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30 Day Austin & Ally Challenge
Day 11 - Fave Daustin moment: Partners and Parachutes
This was the 1st ep that i saw the love whisperer bit so it’s memorable to me. Plus there’s more auslly :D CANT WAIT FOR THE NEW EP THIS SUNDAY!!

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Auslly Spin Hug (S3x01: Road Trips & Reunions)

I love that they were hallucinating about each other. But when I saw this clip, part of me said “Aww…how adorable, I wish the actors acted this way. The other half of me says, LOL LOL LOL LOL….because the whole sooo dramatic.  Can’t wait to see the episode. Whoo!!!!!!!

Oh dear god.

I just realized something. If I ever meet the Austin and Ally Cast or R5, they’ll probably do something cute or funny (being who they are).







nervous laugh.

you know, the one you get when your crush makes you laugh or something. that laugh.

Where I basically look like this:

And they’ll be like:

and yet I still want to take that risk. 

hardcore fan right here.

Public Service Announcement

There is a thing called “TAGS” *gasp*

For example:


But you see you can put that IN the tags bar instead of ruining someone’s nice edit by putting something like this under the picture:

OmG ThE FeEEELLSSS1111!!!!

That way when another person wants to reblog that picture they don’t see that comment if you put in the tags bar.

Makes sense? Good.

I don’t mean to be rude it’s just that someone spent a long time editing a photo to not have some person put OMG RAURA FEEEEELLLSS under it. We get it. The picture gave you feels. It gave us feels too but hey you can just put it in the tags bar.


Who's awesome? You.

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So my wonderful friend Emily (ausllyrauralover) suggested that I should write a fanfiction for you guys since y'all are amazing little angels.

I decided to go ahead and write a one-shot for you guys but you have to choose which fandom you want me to write for

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I will decide tonight based on your tallies(: I’ll have it up sometime on Monday!

Thank you guys so so so much being interested in my blog. It really means a lot!!