Colours Pt. 7 (Calum)

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|| in which you are childhood friends who have grown apart, only to be brought back together again. || 


Some cultures have come to associate this colour with death.

But Western culture has  used its colour as a symbol for purity and innocence on wedding days.  Some more often than not see it as a hue of healing, often remembering the lab coats that  hang off a doctor’s figure when stepping foot into a clinic.  But white as  a colour in itself is a balance of all colours of the spectrum representing innocence, wholeness, completion and new beginnings.”


“Calum, sweetheart, she’s not going to bite.”

  A mother says, desperate to get her shaking child to loosen the grip he has on her leg. The small boy merely shakes his head, clinging tighter to his mother’s skin, his flushed face hidden behind the folds of her floral skirt as he peers across the room to  the equally frightened girl, her mother in the fleeting process of doing the same. 

The mother’s exchange awkward glances at the refusal of their children to cooperate. 

“Excuse me.”  

Calum’s mother apologises, taking her child’s hand gently before steering him into a more private corner. She looks behind her, giving her friend one more smile of reassurance before dropping to her knees in front of Calum, moving both of his hands gently to encase them in the warmth of her own. 

“Honey, what are you doing?” She asks, still-sweet but a slight edge to her tone to indicate her seriousness.  “I told you we’d be meeting mummy’s new friend today.” 

The small boy’s eyes sparkle with the early signs of tears, his nervousness clearly rising to a dangerously high level as he looks down-cast at the soles of his running shoes ashamed. 

“I know that mum, but…” He says, struggling to find a good reason. He looks up, making eye contact with the girl again, surprised to find that she’s watching him closely. Her small fingers are gripping the edge of a brand-new sketchbook, watching the young boy with benign interest. 

She gives the boy a soft, unsure smile making Calum flush a deeper shade of crimson, his gaze resting again on the worried eyes of his mother. 

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V:LD Beach Town AU

(Bc everyone’s gotta have one)


  • Altea Beach’s volleyball team captain (Altea Beach Wildcats)
  • Ruthless™ and undefeated
  • 24 and 6′3″
  • aka Allura “The Annihilator”
  • thinks Shiro is nice and wld like to hang out w him
  • so kind and friendly to everyone
  • likes to rollerskate along the boardwalk in her freetime
  • constantly kisses Shiro on the cheek
  • also has a “mild” crush on him (is actually full blown but is actually good at hiding it)
  • most intense captain anyone’s ever met ever (”make sure u have fun! but remember: the goal is to WIN! FUCKING! WIN!” *fire eyes*)
  • likes to give Shiro hickeys once they start dating


  • head lifeguard
  • crushin on Allura but shy abt it and thinks no one knos (every1 knos)
  • 25 and 6′
  • has a weakness for tall and intimidating women
  • is like the Camp Dad™ for the lifeguards
  • asks Allura to help train new lifeguard recruits w her rigorous volleyball training
  • super Wildcats cheerleader
  • has been thinking abt how to ask Allura out but can never muster the courage to
  • blushes almost instantly around Allura


  • also a lifeguard
  • Wildcats’ loudest cheerleader
  • became friends w Allura after one of her training sessions tht almost killed him and the other recruits
  • trying so hard to get Allura and Shiro together (”dios mio, Shiro at least TALK TO HER!!”)
  • 18 and 5′7″
  • always starts the games w “what team? wildcats!” chant w Pidge
  • hot jokester bi who flirts w all the babes (Smoothie Keith included - likes seeing him fluster out of his “indifferent emo kid” mask)
  • surfs w Hunk when they’re both off shift (but requests on duty time when Hunk is giving Shay surfing lessons so he can spy on them)
  • drags Keith to hang out w his friends (”just bc ur soul is dead doesn’t mean ur social life has to b, Keithy Boy!”)


  • volleyball ref
  • also owner of a boardwalk restaurant
  • gives discounts on home game days
  • is the really nice owner/manager who smooths over any restaurant conflict but goes into Protective Family Man Mode when terrible customers r causing obvi drama (those smug lil shits)
  • 43 and 5′10″
  • totes isn’t Allura’s biggest fan (lies - is totes her biggest fan)
  • can actually stay neutral to ref a game tho
  • comes up w the players’ nicknames
  • adores alliterations


  • hostess at Coran’s restaurant (she’s not allowed to wait tables after The Incident™)
  • 17 and 5′3″
  • brings lunch from the restaurant to Hunk during her break so they eat and chill together and shit talk Lance when he’s on duty
  • lowkey plotting Shay and Hunk’s first date
  • actually rats on Smoothie Keith and his stupid plans to Allura bc homeboy needs to Relax and shes the only one whos ever successfully stopped him in his idiot tracks
  • likes to snorkel
  • wants to b a marine biologist
  • actually has to move Coran away from the restaurant Disasters before a riot breaks out (”well i never!” “AND you never will, MA’AM! now pls leave before i call the cops!” - thankfully thts when they usually leave)
  • wears a new name tag w a dif fake name each day bc she doesnt want these weirdo strangers knowing her actual name (tag she uses most is “Pidge”)


  • 20 and 6′5″
  • Allura’s teammate (woo woo wildcats!)
  • super sweetie w a mean spike (the Shay Smack Down™)
  • secretly and shyly crushin on Hunk
  • takes surf lessons from Hunk so she can flirt and hang out w him but also bc she really wants to kno how
  • loves Hunk’s flower presents but worries abt breaking them so she has a growing collection in her apt
  • aka Shay “The Shark Attack”
  • is lethal on the court
  • designed the Wildcats uniform
  • curly hair too short for hair ties/ponytails


  • 19 and 5′11″
  • works at the surf shop next door to Coran’s restaurant
  • has a major crush on Shay
  • offered to give lessons when Shay mentioned she always wanted to learn how to surf (at a major discount - would’ve given them for free but she insisted on paying “IT’S YOUR JOB, HUNK!!”)
  • makes flower accessories for her during his slow work hours
  • thinks everyone looks best in florals (esp tall beauty Shay)
  • makes the fan tshirts for the gang
  • Shay’s biggest fan
  • loves hearing Pidge’s bad customer stories during lunch
  • actually debates w Pidge during lunch abt when/if Lance’s flirting w Smoothie Keith is leaving the Joke Zone into Actual Feelings (and when/if Lance will realize it)


  • 18 and 5′5″
  • works at the smoothie shop along the boardwalk
  • is tht one kid who wears black year round and is constantly asked how he’s not dying (“bc I’m already dead inside”)
  • is actually willing to sabotage an opposing team to (unnecessarily) ensure the Wildcats’ win but is always stopped by the gang trying to keep him out of trouble
  • they’re always trying to keep him out of trouble
  • is actually threatened by Allura and the Wildcats when they hear his plans for any trick (“If u try to pull any of ur shit tricks Keith, so help me god, I will spike ur scrawny ass into the sand to never come up again, myself!”)
  • has actually called Allura ‘mom’ in those instances (”u got it, Keith?!” “YES MOM!! … I MEANT MA’AM!!” “THAT’S NOT ANY BETTER!!”)
  • aka Smoothie Keith
  • has a secret crush on Lance but Regrets (“wtf why him?!”)
  • is the Pale Friend so stays in the shade like a vampire

Other Things

  • Zarkon is another ref and Dislikes™ Coran
  • Haggar is the team captain of the Bitter Rivals™, the Galra Beach Gladiators
  • First time Allura and Shiro meet: during Wildcats practice Allura spikes the ball (accidentally) too hard tht it slams right into Shiro’s head making him fall into the sand (maybe off the lifeguard chair?) so she runs over to see if he’s ok and he’s instantly IN LOVE
  • his face was bleeding and he said he’ll b fine just needs to go to the first aid hut “ok!” and Allura actually picks up and carries him there and he helps her treat his wounds and they get to kno each other (her smile is like sunshine!)
  • First time Shay and Hunk meet: they both reach for the same drink at the smoothie bar bc they ordered the same thing and Hunk becomes Infatuated! so he strikes up a convo and they hit it off (her laugh is really cute!)
  • it took a couple of times for Shay to remember Hunk’s name wasn’t “Smoothie Mixup Guy” and it made her sad every time
  • Allura asks Shiro to braid her hair before every game and he happily obliges (”its bc he braids the best!” “r u sure it’s not bc u like him?” “ofc i like him! he’s a great guy and–” “no! i mean tht u like him like him!” “SHAY!” “wht! i thought it was p obvi!”)
  • Lance and Pidge (and sometimes Keith) spend a lot of their down time gossiping abt the two It Couples of the beach
  • after one brutally close win the Wildcats, lifeguards + others threw a rager on the beach and Shiro drunkenly admitted his feelings to Allura (unknowningly in front of everyone). soon after they sneaked over to a quiet corner to make out. Lance has video and photographic evidence of both occasions.
  • Allura beat Lance up once she found out (”THOSE WERE PRIVATE MOMENTS!!” “YEAH BUT AT LEAST U GOT UR HANDS AND MOUTH ON UR DREAM BOY NOW!!” *proceeds to beat Lance up even more*)
  • Shiro and Allura become the Beautiful Athletes! It Couple and Shay and Hunk become the Seemingly Gentle Giants! It Couple

might b more to come but i’m thinking abt it

ask-x23  asked:

okay but i cant believe how u havent mentioned the fact that the best thing about ur AU is the prom potential like how is Junkrats and Roadhogs promposal gonna be? What about actual prom? Will Jack ask Gabe will they go together? im screaming when is prom gonna happen (i dont wanna think about graduation. let them stay here forever)

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Happy Endings

Pairing: Luke & You 

Words: 700+

Warning: sfw

Luke has a bad day and only you can replace his anger with happiness - fluff and playfulness ensues 

Masterlist | Feedback 

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pinetrees-cancerousvirgo  asked:

If by prompts you mean wing!au prompts....... Jack finally gets around to telling everyone about his wings and is super nervous but everyone is like "yah okay bro" and Lena or someone thinks they're really pretty and Jack gets all flustered or confused. Bonus points if someone suggests they all go flying together and when they get around to doing it Jack is still on the ground and after Gabe prods him enough he eventually goes "I don't know how"

By prompt, I mean anything XD. I like trying my hands at everything, but here goes:

Honestly, with all the shit that has happened in his life, one would think Jack Morrison can’t get surprised anymore.

His comrades have proven otherwise. They took those words and shoved them right back into his mouth.

When Jack agreed to Gabriel’s suggestion, he was nervous as hell. Jack told himself that he should be way too old to care about this shit, especially when it comes to the people who he can trust staring at the barrels of their guns. But old habits can be difficult to shake. Old fears, even harder. For a black bird like him, to achieve anything he has should have been a fucking miracle already. To find a mate that loves him to the very tip of his feather..even more so.

It is natural for Jack to be afraid of what his friends would think. That they might just turn their backs on him after all…

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