A life-changing encounter with salmiakki.

Starring Tove as Castiel. Editing by Sandra

Item # 111, GISHWHES 2012

I suppose I should write something. To be honest though, I’m not sure there are words enough to describe the week i just experienced. Once everything’s announced and over and I’ll be able to post the results you’ll just have to see for yourselves.

But I just want to direct such a huge thank you to everyone on my team who participated actively and everyone who helped us and pledges for us. Thanks to all of you we ended up with a supposedly quite large point haul. Only time will tell more and if it was enough.

I have done so many crazy things I never expected I’d do. I’ve been amazed at where asking nicely can get you and how creative you can be with barely anything when you really need to. Storm trooper costume made out of paper in less than 20 minutes? Totally legit.

I made/participated in a total of 35 items of which most were quite time consuming. I admit to having ignored normal life almost completely over the week. The shock of returning to it is quite huge.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful moments we had together, dear team AusFinMericans. And I better see you very soon. (Especially looking at you Tove. Jacket. Tablet.)

Well, as they say? Death to normalcy!


#118 [VIDEO] Create a video of a mock news show (realistic set) where you are at a desk and announce that GISHWHES has taken over the world and what that means for everyone. The more realistic the set/video the more points.

By “Team Helsinki” Mirka & Sandra