aussie aussie aussie!!

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I've got to laugh of the pap photos how GG/CP are standing apart with their hands in their pockets and S/E are teasing each other and handsy with one another.

Yep because trash isn’t real. Right? Yeah right. How can anyone lose faith in trash after that. Show me pics of S being that playful like that in public with anyone else. ANYONE. 

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If that’s what they’re like in public, with paps there, what are they like in PRIVATE?????

The same, except naked all the time. Doing things that could get them both arrested if they did them in public… do I need to go on? 

Quand je retrouve enfin F après une, deux ou trois semaines sans lui !
Ça va toujours très bien entre nous, meme plus que bien, je vis ma vie sur un nuage quand il est là ! Et quand il est pas là il me manque plus que tout … On va fêter nos 3 mois à la fin de la semaine 😍 Et c'est l'amour fou !


Since it’s the last day of pumpkins for Barktoberfest, and I haven’t gotten the doggos out to a pumpkin patch just yet, here are the fun we had with pumpkins last year!

I do, of course, want to take some new photos this year eventually though!