auslly shipper

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So this meeeeee (sry the pic was a little dark)
I told u guys I would post a selfie and 10 things about myself once I got 50 followers…
So here goes…
1. My name is Olivia
2. I am 13
3. I play soccer (I’m also very competitive)
4. I love to sing and perform (its my passion)
5. I am an american polish german citizen (I’m from 3 different countries) and I speak english and polish and I am learning more german
6. My favorite tv show is Austin and Ally
7. My favorite band is R5
8. I hate reading but I ONLY love to read raura or auslly fanfics
9. I have a german celebrity professional soccer player cousin Piotr Trochowski
10. I ship auslly and raura hardcore

Thanks for taking your time to read a few things about myself
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