Be Your Everything || Michael & Skie

Skie walked through the abandoned town or at least it looked abandoned. She had no idea if anyone was possibly hiding out in one of the run down building, hiding trying to figure out a way to survive just as they all were. It was dangerous to be out, especially alone but Skie was no stranger when it came to danger. Her feet dragged along the dirt, her hands trailing along the walls. She had been on her own for a while now, ever since Michael had left her. Now all she had was a backpack of supplies and empty promises. Her chest stung at the thought of him, as it always did when he happened to creep onto her mind. Them meeting had been a pure coincidence but something inside her told her they were meant to help each other.

It had been a few years since the government system had collapsed sending America into a a third world war completely destroying the economy and sending everything into  chaos. Violence had over taken America and there was no escaping it. You had to quickly adapt to survive in this world which is what Skie had done with the help of Michael. The two took care of each other and made sure that the other was safe. That was until Michael deiced to go his separate way leaving Skie alone and confused as to what she had done wrong.

Walking into an old building she figured it was best for her to began to set up camp. Scouting out the area she found the best spot and began to unpack her belongings. It wasn’t too dark yet and if she wanted to she could probably get a few more hours of walking in but she was tired and just wanted to rest for a bit. She figured she’d make up the distance later. Searching through her bag her head snapped up as she heard a noise. Slowly she stood up her hands curling around a wooden board laying on the floor. She pressed her back to the wall as a figure walked into the building. Letting out a low breath Skie took a swing at the figure only to stop as she got a look at who it was. “Michael?” She asked