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Being in a Fandom

When you start a new fandom.

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When ship wars start

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When the show is on hiatus

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When your otp becomes cannon

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When something happens to one of your babies

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The way this fandom works:

1.- You start seeing Austin & Ally. And you fall in love with all the cast (Laura, Raini, Calum and Ross).

2.- You start to ship Auslly cuz they are the cutest couple ever.

3.- You start to ship Raura cuz they are even more cute.

4.- You find out that Ross has siblings, and a band with them (and Ratliff), and start to listening music by R5.

5.- You immediately love them and get obsessed cuz they Rock that Rock.

6.-You start to ship Rydellington cuz they are the most adorkable couple ever.

7.-And you love them ‘till you die.