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England v Australia World Cup Drinking Game - Channel 9 Edition

Take a drink every time:

  1. Someone calls Jos Buttler Josh
  2. A commentator refers to a player as a ‘big strong boy/lad’
  3. Shane Warne says “Good Afternoon Everyone”
  4. The Michael Clarke/George Bailey Captaincy situation is brought up
  5. Michael Hussey tries to talk about cricket and is promptly shut down
  6. Glenn Maxwell is a dumb
  7. Butt Shot
  8. A batsman gets caught off an awful full toss
  9. Someone talks about Pat Cummins as the 'future of aussie cricket’
  10. On pitch fight
  11. Someone who’s made a comment about Mitchell Johnson being overrated gets out to Mitchell Johnson
  12. Aaron Finch gets caught at mid-on or mid-off
  13. Shane Watson looks like he’s about to cry
  14. Someone mentions crickets greatest rivalry/the ashes
  15. Alastair Cook gets mentioned
  16. Commentators Curse 
  17. “Australia come into the competition as favourites”
  18. James Anderson runs his hand through his hair
  19. Someone gets out in the nervous nineties (3 shots if it’s Glenn Maxwell)
  20. Unindian is mentioned 
  21. Shane Warne hijacks the viewers verdict poll
  22. Commentators innuendo (2 shots if it’s accidental)
  23. Shane Warne calls a ball a cherry
  24. You hear something you’re not supposed to through the on field mic
  25. David Warner is involved in an on field altercation

Maybe pick and chose your favourite of these -  don’t try them all or you might die ;)

So we have a Kiwi mod now

Australian constitutional law dictates that an Aussie and a Kiwi cannot exist in harmony without first talking shit about one another’s sporting representatives.

Ahem. New Zealand sucks dick at cricket.



Australia may win the game but they play without class.

Steve Hewlett @StevieHewla

Brad Haddin’s reaction to Guptill’s wicket is why my raging distaste for the Australian Cricket team continues to.. er.. rage.

Jonathan Basile ‏@jonobasile

just remember Aussie the cricketing world hates you for the way you act. No sportsmanship. Disrespectful. Disgraceful. #CWC15Final #NZvAUS

Media Watcher ‏@mediawatcher83

I wish Aussie cricketers were as good at sportsmanship as they are at cricket. #AUSvNZ

Assad ‏@LeftArmAround

Sledging a guy who’s just got out after playing brilliantly.the reason why most neutrals despise Australian teams.graceless #ausvnz