Haikyuu!! AU - Daisuga Florist AU

Sawamura Daichi’s first visit to the “Karasuno Flower Shop” ended with him leaving the store with a beautiful flower arrangement for his mother and a massive crush on Sugawara Koushi, the store’s owner and primary florist. Ever since their first meeting, Daichi has found himself going to the quaint little flower shop on a regular basis, buying flowers left and right until his home is overflowing with plant life. It isn’t until he goes home with a bouquet of purple lilacs that Sugawara had given to him free of charge that he notices the small card with a note attached to it. A phone number and a simple “Call me” are enough for him to go back to the flower shop and ask the beautiful florist working there for an arrangement that would be perfect for a first date


Haikyuu!! AU - Guardian Angel 

An alternate universe where Nishinoya is Asahi’s Guardian Angel sent to Earth in order to complete his first ever field mission. Although his task was simple enough, complications arise when he can’t seem to leave Asahi when his mission is done


Haikyuu!! AU - Hinata as a Murderer AU

The new semester at Karasuno High School started with a dead raven. Its body parts taken apart, the head skewed, and the organs meticulously spread around the empty carcass. As the days continued on, so did the increase in dead ravens, and all were found in the same arrangement as the original. Fear was quick to spread but before true panic erupted, “The Raven Killer” suddenly stopped leaving its victims to be found. Months soon passed by and “The Raven Killer” was no more than a horror story that students liked to tell each other for fun. However, this nightmare was quickly brought back to life when the dead Tanaka Ryuunosuke was found arranged like the many ravens before him. His face streaked with dry tears, a smile carved into his mouth, and the words I’m Back written with his dry blood all over the floors of the gym he was found in.


Haikyuu!! AU - Daisuga as hospital patients

On the summer before his first year into high school, Sawamura Daichi injures himself and as a result, has to recover at the hospital for a few days. Daichi, who had been looking forward to his summer, was not at all happy at the prospect of being stuck inside all day. That is, until he befriends Sugawara Koushi, the patient next door. They become fast friends and the long days that Daichi had initially been worried about, go by quickly. However, the day of Daichi’s discharge comes before too long, and he promises to Suga that he’ll definitely come visit him tomorrow. The next day, rather than a bright smile to greet him, Daichi is met with an empty room. The nurses, who had kept quiet at Sugawara’s request, confess that Suga’s condition had been steadily becoming worse and that he had been moved to another hospital to undergo surgery. Daichi, distraught at the truth, was left with nothing but worry and fear for the boy he had befriended the summer before high school


Haikyuu!! AU - Bokuaka Assassin AU

An AU where Akaashi Keiji is the #1 Hitman in his Agency and was just given his next target. Too bad it so happens to be Bokuto Koutaro aka Akaashi’s next-door neighbour and boyfriend