seen one post aside from Cause’s original, so sorry if I’ve double-tagged someone!

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13. Optional: add a question that you feel is missing: What book are you currently reading or if you are not reading anything, what was the last fanfiction you read?

Robert Galbraith’s A Cuckoo’s Calling

So we have a Kiwi mod now

Australian constitutional law dictates that an Aussie and a Kiwi cannot exist in harmony without first talking shit about one another’s sporting representatives.

Ahem. New Zealand sucks dick at cricket.



Australia may win the game but they play without class.

Steve Hewlett @StevieHewla

Brad Haddin’s reaction to Guptill’s wicket is why my raging distaste for the Australian Cricket team continues to.. er.. rage.

Jonathan Basile ‏@jonobasile

just remember Aussie the cricketing world hates you for the way you act. No sportsmanship. Disrespectful. Disgraceful. #CWC15Final #NZvAUS

Media Watcher ‏@mediawatcher83

I wish Aussie cricketers were as good at sportsmanship as they are at cricket. #AUSvNZ

Assad ‏@LeftArmAround

Sledging a guy who’s just got out after playing brilliantly.the reason why most neutrals despise Australian teams.graceless #ausvnz