This is freaking hilarious and so damn adorable dude!

This is one of my favorite photos on the internet. I found it a while ago on Instagram and lost it. I’ve been looking all over for it and finally found it.

This is Ross at an album signing a few months ago when a guy fan asked if he was allowed to kiss him on the cheek. The reason this photo stands out to me is the fact that it’s not something we see a lot. In society, girls are able to express themselves and show emotions freely - the way it should be, without fear of being judged or having a label put on us. However with boys, it’s often difficult to do the same without being hesitant of what others may think. In the face of being labelled ‘soft’ or ‘gay’ (in situations when they aren’t.) Girls don’t really have to think twice about displaying affection but what’s shown in this photo is so sweet and refreshing, it’s something that boys should feel comfortable with and society should get used to seeing.