The recent images of torture at Don Dale prison has shocked many Australians, but it shouldn’t. Such treatment of children and adults is commonplace at prisons across the country. Prisons are the ultimate site of cruelty and social control, but also sometimes places of inspiring acts of rebellion and resistance.

While much of the media and popular discourse around the #DonDaleKids has been of their victimhood, something here is being missed. Don Dale has seen multiple riots over the past couple years and numerous breakouts. In 2014, two youths reportedly broke out of the prison, stole a car, drove back to the prison and used the vehicle to ram through the fences, to break more youths out.

Torture and collective bashings of prisoners is a basically universal screw response to prison riots. The brutality of the screws at Don Dale is an attempt to crush their rebellious spirits. To break their resolve, to domesticate them, to make them controllable.

But torture is not just the exceptional treatment of unmanageable inmates, prison itself is torture. The act of confining and isolating human beings in cages is inhumane and degrading to the human spirit.

The colonial invasion of this land introduced the paradigm of police, prisons and private property to a territory where land was communal, communities settled disputes and meted out punishment without recourse to incarceration or a specialised armed force to control and surveillance everyone’s behaviour.

With the rise of modern capitalism, prisons have become the ideal place to store and manage surplus people, those without a stake in the market and for whom bosses have no use.

The royal commission declared by Turnbull is a farce and a distraction to dissolve the anger, to pretend “something has been done” then move on as if nothing ever happened.

If we wish to live in a world without scenes like the torture in Don Dale, we need to do more than just protesting and write petitions and letters to politicians. Abolishing prisons also means the abolition of capital and state.

When the fires of rebellion break out at any prison, it is our responsibility to spread the fires outside and beyond the walls, to government institutions, police stations, to the homes or cars of the screws carrying out the abuse. We need to keep the fires burning till they have engulfed this territory and laid waste to the structures of colonialism.

President Obama offered to pay for Vice President Biden’s son’s cancer treatment after finding out Biden was considering selling his house to pay for it. That’s really kind but… holy shit. If the *Vice President* has to *sell his house* to pay for healthcare, what chance do regular Americans have? How is anyone still alive in that country?? Australia, do not do anything to creep in the direction of America’s healthcare system. Keep Medicare free. Including frikking pap smears.

Central Coast - STOP Chronic Child Abuse in Youth Detention Centres

Saturday, August 13 at 1PM - 6PM

We will be marching from Kibble Park Gosford down to Gosford Leagues Club Oval.  #Younglivesmatter

This is a family friendly event, a peaceful march to show our disappointment in the treatment of young men & women in Northern Territories  Youth Detention Centres and to ensure this ABUSE/TORTURE is stamped out of Juvenile Detention Centres across Australia.

To all the confused Americans on Tumblr right now experiencing the Australian Election without context: Liberals are the conservatives in Australia (poorly named, I know) who are currently in power and led by Malcolm Turnbull. Australia also has a tradition of eating sausages after voting (democracy sausage, a major feature of our elections) but many places didn’t have a BBQ. We are pissed off about both of these issues. It’s looking like neither of our two main parties is going to win majority as this point but we won’t know until Tuesday at least so there’s a lot of time to sit around saying things like “aw mate, sure hope that cunt Turnbull doesn’t get back in ay?”, “medicare, medicare, medicare” over and over until it no longer sounds like a word, and “stone the crows, a dingo stole my postal vote.” Now you can understand Australian politics as well as anyone else. You’re welcome.
The 40 most Onion-like Australian politics headlines of 2015
It says a lot about the state of Australian politics that this is the third year running I have been able to compile a list of real news headlines that read as satire for the Monthly. Perhaps it says even more that I was able to compile a whole book of them from the Abbott government’s first – and thankfully only – term.

Some choice headlines from all of these gems:

Joe Hockey announces 50-centimetre extension of Parap pool which Darwin City Council says is already too long

Leaked talking points tell ministers to say ‘our cabinet is functioning exceptionally well’

LNP to host International Women’s Day function at club that only allows men

Christopher Pyne refuses to say how he ‘fixed’ higher education reform bill: ‘I want it to be a surprise for you’

Australian Border Force: Peter Dutton says his office received copy of press release, but no-one read it

Australian minister: ‘Gay marriage could damage our cattle exports’

Clive Palmer’s dinosaur Jeff destroyed by fire at Palmer Coolum Resort

Federal MP hurt leg ‘crash tackling’ Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott buys a fridge on Gumtree

some genuine australian memes
Children, some as young as 10, reportedly stripped naked and assaulted in detention centre
SIX boys held in isolation cells were allegedly tear gassed at a juvenile detention centre in the Northern Territory.

SIX boys held in isolation cells were allegedly tear gassed at a juvenile detention centre in the Northern Territory.

ABC Four Corners will broadcast footage of the 2014 incident at Don Dale Youth Detention Centre in Darwin on Monday night, showing five boys were locked in their cells at the time.

Authorities had described the incident as a riot and claimed multiple boys had escaped their cells.

Four Corners reporter Caro Meldrum-Hanna explores the issues inside the detention centre in which children have been confined to an isolation wing with no access to sunlight or running water.

Children, some as young as 10, are reportedly stripped naked and assaulted.

“What’s going on with children in detention here is a deliberate, punitive, cruel policy,” a lawyer said on the program.

I was just thinking about how some people, most people really, don’t realize that whorephobia is an actual axis of oppression.

One example of too many; the Green River killer murdered over 90 women and specifically targeted sex workers because he thought no one would care about us. More recently, Adrien Bayley brutalized countless sex workers before he was arrested for the murder of Jill Meagher (Jill wasn’t a sex worker and her husband pointed out how whorephobia lead to her death as the courts gave him pathetically weak sentences for his crimes against Melbourne SWs which is the reason why he was a free man and able to kill her).

Beyond this, many of us have experienced at least one scary situation and many of us have been assaulted by clients who targeted us because society sees us as disposable, they know we have little to no recourse. I was stalked and kidnapped by a serial rapist and I know of several SWs who’ve been raped by him, most I know personally. I’m fully expecting to see him on the news charged with murder, any day now.

That’s the reality. I don’t really do personal posts here but I’ve been crying over the women murdered by the Green River killer for an hour so why not make a post about it I guess.

Edit: I can’t reply directly because mobile but civilians can reblog this, this blog is designed to be an educational resource for everyone so all posts are fine for civilians (non sex workers) to reblog unless specifically stated otherwise