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khuzduel  asked:

so idk why i was thinking this but like ngcs has been on my brain all day for some reason and im just imagining bilbo having an instagram account that half of erebor follows where he posts silly selfies with thorin and the boys and cute candids of the king and pictures when thorin is asleep with cute captions and on xmas thorin wears a paper crown and bilbo captions it as "my king, always" and yeah oops sorry


I’M SO HAPPY YES I’m thinking it would be a straight-up tactic that galadriel and bilbo and bard came up with to make the nation fall in love with the newly revealed couple faster (not that the nation needed that, mind you, but it’s still awesome), and bilbo is urged to keep it as casual as possible, to which he replies HAH NO PROBLEM and goes on to capture a thousand candids a day (galadriel probably has to hire him a PR assistant otherwise he’d post every picture of thorin dozing off at his desk, and people would start asking questions)

but yeah there are lots of pictures of the palace and its surroundings all beautiful at sunset (bilbo has an eye for that), and cute pics of kili with his kitten trying to concentrate on his homework, and fili and his signature thumbs up and a very serious face when bilbo interrupts his studies, and both of them getting ready for this or that official thing, tying their ties side by side in front of the mirror, SO CUTE

and thorin’s uniform all neatly pressed and hanging on the wardrobe door, ready for a big night, and thorin’s official seal on a scrap of paper bilbo finds on the breakfast table with a short scribbled note saying sorry thorin had to leave early captioned ‘we have very little time for each other, NOW OFFICIALLY APPROVED BY THE CROWN’, and of course OF COURSE the dinners together with the boys and oh my god the pic of thorin in a paper crown is probably the most liked one (alongside the one of just his and bilbo’s hands linked together with their rings showing, and rainbow pride bracelets around their wrists) because it’s just so spontaneous and thorin tries to pull a serious face but fails epically and god yeah???? MISSION MAKE EREBOR FALL IN LOVE WITH ITS ROYAL FAMILY EVEN MORE THRU RIDICULOUSLY ENDEARING INSTAGRAM PICS: ACCOMPLISHED