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i honestly think it's not your fault didn't someone asked you about the problematic stuff that the guys did and you just simply told them? it's honestly the other people's fault really i mean they could have been more mature about it and just simple state their opinion but they turned it into this shitty mess and i feel really bad for you babe


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i clicked the link babe! and i ship you with ashton cause you two are both hella hot (but you are cuter ayeeee)

thank u ofmgo :( 

ship: lukey pukey | mimi the lilac princess | cuddlely cal | ash bash banash 

why: you guys would have similar interest and i seems like you would vibe the est with mimi ofmgo yes!!

compliment: you are so cute syeseysey i love your face 

fake tweet:  


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hi babe! i ship you with calum or ashton cause hella you are a cutie and they would love you endlessly tbh and omfg i ship it // for the scenario can it just be where we're meeting fans and he's just really cuddly/tired ??? sorry if it that was confusing

awww thank you <3 You’re name is vvv cute

Ship: You seem like such a caring and easy going person so I ship you with Ashton. 

Personal One Shot: “Long day?” I ask him as he stepped into the van. “Ashton can I get a picture?” a 10 year old girl asked as he was just about to sit down. “Of course you can!.” He kneeled down to her height and smiled for the picture. The smile and hug the little girl gave him after the picture lit up his face. He stepped back into the car and rested his head on my shoulders. “Let’s cuddle.” I put my arms around him and pulled him in closer. “Tell me a story.” I chuckled at this strange request, but I did as he asked. Halfway through the story he slowly drifted off. When we arrived back at our hotel, Ashton was too tired to shower or even change, he just wanted to cuddle. “Will you be the big spoon?” he asked in a hush voice. I got into bed with him and wrapped my arms around his waist, he leaned into my embrace and mumbled three words that I’ve been waiting to hear for a while “I love you.” 


Song: Gotta Get Out - 5 Seconds of Summer 


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i mean i really don't know too much about this since my friend was being a dick but i think people shouldn't have taken it to this level of just people sending you hate 24/7 and yes 5sos have fucked up and they will always fuck up something but they just need to be educated on what they did (my opinion anyway)