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AU where an incredibly sleep-deprived Weiss goes to the wrong apartment by mistake and almost immediately falls asleep. Blake wakes her up the next morning with a cup of coffee and wonders why her cute neighbor was sleeping on her couch.

Oh my goodness I love this! Weiss made sure to explain herself and Blake thankfully was very understanding. Also consider this…Blake also making Weiss breakfast to go with that coffee {Pancakes, toast, bacon, scrambled eggs, fruit salad, etc…}!

spicy™ dialogue™ prompts™
  • “At least you’ll die doing what you love; Walking into danger.”
  • “Here’s some cookies and some very bad news!”
  • “I have forgotten everything I’ve ever learned.”
  • “Let me keep that promise.”
  • “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.”
  • “Why am I always the funniest when no one is around to hear it?”
  • “Can you stay still for the next 20 minutes? No, I’m not drawing you.”
  • “Oh no, I feel bad- SYKE, no I don’t.”
  • “Next problem… we might die.”
  • “Wow, that was a great comeback.”
  • “Who is running this thing?!”
  • “You are aware that walls aren’t people, right?”
  • “Hey, go fill up your human needs.”
  • “Yeah, keep making jokes. That’ll win the war.”
  • “Yeah, I can see how hiding behind a rock is a much better strategy.”
  • “I think… everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves.”
  • “I can’t help that I’m curious.”
  • “I know you. You’re a terrible person. But as the judge here, I will look at you in the unbiased way you don’t deserve.”
  • “The mountains are calling and I must skedaddle.
  • “Who says ‘nincompoop’?!”
  • “Things fascinate me. Why wouldn’t they, when you stop to give them thought?”
  • “Are you always so easily convinced?”
  • “Look, it’s difficult for me to isolate what I hate about you the most because there is so much to hate.”
  • “That’s an order. Obey.”
  • “Look, I don’t want to swear but; What. The frick!”
  • “As the most amazing person in the room, I’ll gladly accept that.”
  • “Now power down, sass robot.”
  • “The art of not being an idiot is extremely challenging for me.”
  • “That’s troubling.”
  • “Tell your story. Become words, become ideas… you never know what or who it’ll affect.” 

Fanfiction: An Economic Review:

The nation of Fanfiction has a unique economic footprint. As areas of employment, agriculture and manufacture are nearly non-existent, suggesting that even processed goods are readily available in the natural environment. This resource generation seems linked to the placement of naturally occurring dwellings, as little construction exists, and transport jobs are minimal. With so much readily available, social progress is a low priority; computing, engineering and science are all far less active than the rates seen in America, and law and social work are similarly diminished.

The prosperity of the environment creates a surplus of leisure time, which many fill with additional education and training. Nearly a third of the population are employed in colleges as professors or full-time academics, while another quarter work as high-school teachers. Entertainment and the arts are prospering, and food retailers - predominantly small, locally owned artisanal coffeeshops - are commonplace. Non-food retail is largely focussed on luxuries such as flowers, books and pets. However, crime rates have risen in line with increased leisure; while criminal activities are not directly measured in this survey, law enforcement employs around 2.5 times as many people per head of the population as the police force in the United States.

Inspired by this post, I completed a survey of AO3 tags, measuring all non-fandom-specific AU tags that implied the existence of real, modern, legal jobs. Click the graphs to see larger versions.

Click here to view the source data used for this project.

even more random series of prompts
  • “Or, you know, you can not be boring and help me.“ 
  • "HAH, you’re as alone as I am!" 
  • "911? Yes, I’d like to report a loser." 
  • "See you in prison, pal!" 
  • "Thank god, I thought you were serious for a second there." 
  • "That got a lot more complicated than it needed to be." 
  • "Do I look like a cat to you?!" 
  • "Know this; I have all the baggage." 
  • "Time to ruin everything." 
  • "Did you know you have enough bones in your body to make a skeleton?” (B: “…Please stop talking.”) 
  • “Well this is a predicament." 
  • "I built this town with my bare hands." 
  • "Are you labeling me? And not in the metaphorical fashion, you are literally putting a label on me." 
  • "Is this what it’s like being average?" 
  • "That sigh was a lot louder than I intended it to be." 
  • "Hold me." 
  • "Hasta la vista, jackass." 
  • "This can’t be real." 
  • "I’m a romantic, I know ALL the pick-up-lines. Every single one." 
  • "Well isn’t this tubular?!" 
  • "They deny it, but they have no idea what they’re doing." 
  • "Quick, hide me!”


declaimer: some of these are technically wrong cos i didn’t wait to be finished reading the fic before i started drawing lmao

READ HER AMAZING FIC, I know I’ve mentioned I don’t subscribe to AUs before, but these writers are *so fucking good*, they keep blowing my mind. This fic had me laughing like an idiot and shaking with heartache/anticipation (not even exaggerating)

Cute AUs for your OTP:

  • I’m a florist and you’re a tattoo artist. You think I’m cute, so you come over to my shop every day, but don’t say anything to me because you’re too shy, so you buy enough flowers to cover half of your shop, please just ask me out or ill be out of flowers because if you.
  • We’ve been dating for 3 months, what do you mean you want to get married to me? No, get up. Get up, GET UP NOW OR SO HELP ME-

• I work as a baker and you’re a police officer. I offered you some donuts and you really liked them, so now you come over every day to my workplace and flirt with me. My stupid- self thinks you’re just trying to get free donuts, so I don’t flirt back, but I want to, because you’re really cute.

• I got mugged on my way to Starbucks and you ran three blocks just to catch my mugger, i don’t care what you say, I’m treating you with coffee and dinner. We agree to meet the next day and have a date. I’m ready to pay, and when I open my wallet I see your number inside. Turns out the mugger was your best -friend and you two have been planning this for quite some time. I don’t know if I should be impressed or freaked out. Hell yeah I want a second date.

• We work as actors for a superhero TV show and everytime we have a scene together you’re so cute you make me forget my lines. I think you’re super annoyed with me but it turns out you have the same issue. Wanna have dinner?

• We’re at a candy store and someone just took the last piece of my favourite candy right before I could grab it. You look like you’re ready to kill.

• We’re both famous YouTube gamers and our fans have been begging us to make a collab together, so we do. I didn’t know it was a scary game, so i spend most of the gameplay being anxious and jumpy but you keep comforting me, oh wow, your lap is comfortable.

• A dog keeps showing up on my doorstep and scares my dates away. Me being fed up, I take him in and care for him. Turns out it’s not a dog, it’s a wolf. The wolf turns out to be you. I know because you wolfed out on the vet for flirting with me.

• You’re a demi-God and I’m a mortal. For some reason, you like me and want to spend time with me, so you come to the mortal world and show up at my house and now it’s my business to guide you through the mundane world, and for some reason you’re more amazed by a toaster than by the magnificent deities that surround you every day. I think I’m in love with you. Oh, some God friend of yours wants to destroy humanity because I rejected him, great.

• I moved in the creepy house my uncle used to own and you’re the ghost that fucks with people until they leave. But I’m a broke art student having the opportunity to live somewhere for free, so you’re just gonna have to co-exist or fuck off.

prompts list :)


  1. “how much did you drink?”
  2. “aw, you’re so cute.”
  3. “what did you do?”
  4. “i asked if you were having a party. i didn’t tell you to have a party.”
  5. “this is the opposite of what i told you to do.”
  6. “well, it’s the thought that counts.”
  7. “wait, no, don’t take kissing away from me.”
  8. “okay, where are all my jumpers?”
  9. “oh, you’ve started stealing my socks now?”
  10. “yeah, okay, but i’m cooler.”
  11. “you owe me a kiss.”
  12. “how did you get in here?”
  13. “for starters, that’s impossible.”
  14. “how did you fail a survey?”
  15. “yeah, well, if you weren’t so drunk maybe i would.”
  16. “that’s not even fair.”
  17. “you promised me a cookie!”
  18. “did i ever tell you how beautiful your eyes are?”
  19. “ew, that is so sappy, i might vomit.”
  20. “i’m not playing truth or dare.”
  21. “you’re not very intimidating.”
  22. “i love you.”
  23. “well the probability of that is 0, but you go ahead.”
  24. “that was, by far, the stupidest thing you’ve ever done.”
  25. “why don’t you take a picture? it’ll last longer.”
  26. “maybe not.”
  27. “why the hell is there glitter everywhere?”
  28. “well, i’m pretty irresistible.”
  29. “how much money would you give me to flip this table, right here, right now, in the middle of class?”
  30. “detention? again?”


  1. “why don’t you just go?”
  2. “no, it’s not like that.”
  3. “if you cared about me, you wouldn’t do this.”
  4. “it doesn’t matter anymore.”
  5. “what’s the point?”
  6. “fuck you.”
  7. “you should’ve said that yesterday.”
  8. “don’t lie to me.”
  9. “i swear, if you say another word, i’ll leave.”
  10. “change in mind or change in heart?”
  11. “it’s over, it’s done, just leave it be.”
  12. “why do you keep bringing it up?”
  13. “we can’t go back in time, so stop trying to reverse what you said.”
  14. “you say you’ll stop, but then you keep doing it!”
  15. “maybe in another world.”
  16. “why are you like this?”
  17. “stop making empty promises!”
  18. “what about us?”
  19. “don’t say that.”
  20. “i’m done. we’re done.”’

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  • Steals the blankets to create a blanket cocoon, and which one spends the night trying to tug out a corner of it to sleep under?
  • Takes spontaneous selfies everywhere, and which one always has their eyes closed in them?
  • Calls and makes appointments like a responsible adult, and which one would rather eat dirt than make a phone call?
  • Forgets what’s in the oven because their favorite song came on, and which one smells the smoke?
  • Changes their wardrobe with the seasons, and which one has been wearing the same three shirts in rotation for six months?
  • Goes wild in the art supply store, and which one goes wild in the office supply store?
  • Journals about their feelings every night before bed, and which one would describe their feelings at any given moment as “mad,” “sad,” or “glad”?
  • Arranges their food to look like a happy face, and which one secretly thinks it’s adorable?

Yes, I finally put together my prompts (although some did not make the cut, they got kicked off the island due to suckiness)

last update: 17.04.18. (D/M/Y)

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My prompts are free to use and credit is not necessary but appreciated.

If you sent a prompt in an ask, it’s probably not here. Don’t worry, most prompts I get are great, but I cut most short posts out (mine too) because there are simply too many and I want this to be easy to navigate.  They may get added into it’s own masterlist later, which will then be put in this masterlist.

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