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existe t-il des photos de mv avec une barbe? c'est pour la science

Cette perfection est la chose la plus proche qui existe d’une photo de MV avec une barbe, en l’occurence de trois jours :

Last night I had a dream that Ben Mendelsohn got kidnapped and forced to be on this reality show where people just be mean to you for 90 days straight so we organized an A-team to go rescue him but we hit a road block because we couldn’t pull together enough money to rent a bus

Fellow Aussie Buggies

Does anyone fancy doing a live chat during the screening of Episode 1.11 tomorrow on Netflix? Or even after the screening?

I have no idea how you do one of these ‘live chat’ things but given anything could be coming in tomorrow’s episode and we will be behind everyone else and may need some people to vent to/celebrate with? (probably being ridiculously optimistic there)

If anyone is interested and knows how to make this happen let me know.


We, uhhhhh, might need to postpone Easter this year until some better bunnies become available.