Indie Comic Con

Hi all! Have you heard about Indie Comic Con? It’s coming up THIS SATURDAY and is a great chance to get your noodle around some of the cool independent comic creators inhabiting this great city we call Melbourne. I will be there with some new treats, including a brand new collection of ‘No, She’s Not My Sister’! I have also restocked on better-quality printed postcards of my Australian wildlife series. 

This is an all-ages event and promises to be a great time (although some of my comics are absolutely not all-ages, sorry children!)

Come on down and say hi, I would love to see your friendly face <3

All my love, 

Khale xox

Why You Should Read: You’re A Loaded Gun (But You Know Me Better Than Anyone)

i’ve just finished reading danny-lawrencesLawstein HSAU and i am here to give you many reasons to read it if you’re still doubting yourself

  • “Fucking Turkey Sandwiches.”
  • not your usual lawstein fic (meaning they aren’t at each others throats and want to kill each other)
  • really funny and relatable original characters
  • it has laferry i mean come on
  • adopted! danny
  • danny’s parents are the best ok
  • artist! Carmilla
  • danny is a huge nerd about space srsly
  • it deals with abuse and its written very realistically
  • half of the conversations of carmilla and danny are so sweet it made my chest ache
  • Scooby Gang is friendship goals af
  • danny is the captain of the hockey team and perry is the goalie yo
  • theres smut but its not really descriptive if graphic smut makes you uncomfortable
  • lawstein are so disgustingly adorable they are dORKS OK
  • its a high school au guys we all like high school aus

come on guys its really really good its one of the best hsau’s i’ve ever read i promise GO READ IT NOW

Boom de Yada
Boom de Yada

OT!Papyrus: Never gets old, huh?

OT!Sans: Nope.

OT!Papyrus: Kinda makes you wanna …

OT!Sans: Break into song?

OT!Papyrus: Eyup.

Chara: I love the mountains

Frisk: I love the clear blue skies

Asgore: I love gold flowers

Toriel: (flaming Asgore aside lmao) I love when Great Whites fly

CORE!Frisk: I love the Aus

Comic Papyrus: And all their art and fics

(All): [FtLF!Flowey/cast?]Boom de yada, [AnT!Asirel]boom de yada, [UFr!Brugerpants]boom de yada, [Error!Sans]boom de yada

UF!Undyne: I love throwing spears

UF!Alphys: I love real evil things

US!Mettablook: I love to act proud!

US!Napstabot: I love my remixing

AfT!Sans: I love the Aus

RT!Gerson: And all their craziness

(All): [Portale!GAsTER]Boom de yada, [UM!Gaster] boom de yada, [UN!Asgore] boom de yada, [FanT!Cast?]boom de yada

LT!Nicecream Guy: I love my nice cream

LT!Muffet: I love arachnids

GB!Sans: I love my blaster

BGB!Papyrus: I love being a kid

Grillby: I love the Aus

GT!Kids: Each one a brilliant place

(All): [CT!]Boom de yada, [DT!]boom de yada, [FaiT!]boom de yada, [G!S/P] boom de yada

(All): [Predator!Toriel]Boom de yada, [ST!]boom de yada, [Ust!MTTE] boom de yada, [UBe!Sans]boom de yada

(All): Boom de yada, boom de yada

AUs that gave this life under the cut!  And thank you so much for listening.  Feel free to do your own cover and or draw this out!  Heck, feel free to have your whole AU drawn/sinigng this!! Please just credit me and show me a link, I’d love to see what you’ve done!!

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//wakes up

boom de yada pops into head

okay but what if all the undertale characters/aus sang this?

Originally posted by soffxruss

writes out a lazy thing and plans to record it later and gives u lyrics under the cut

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Leo and the 3056

To appreciate this comic you need to know three things:
- 3056 is the postcode for Brunswick, Australia.
- Brunswick is a glorious hodgepodge place with a high proportion of recent immigrants living and working there. One of the big waves of migration involved Greek immigrants coming here after the second world war, particularly from the Laconia region - the site of ancient Sparta.
- As a result, Brunswick has been declared sister city to Sparta, and a statue of the Spartan King Leonidas stands off Sydney Road on Sparta Place.

This is such an intensely local comic that I’m not sure if it will appeal to anyone who doesn’t know the area, but it was so nice to draw a silly love letter to Sydney Road and its old buildings. When I first moved to Melbourne this area was so exciting it blew my mind. I love Brunswick to bits! I reckon Leo must like it too now that he lives here.

Published in Squishzine Brunstown, a collection of comics about Brunswick and its surrounds.