Labor has compromised with the federal coalition government to secure passage of the $6.3 billion Budget Savings (Omnibus) Bill, which contains cuts to family payments, carer allowances and the federal renewable energy agency, and contains further attacks on students, pensioners, migrants and the unemployed.

The Australia Institute, a think tank, estimates that more than 60 percent of the savings come “at the expense of lower income people, with the rest coming mainly from higher education and innovation”.

On top of that, the major parties passed $4.6 billion in tobacco excise increases – a sin tax that overwhelmingly will slug the working class.

The mid-September “watershed moment” (in the words of one Financial Reviewjournalist) is a huge shot in the arm for the struggling federal government, and an absolute disgrace on the ALP.

Treasurer Scott Morrison – the man at the frontline of the Liberal push to undermine and dismantle the public pension, health and education systems – was effusive toward the so-called opposition: “I commend [ALP shadow treasurer] Mr Bowen this week, I commend Chris on the work he did … I think it is clear that there are people in Labor, as Chris has demonstrated, we can work with to come to arrangements like this”.

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Imagine if 99.9% of terrorists were women.

We would not shut up about gender. There would be a million politicians and newspaper columns analysing “what is it about women that is making them kill?” “What is it about how women are raised?” “What is our culture telling women about violence?” “What books and movies are women reading and watching that compel them to do this?” “Is it biological? We should probably legislate their bodies right? They have an excess of a genetic chemical known as oxythorconopolonomon that makes them more prone to aggression and with just a small incision we can..” Everyone from Trump to Oprah would be talking about this non-stop.

But because 99.9% of terrorists are men, we don’t look at gender. That’s how much we’ve normalised male violence. We don’t ask what it is about *this* category of people and how we raise men that makes them feel validated to others’ bodies. Gender and patriarchy isn’t the only factor here but it’s a big one. Why are terrorists and shooters almost always men?

the weirdest shit that’s come out of aussie parliament

To all the confused Americans on Tumblr right now experiencing the Australian Election without context: Liberals are the conservatives in Australia (poorly named, I know) who are currently in power and led by Malcolm Turnbull. Australia also has a tradition of eating sausages after voting (democracy sausage, a major feature of our elections) but many places didn’t have a BBQ. We are pissed off about both of these issues. It’s looking like neither of our two main parties is going to win majority as this point but we won’t know until Tuesday at least so there’s a lot of time to sit around saying things like “aw mate, sure hope that cunt Turnbull doesn’t get back in ay?”, “medicare, medicare, medicare” over and over until it no longer sounds like a word, and “stone the crows, a dingo stole my postal vote.” Now you can understand Australian politics as well as anyone else. You’re welcome.

Some sweet old lady handing out pamphlets: are you considering voting for the greens?

Me, kicking down the signs for Liberal: YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS I AM, JUDY