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Poppy is an ace! I am too,hiding here under the asexual umbrella! ...I just flirt, b-but that's the reason why his rose is yellow .v."

Wait, that MEANT something?! I thought it was just a kind gesture!

Ha! It means friendship!! Stars, you think I’d know that with my name and all… I’d still like to be friends with you!! Even after this little… Mishap.

* Edge stood to the side, the expression guilt plastered on his face.

Ah, geez, I insulted my bro and a stranger in one day… I’m sorry, both of you. It was only meant for teasing.

Edge, I forgive you. You look like you’ve learned your lesson. But next time this happens…

You’ll get ma to tell me off. Gotcha, bro.


I didly done another redraw ofold art of mine. Drawing the first one made me want to fix this one too, because it is one of my rarecompleted projects that I never felt like i did any justice to. It’s still a little rough but I am very proud of it so please enjoy!
It wasnt part of the RP really, but it was described a couple times offhandedly by the characters. Princey AUss for all

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My gosh,him blushing is too adorable!!! *gives him a yellow rose* For the cutie poppy ;////;

* He accepts the rose.

You know, doing these sorts of things is only going to make me blush more…

Holy hell, is our Poppy actually being flirted with?! Boy, I never thought I’d see the day! I should get the camera.

Edge?! H-how long have you been here? HOW MUCH DID YOU SEE?!

Enough to know that you’re a hopeless romantic.


Whippets are simply beauty and grace 100% of the time no exceptions 

(Blue merle aussie, Hearthside Riveredge Laugh Out Loud

Red Tri Auss Montrose Red Hot Chase

Black tri Auss Hearthside Light Em Up

Brindle whippet Lightfall’s I’m Sexy and I Know It

red parti whippet Karasar’s Extraordinary)

Thoughts from New Haven

1) Yesterday my mom and I wandered around downtown, and found Yale University’s Sterling Memorial library.  I swear to god I nearly had a heart attack, this place was so goddamned beautiful.  It was like walking through Hogwarts.  Completed in 1931, it was designed after gothic or medieval churches.  The circulation desk looks like an altar.  I mean, pretty accurate, right?  For those of us who love books and information and learning, of course the library should resemble a church, a sanctuary.  I’m extremely critical of religion, but I really enjoyed parallel of a library as a place of worship. 

What was sad was that we had neither the time nor the student/faculty ID to gain access to the other 15 levels (!) of books, but the main hall and reading room was a sight to behold.  The card catalog drawers were intact, though empty.  Some of them had random things in them–I found a sock in one. 

We also wandered into the music library, which was behind a gorgeous door…


External image

We wandered around, poked through their card catalog looking for Swedish folk music. It turned out that they were closed, though the door was open, but a nice librarian allowed us to look around as we obviously were not from around there.  The card catalog was neat in that there was an entire section not only devoted to Swedish books, but the cards were also in Swedish. My mom and I had a fun time looking through them.   I hope to one day work in a place just as beautiful. 

2) I’m in New Haven for a Swedish singing convention (another indication of why I have a blog titled “geektastic”), and after the grand concert last night a bunch of us went to Pepe’s Pizza, home of the best pizza in the world.  Not even kidding. It’s true. 

One of the choir ladies in our group had never had pizza there before and was blown away.  As we were leaving I guess she told some of the waitstaff that there isn’t any pizza like Pepe’s in RI, and they said they may be opening a franchise in Providence. 


I know Providence already has some stellar pizza places.  Fellini’s, Nice Slice, Bob and Timmy’s…they’re all great places to get pizza.  But Pepe’s is just so mysteriously delicious. I mean, my family has had arguments on what exactly makes it so unique. Is it the brick oven and the bits of char on the underside of the crust? Is it something about the crust itself?  The sauce?  The cheese?  The toppings?  I don’t know, but it’s basically god incarnate in a pizza pie.