ausar auset

*Blows a kiss to Sekhmet*

Oh Sekhmet
I love you so
Your fiery love
So comforting and warm
Felt from head to toe
Protected by your wrath
I love you so
Just you alone
Causes my soul to glow
So bright and free
A queen aspiring to be
In your image
I am your devotee
Daughter of RA
Lady of slaughter
All of my enemies
In your claws you gather
For all existing evil
You devour


“In the story of Ausar and Auset, we are taught that Auset was able to reclaim all parts of Ausar’s body except for one part, his phallus.  It was she, using her magic, that re-crafted his lingam and through their sexual union, they brought about the light of the world, Heru.  Therefore, we find that the missing part of Ausar exists with Auset.  It is SHE who makes him complete and it is through her that he is resurrected back to the spirit realm as represented in our bodies by the First Eye, Heru.  Ausar’s resurrection was the rise of his erection in order to connect with the Heavens within Auset.  Ausar and Auset were connected through the passion of their bodies, the desire of their hearts and the psychic and spiritual merging of their minds toward complementary goals of manifesting love and light into the world in order to subdue the depravity caused by their brother Set, the egotistical manifestation of division.  Heru represents the product of power brought about their sexual union.  He is the Eye.  He is the height of intuition, intelligence and spiritual knowledge.”

-The Serpent of Shakti

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